Earthly love

He and her childhood, growing up in the same village。Side soil support people, but also cultivate a genuine love each other a pair of lovers。Finally one day, he and stay forever in her village of old tree Ficus virens, laid down spend a lifetime oath。    In mid-1960。Lovers get married。Family and fellow townsfolk to the couple, held a noisy wedding。23-year-old, handsome, Yibiaorencai; her 21-year-old, handsome appearance。Tall and slim。He, when he was county government instruments; she also read in high school。Both the notice of management, is recognized by a pair of good young。Their marriage, in the eyes of many, can be described as a perfect match。  After marriage, he and her courteous, life nourishing sweet。Although usually, he has to work in the county, she stayed at home Sinong crops; however, they are affiliated with each other。There is an opportunity, they will meet one, sharing their grandchildren。  As the saying goes, a bolt, people have always happens。One day 12 years later。When she was ready to go out, accidentally stumbled and fell。This fall, she actually foaming at the mouth, convulsions。Family will send her rural hospitals for treatment。She is scheduled hospitalization。  He read about the bad news, immediately took leave of absence to the unit, will be anxious to go home to catch。County road far from home, but that time inaccessible, no car can take。Him day and night, after six days and six nights was rushed to her bedside。At this point, she can not speak, but his smirk directed at the mouth Flows。He Xinrudaoge, she burst into tears and hugged。  She was diagnosed with“Non-specific encephalitis”。Doctors said the disease could lead to mental disorders, disturbance of consciousness, seizures and other symptoms, and even paralysis of limbs。He was not intimidated by the immediate turn of events, but did not choose to flee。He was duty-bound to keep her bedside until she spoke to restore sanity and。Because at that time the medical level is not high, coupled with limited economic conditions at home, two years later, her symptoms have some degree of control but not cure, he had to go home in a conservative nursed back to health。  He was a little slow to God, that she returned to the city to work。However, due to the occlusion of communication, the unit the past two years I do not know his whereabouts, he has been press“Voluntary resignation”deal with。Friends advised him to stay in the city, one to pursue other interests, and he is willing to re-introduce the object, so that he divorced his sick wife at home。He refused to return home。Since then, while he was doing farm work, take care of her while。  Time flies, despite his meticulous care, but her symptoms becoming worse: can not stand to walk by the not finally once paralyzed!She had lilies and roses, are slowly being swallowed a little ruthless disease。And he still loved her, still accompanied her: Every morning, he got up to help her dress, wash, relieve themselves; then cooked rice, feed her a mouthful to eat……He looked both busy with housework and busy taking care of herself, her heart can not bear。Several times she sincerely said to him: why bother to be involved as I do; and by your condition, you can find a woman to live ah。He always gently over her mouth: Do not be silly, Anzhe given life to keep your friends!She Lei Yu torrential!They are close to the heart as the year together, who can not pull off a Who。For the convenience of her daily life, he also hands-on modification family life of appliances。He is most proud of“masterpiece”, It is a homemade wheelchair: that is, with its own board seat, install four pulleys。No rain, he would use a wheelchair and pushed her to the outdoors cruise。A few years down the homemade wheelchair changed three times。Two years ago the city of Disabled Welfare Foundation sent a special wheelchair, as a love for the suffering of these couples funding。In the wheelchair long career, he and she slowly grow old together; and their feelings, but even more profound, sublimation!  This loving old couple, is Wanzhou District of Chongqing, who now live in the streets Chenjiaba river community。He called the Tao and open, she called Chen Jiaying, the two have been the seventies。People often see——A white-haired old man, push the white-haired old lady in a wheelchair, with leisurely forward, the streets become a unique landscape!  Never betray decades, decades of each other, one pair of ordinary couples sharing weal and woe with their stories, as defined earthly love, to do the best comments!  [Chongqing Wanzhou Wuling high school level to the villa to villa level Zip 404006]。Wanzhou Writers Association。Chinese prose Association。Articles scattered in dozens of national publications。Several works have been reprinted in "meaning forest", "reader", "foreign Digest", "Shanxi farmers Daily", "National Excellent composition selected (Essay essence)", "Legal Expo" and other newspapers, as well as some of the blog, forums and a number of website。