The benefits of learning to swim for children learning to swim so that children smarter

What are the benefits of school children?Learn to swim is good advice thing, and also a kind of survival skills, many parents let them learn to swim in small children, then you know the benefits do children learn to swim?Today night network to tell you the benefits of children learning to swim。Benefits of a child learning to swim, swim aid digestion increases the amount of exercise children, physical exertion, increased gastrointestinal motility, increases the appetite of young children, and to strengthen the absorption of nutrients, so the children will gain weight。Meanwhile, in order to compensate the energy consumed in the water, children growth hormone levels to rise, and the digestive system will take the initiative to strengthen digestion and absorption, to absorb a lot of nutrients, the child's growth rate will accelerate。
Second, a good means to educate children of the 1990s is the only child of the times, some of them fatal weakness, can not suffer, and so will the quality of weak, so many parents feel。
Mid-summer of 1997, someone had to send their children participate in swimming classes conducted a survey of parents, most parents let the children learn to swim addition to learning the purpose of self-protection skills, so that their bodies get exercise, but more importantly, let the children exercise will quality in the process of learning to swim in, to cultivate good habits of discipline。Children learn to swim benefits of three swimming make smarter children can effectively promote the development of early childhood brain and nervous system, stimulate the potential of children, to improve children's emotional intelligence, IQ and lay a good foundation。Since the infant swimming action more complex, so swimming exercise can improve brain function of children, can promote brain development and mental ability to respond to the external environment。
Fourth, stable child care mood for swimming, children's water will make the role of physical and psychological comfort, and children will feel comfortable physically and mentally relax, children can also eliminate loneliness, anxiety, fear and other emotions。