Artifact generation by this mode of China mine gas utilization level of lead in the global

Amazing world!Wind does not depend on the water, this Chinese-made artifact generation actually rely on this trick……Aspect 01 once Anxious "methane gas", has now become a model for clean energy thanks to the magic of the gas engine Shipbuilding Industry Group's River Diesel Engine Heavy Industry after thousands of experiments, and finally produce a high-speed diesel engines, not only means Chinese warships will be installed on their own "Chinese heart", caused a sensation in the world, but they also broke through the addition of a technology that is a large gas engine。 Most of us usually ride buses and taxis are using a gas engine, gas engine can not only use of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal bed methane as an energy source, but also the use of biogas, landfill gas。
In the mountains of Guizhou, they developed their own gas engine applications in a power plant in a special。 Aspect 02 Chinese mine gas utilization level of the world's leading economic surprising eight in the morning, though under a drizzle, but Deng Hong Wenjiaba power plant owners and two employees or routine safety checks。 This is located deep in the mountains of Guizhou power stations do not rely on the wind, not by water, not coal, to drive its energy from methane gas buried deep in the ground, where the generators also come from CSIC River Diesel Engine Heavy Industry。
"Gas Gas" Name methane, the main component is methane, occurs in between the seam。 Various reports, the mine due to leakage of methane gas frequently encountered fire ignited an explosion caused by the loss of life and property, that people talk about "gas" the mere mention of。 In fact, because it is composed mainly of methane, it is only through the use of combustion exhaust water and carbon dioxide, the methane gas is also a clean energy recoverable。
Wenjiaba power plant installed four gas generators, Ren Xiaohui this is a special trip from Luoyang to do two months of test operation。 China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation River Diesel Engine Heavy Industry gas machine design technology chief engineer Ren Xiaohui: Now this machine it's running time is 1476 hours, with a total generating capacity of 1.04 million kWh。 Ren Xiaohui said that these four gas turbine units is China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation River Diesel Engine Heavy Industry self-developed, very high degree of automation, even the exhaust fan, gas concentration measuring instrument are run automatically by the control cabinet, usually daily work of employees is simple inspection, the general shutdown start work only on this touch screen and keys at your fingertips you can do, but in addition, it also has a world-leading technology。
Ren Xiaohui said that the global gas power generation industry, foreign high density gas is burning, low-density gas emptying all, the low concentration of gas in China to take advantage of all of it, the river diesel generator set on the low-enriched gas generator sets, can burn 10 % or so of gas, gas utilization concentration is already the world leader in the。 If the methane gas directly into the atmosphere, pollution is 21 times that of carbon dioxide。 Today, the methane gas used to generate electricity not only has a good environmental benefits, as well as the considerable economic benefits。 ORG Anqing Jie, general manager of Guizhou mine water Energy Ltd. Meng Haitao: Gas power plant efficiency is very good now, two months a total generating capacity of nearly three million degrees, the daily generation capacity of electricity is about 5-60000。 We estimate a bit, its profit margins can reach 30%。
Meng Haitao told us about the national gas power generation there is a corresponding policy。 First, to ensure coal for their own use, then the surplus of the Internet。 Currently Wenjiaba gas power plant to meet 50% of electricity consumption of coal, such as the next step after two future power plants will have all built up surplus electricity, then electricity will solve the problem of electricity residents of the mountains。 Each household average electricity consumption is calculated according to three degrees every day, and now they are daily generating capacity of nearly sixty thousand, twenty thousand may be for domestic use。
Guizhou checked generators, Ren Xiaohui non-stop, he will have to quickly fly back to Luoyang, gas engines as well as a testing ground in a special "final exam" waiting for him。
Aspect 03 machine-made gas into carbon lead emissions dropped eighty percent of the gas engine test site, the China Classification Society surveyor is preparing for horse and Ren Xiaohui scrutinized every part of the machine in front of this gas, not little miss subtle changes in the running。 Ma told us to prepare for, testing and certification of an engine needs to start from parts of the processing track。
China Classification Society, China is the only engaged in ship classification survey business of professional bodies, each ship with a factory engine must be inspected recognized Classification Society。
Ma has been preparing for acceptance testing eight years of experience, through his testing and certification of the engine has thousands, but this acceptance of high-speed high-power gas engines but it is the first time, so he was particularly careful。
Despite the noise of the engine reached 100 decibels, but Ren Xiaohui or through gestures and language carefully explaining how the indicators and parameters of the gas engine to prepare for horses。 China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation River Diesel Engine Heavy Industry gas machine design technology chief engineer Ren Xiaohui: diesel and gas engines compared to nitrogen oxide emissions in gas engines, including carbon dioxide, including carbon emissions of lead, dropped fifty percent to eighty diesel on the basis of。
Ren Xiaohui said that this high-speed high-power gas engine in the 622 diesel engine based on the research and development of gas engines in the country is the most advanced in the world, also belong to the top level, after inspection and certification to be completed next month going to Marine will be held。 China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation River Diesel Engine Heavy Industry chairman and party secretary Liu Pi-person: enterprise development is definitely a lot of factors to promote a business in growing, technology products is a very important aspect, because product development and technological innovation is a enterprise-liter power, the product can continue to plan good, good, good research and development, then this business potential is relatively large。 Independent innovation Aspect 04 Military Road, Yong kept off from CSIC River Diesel Engine Heavy Industry experience, we can see that China's modern military equipment very difficult road to go, most of the military equipment, research and development have to rely on their own, even It is to start from scratch。
Looking back, we have a little more determined, adhere to independent research and development, this principle, we will not change。 Also to be emphasized that the military field equipment, although in recent years has achieved some results, but not by Chinese gunboats open to open up trade, but relies entirely on mutually beneficial cooperation, or even none of cooperation, we always insist on taking the road of peaceful development。
(CCTV) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。