Many private collector donated relics in Hunan willing to share cultural heritage

Traditional carpentry tools donated by private collector Fu Jingyi camera artifacts bearing splendid civilization, historical and cultural heritage, maintaining the national spirit of the Chinese nation in the course of thousands of years of history, leaving the cultural treasures illuminating as heavenly stars。 With the social and economic development, improvement of people's living standards, growing ranks of private collections。   "For museums, folk donation is of great significance, is an important complement to the museum, the museum is a source of survival and development。
"Deputy director of Hunan Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, said Jiang Wenhui, private collections and national collections attendant, and the line Xiangxie。
Throughout the country's major state-owned museums, private collections donated occupy an important one seat, a large number of precious cultural relics to better collection, storage and display。   "I donated a Tang Changsha Kiln Celadon ewer, which is more than ten years ago in the river dredging person found exclusively through Changsha porcelain。
"Donors natural Lee said, his collection of green glazed pot Tong Shen Shi, glazed open fine grain film, belonging to the late Tang Dynasty Changsha kiln products。
Changsha Kiln in recent years with the excavation of the wreck of the Blackstone gradually fiery, he hoped that this collection can be better shared and displayed in a museum。
  Hunan Heritage International Fair organized by the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture, Hunan Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, after a decade of efforts, gradually formed a "large-scale, specialization, diversification and internationalization" of the brand image and become a heritage home and abroad as well as inside and outside Hunan Province an important platform for antique world, played an active role in the promotion of art trans-regional, cross-country, cross-industry cooperation, is becoming the new business card of Hunan Fair。
  The 19th International Fair of cultural relics in Hunan theme of "Meet the charm of Hunan, sharing wonderful cultural", more than 3,000 domestic and foreign exhibitors, more than fifty thousand collectors will come to participate in this cultural feast。 Apart from organizing private collector donated to the state-owned cultural relics museum activities, will be held in private collections room during the Expo Fair, the country's cultural exchanges, academic seminars and other topics jade appreciation activities。 (Finish)。