Foreign media: European nuclear power plants exploratory drones frequently unknown

  According to reports, this Doel nuclear power plant is located in the Belgian province of East Flanders (EastFlanders), located 25 km north of Antwerp near the North Sea。
It is composed of Gaz de France Suez (GDFSuez) owned energy company Electrabel company's operations。   Belgium total of seven nuclear reactors, four of which in the nuclear power plant。
  Electrabel after the company announced a few hours of this event, a spokesman for the investigative agencies interviewed by the local news agency。 He said they confirmed the prosecutor's office of East Flanders has to visit a nuclear power plant incident drone launched an investigation。
But he said, we can not disclose more details。
  It is understood that Doel nuclear power plant where a reactor lubricating oil spill occurred in August this year, a total of million liters of lubricating oil leakage, causing serious damage to one weighing 1700 tons of steam turbine engine。
After the reactor was closed for maintenance make emergency。
  Belgian prosecutors refused to confirm whether the accident is destroying the terrorists do, but did not rule out the possibility。
In addition, another two nuclear reactors of the vessel shell due to the rift closed。
  To avoid the problem of energy shortage occurs, the Belgian government announced on Thursday Cancel to close the Doel nuclear power plant two oldest reactors planned。 Belgium originally planned total abolition of nuclear power by 2025, which closed about two 40-year-old nuclear reactors is part of the plan。
  Currently, about 55% of Belgium's electricity comes from nuclear power。