Sydney 9-year-old Chinese girl was vicious dog bite: bloody legs and arms

Alice's leg was severely bitten。
Source: Ms Wu courtesy September 13 electric Recently, a Sydney 9-year-old Chinese girl was two crazy vicious dog bite, upper and lower body injuries, causing hot。 It is reported today in Sydney, September 9th 17:37 pm, Ms Wu with three children to the park to play。 Two small children sit on the swing and seesaw play, 9-year-old daughter Alice in my mother。 I did not expect to make a telephone call Ms Wu's effort, Alice was hurt。 Recalled the time of the incident scene and the daughter of horrors, Ms Wu tears。 "Later, a man in India to take a stick to beat the dog, that saves us。 But my children have been scarred, leg meat has been bitten down……"When the ambulance arrived at the scene, because the girl was seriously injured knee and hip, under the joint efforts of all, before an ambulance。
The doctor told Ms Wu, taller after Alice's injury may affect。 (Source: Ms Wu for map) Despite severe injuries, Ms Wu in photos provided, Alice looked very strong。 "She was very strong, to the hospital when I have to die, fainted, but she has also been comforted me."。 But, after all, she was only 9-year-old girl, Ms Wu told reporters, "These days she slept, as long as the eyes closed, it will wake up 'wow' to shout out, but can not leave me for a second, as long as I go, she will be very afraid。
"Ms Wu told reporters that police had found the dog's owner according to dogs chips, but has yet to get in touch with them。 Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。