Discovered a share of more than 200 broken net shares!This market sector take the lead in the bottom of the signal has stabilized now?

With the recent stock market continued to adjust the number of A-share market to break the net shares continues to increase, the market is considered to be accompanied by the arrival of the bottom of the range。  Although the market there are voices that, based on the number of breaking the net shares to determine the bottom of the market is actually a false proposition, but accessible information today breaking the net assets of the plate (880,846) defensive performance in the broader market downturn, the vast majority of the industry sector floating green background, whole up 0.13%。  According to statistics from the point of view, nearly half of the net to break this surface good, some stocks have gradually gained favor funds after stumble endlessly, highlights the value of configuration。  Gansu Power Investment won hot money sought after in recent irrational fall behind the market, but also set off a wave of net stocks break。  According to statistics, as of the close today, the latest A-share net stocks break to 209, accounting for all the A-share number 5.92%。From a quantitative point of view, the current break the net number of shares has exceeded the most important ones in the history of lows, including 2013, big bottom 2008 and 2005。  The January 28, 2016, A shares break the net number is 61, the total number of A shares 2.2%。  From the distribution of the net breaking industry, finance, real estate and bear the brunt of cyclical industries, mainly in the current market environment, investors are primarily concerned about the impact on related industries, asset quality and profitability to the leverage effect, the statistics show that this year the company broke the net number of top six sectors are utilities, real estate, transportation, banking and mechanical equipment, cars, the number of companies were breaking the net 23,22,16,15,13,13 only, the total reached 102, accounting 49% of。  For financial and real estate industry has become the main breaking the net, Tianfeng Securities, said the history is true, these industries are mostly asset-heavy industries, book value valuation is already relatively low, easily below the net when the market pessimism assets。  Today, breaking the net plate rosy times of adversity, banks played a pillar of。  Today, a total of nine broken net bank shares rose more than 1 percent, ICBC, Bank of China, Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of lead in these state-owned banks to stabilize。In addition, Chinese architecture, the new lake treasure and Jinzhou Chi Hong gainers。It is worth mentioning that today there are two broken net shares a strong limit, respectively, Gansu Power Investment and joint construction of photovoltaic, two stocks book value were 0.And 95 times 0.88 times。  Exchange of public information display, today Gansu Power Investment has been sought after hot money。  Everbright Securities to buy a Zhanjiang South Beach Boulevard securities business departments in one fell swoop to buy 20.58 million yuan, accounting for the stock today, 20% of the total turnover。Buy two and Thailand Securities Ningbo Jiangdong North Road securities business department to buy 8.06 million yuan。While its selling efforts weaker, CITIC Securities (Shandong) Zibo branch sell such amount not more than 6 million yuan。  Most good fundamentals Gansu Power Investment brisk performance today, perhaps associated with good fundamentals。  The evening of July 3, 2018 Gansu Power Investment release half-year performance forecast, expects first half net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 11000-13000 million, while a year earlier the company losses 1160.700,000 yuan。Gansu Power Investment said that to achieve profitability was mainly the case in which part of the river basin runoff of the reporting period the company owned hydropower better than the same period last year, while the company continued to strengthen the management of reservoir dispatch, improve equipment utilization, a corresponding increase in power output up。  According to statistics, has notice reporting the results of breaking the net shares have 35, two of them is uncertain, reporting the results of pre-hi of breaking the net shares of 21, accounting for more than Liu Cheng。  Ningbo, east of which is expected in January 2018 to June net profit attributable to shareholders change intervals listed companies is 110 million to 140 million yuan, a variation of 630.00% to 830.00%。  Wanlian securities are more optimistic about the growth performance of banking stocks and real estate stocks。The view that financial and real estate stocks as well as breaking the net manufacturing is more influenced by market pessimism, the "victimizes" is suspected。Banks and real estate stocks in the past to achieve significant annual earnings growth, which is strong growth in real estate stocks。Taking into account our strong macroeconomic and financial and real estate company's current toughness good fundamentals, financial and real estate company's performance is still some room for improvement in the medium to long term。  For coal, construction, building materials, machinery, electric power and other industries, there has been a small number of leading companies fell below the net assets of the phenomenon, Tianfeng Securities believes that in these industries, the supply side contraction trend is occurring, leading the company's market share and profitability is expected to gradually recover, breaking the net has brought good opportunities。