Hu Xiaolian: along the line "along the way" Welcome to the internationalization of RMB promising | Huxiaolian

    Every time there was correspondent Xu Biao Chen Xu natural per edited with Shanghai and Hong Kong through Hong Kong and Shenzhen through bonds through successive start, the yuan join IMF Special Drawing Rights currency basket, RMB internationalization has taken an important step。
  On the other hand, "along the way" with remarkable results, foreign trade and foreign investment structure optimization, scale ranking in the world。
  March 6, for the internationalization of the RMB issue, the CPPCC National Committee, China Exim Bank Party Secretary, Chairman Hu Xiaolian in response to the "Daily Economic News" interview, said that according to its understanding, "along the way" along the country welcomed the renminbi , payment in exchange rate risk and currency conversion costs can be reduced by a third party and so on, so promising。
  The increasingly widespread use of the renminbi government work report pointed out, advocacy and promotion of Change "along the way", initiated by the founder of Asian investment banking, fund the establishment of the Silk Road, a number of major interconnection, economic and trade cooperation projects fall。
  Objective point of view, "along the way" for the construction of internationalization of the RMB will undoubtedly provide new opportunities, it provides an important route for the internationalization of the RMB, but also to build a good platform for the expansion of RMB functions。
  For "along the way" What role in promoting the issue of internationalization of the yuan, in response to the "Daily Economic News" reporter's question, Ms. Hu said that in cooperation along "along the way", we should vigorously promote the use of the yuan, but very good condition。   "As far as I know, the country is also very welcome along yuan。 The 'along the way' building in general is China's technology, equipment, construction, because we have a highly competitive, based on Chinese brands, then the process is pretty much anything that can be used to pay RMB of。
RMB payment can reduce the exchange rate risk and currency conversion costs with third parties, so promising。
"Hu Xiaolian further explained。
  "Daily News" reporter noted that, in fact, help "along the way" financial intermediation services, "along the way" building, in recent years, the exchange bond market has a lot of useful attempt。   March 2017, United Company Rusal in the exchange market successfully issued one billion yuan bonds, renminbi bonds became the first single "along the way" along the issuance of state enterprises, and caused widespread international concern。
  January 2018, Red Lion Holdings in exchange successfully issued 300 million yuan bonds for Laos "along the way" project, became the first single bond and fund-raising for domestic enterprises "along the way" project。
  Hu Xiaolian told the "Daily News" reporter: "Some countries along the inclusion of the RMB foreign exchange reserves, some countries along the country's central bank and signed a currency swap agreement, so from the government level, both governments have a strong intent to use the yuan。
"Differentiated policy to support the real government work report for 2018 of the work made plans for how to implement the specific deployed mentioned in the report, Hu Xiaolian gives his own advice。   Government work report pointed out that prudent monetary policy to maintain a neutral, to an appropriate degree。
Manage the money supply total gate, keeping broad money M2, credit and social financing reasonable growth, maintain reasonable and stable liquidity, increase direct financing proportion especially equity financing。
  For fiscal and monetary policy, Hu Xiaolian recommended that fiscal and monetary policy to be more price leverage role。   "The government work report this year for the first time not mentioned in the objective of monetary policy in M2年度增长指标, did not mention specific credit and social financing growth indicators, I think it is a very big step forward, but also reflects the our macroeconomic management more from the past to rely on quantitative regulation to rely more on the price type, according to the laws of the market regulation。
I feel very good。 "Said Hu Xiaolian。
  On the other hand, the government work report pointed out, clear the monetary policy transmission channels, make good use of differentiated reserve, differentiated credit policies to guide more capital to invest in small and micro enterprises, "three rural" and poor areas, to better serve the real economy。
  Hu Xiaolian that in order to better support the real economy, there must be differentiated policies and initiatives。 In terms of financial institutions, for different areas, weak links, and other vulnerable groups have differentiated support。 The regulatory authorities should also implement differentiated policies more conducive to guide financial institutions to put resources to tilt the field of policy advocacy。
  Hu Xiaolian on a practical level also put forward their own ideas。
"For example, we, as policy banks, to support small and micro enterprise is our bounden duty。
But our short board antennae is relatively short, only have branches in provincial capital cities and some large cities, our affiliates are not directly exposed to thousands of small and micro enterprises。
So, in order to implement our support for small and micro enterprises, we have to go docking and community financial institutions, such as banks and other towns。 We use our financial advantage can give them to do wholesale business oriented support for small and micro enterprises。 "Ms. Hu said, in this link, the problem is likely to encounter statistical problem, which is to support small and micro enterprise regarded as support, and docking rural banks can be considered to support small and micro enterprises, if not, then we support small and micro enterprises Some aspects of the preferential policies will not enjoy。
"The difference is how things fall, worthy of government departments to study, to get through the last kilometer。 "。