Manchester United exposure cleansing program!Up to 10 people to leave again as Mike Mussina buy 4 people

  Manchester United this season, unsatisfactory results, the team's lineup this summer is certainly no small change will happen。
Cleaning and signings have been in the plan of。
According to ESPN reports, Mourinho Manchester United squad this summer would be a "big overhaul", up to 10 people will be leaving the team this summer。
  After the FA Cup, Manchester United Mourinho publicly criticized some of the players lack of willpower。
ESPN said it was Mike Mussina in laying the groundwork for large-scale adjust this summer's lineup。
Today Xiamu Shuai will get adequate funding signings。
Mourinho believes United are the team still lacks a stable of experienced players, he wanted to introduce at least four players aged between 25-28 years of age to improve the team's depth。
  ESPN also revealed a number of potential signings Manchester United, Ross, Fred, William and other British media stir in which the characters are。
Mourinho also hopes to introduce winger, Manchester United last summer, missed Inter's Ivan Perisic。
Then on defense, also on United's radar Guevara in the Real Madrid。   Manchester United have enough money to stay on the offensive signings in the transfer market, the team's cap space is very adequate。 Ibrahimovic will leave Manchester United in the season, Carrick will be retired。 In addition, Manchester United will listen to other teams to Luke – quote Shaw, Damian, Blinder, A- Pereira and Smolin。
ESPN also said that if Mourinho signings can begin to get what you want before the next season, then Herrera, Marchal and Mata also faces uncertain future。
  Mourinho wants to keep Fellaini, but the Belgians prefer to leave the team this summer as a free agent。 Boge Ba despite recent poor performance, but Manchester United will not sell him in the summer。
Mourinho believes Boge Ba is still affected by a hamstring injury, which limited his performance。
  ESPN said Mourinho believes Rush Crawford, 麦克托米奈 and Boge Ba young players have a bright future, but the need for more powerful and experienced players to guide them on their side, this summer he will continue to rebuild lineup to ensure Manchester United next season's Premier and Champions League more competitive。   (Raleigh)。