Russia's 2018 World Cup stadium was Tucao: called the history of the weirdest venue

Recently, ethnic fighting since the World Cup standings and into Tucao。 Yahoo! Sports UK: If you can not reach the World Cup the number of seats required million, or spread out your seat stadium learning to Yekaterinburg, Russia……The audience counting zone Haoxingfua, you can have this unique opportunity to carefully study under the roof!Want to see what happened on the pitch too hard, there may be rain wet body。
This can not secure this baby was scared a little bit dizzy。 OMG it all out。 I believe the fans will take this child feel like spectators on the moon it。
There are also trips to the bathroom, such as a back game points has been completed such slots, and so forth。
The way it is, in order not to undermine the historical appearance of large-scale venues, designers can run uphill fuss, they each open a sub on both sides of the stadium, built a "side by side with the sun," the temporary stands, but also to ensure , without worrying about security issues。 Some Internet users point out, mud Meng do not fuss, Brazil, Japan do cup has a similar stand, okay, they do not have a good open over ↓ fact, behind this there is a "green" reasons can not be denied: the World Cup after temporary stands will be demolished shipped other built stadium。
Russian sports minister is confident, "They (temporary bleachers) looks Terrific!"Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。