Communication Minister Wang Yi: This year we will be the world's No male An District

Thirteenth National People's Congress Press Center held a press conference (Thursday) From 10 am March 8 at the Media Center multi-purpose hall, on the invitation of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, "China's foreign policy and foreign relations," Chinese and foreign reporters to answer questions。  The following is the Live Record: Beijing TV reporter: Foreign Minister, hello。A few days ago, Li Jiabao in his government work report report notes that this year is nineteen fully implement the spirit of the party of the first year is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, is winning building a moderately prosperous society, the implementation of "Thirteen Five Year Plan" nexus a crucial year。You have repeatedly stressed that the service of national development has always been the central task of China's diplomacy。I would like to know more, this year the Foreign Ministry in this regard there will be what measures?Thank you。  Wang Yi: China is still a developing country, serving domestic development with Chinese characteristics since the beginning of something big power diplomacy。Facing the new historical mission and requirements of the times, the Foreign Ministry will follow the unified arrangements of the central, more positive and promising to do a good job serving domestic development this great article。  We will adapt to the new situation, in accordance with the needs of high-quality development, to "go out", "bringing in" and expand foreign cooperation to create more favorable conditions for the promotion of domestic development and create a more favorable international environment。  We will break new issues, closely linked to changes in the major social contradictions, to create an enhanced version of the local provinces global promotion activities。We also established special promotion reflects major reform initiatives, more targeted speak good Chinese story。For example, this year we will be the world's No male An District。Poverty alleviation Foreign Ministry never vacant, will contribute to a winning battle poverty。  We will also implement the new requirements, take advantage of good foreign ministry and diplomatic offices throughout the world, as "all the way along the" pave the way for the construction of bridges, maintaining overseas interests of our country。  In short, to promote a new era of big power diplomacy with Chinese characteristics, we need to work outside when the "vanguard", but also to do the service of development "doer"。Thank you。  Recommended reading (Original title: Foreign Minister Wang Yi: This year we will be the world's No male An District) (Editor: DF010)