Fleeting shallow, Enron ever

With a fleeting time, as your story draw your conclusion, take a Chengfeng Jing, wandering to have dreams。Reincarnation of the sun and the moon, there is always a star blinking once witnessed the enthusiasm, open picture memory, to find your little bit of the scent of ink in Dan。    Run around in the mortal world, the time behind, hit one of the moonlight, the lingering cold moonlight quietly looked, I saw your memories, still is the old face, did not increase or decrease the Aging。Graffiti quiet moments when a man always used color, a pen, a pregnant situation, on rice paper also describes exciting or dull, covered with dust in the past will slowly revealing the edges and corners。    Prefer not to say in the past had to hurt, always unconsciously grew up, learned to hide, the mind just playing and singing in the next month, entrusted to the west window that round the quiet moon。I met people, experienced things, life became a beautiful landscape, whether joy or sadness also, are worthy of hidden intentions。During leisure time, a man, a cup of tea, it is sunset, sitting in the window, casually turned up memories of the book, in fact, to see whether or not see you, I have not affect my mood。    Fleeting memories with faint touches to full stop, no sorrow, no regret, all the stories will return to dust wind, grudges, no, no anger, to see you smile once。I think, even if there will really nowhere to go, it will not sell off the bar door scenery, a pen, locked priceless in my eyes, although it may be worthless to anyone else, they still stubborn guarding。In a quiet corner of the years, the Qing Huan alone, with time to drink。    I think, after all, I was a little woman, in the text, wandering alone in front of shadowless, occasionally gazing, which could be seen that door shut scenery, so I often console myself, trying to forget the good of them, now have a good。Later, they would understand, not have to choose to forget the past, a number of people and things, are their own precious wealth。Fan Wu to walk the earth, will inevitably be influenced by visible or invisible bond, when everything is slowly becoming part of the past, only to find that could be so easily accepted。    Therefore, if such day, you appear or leave, I am willing to laugh about, sincerely thank the beautiful scenery you have left, let me shallow years, with a value of memories。In a period of years with nothing to do you in, not sad not hurt written text, a paper heart endless at the time Yan scent of ink into the ground in shallow memories, warm and sunny。    Shallow autumn, autumn leaves to pick up a treasure in the heart。Remember that red maple Thriving years, heart words, they give you a harvest of maple leaves all over the floor, eyes in surprise, in fact, is moving ripples move more, write prime words whisper, to those who have moved written into the diary, memories of that time incense。Like that time in general, I randomly picked a leaf, engraved mind, with the water destined for an unknown distance。    All the memories back to the past, fleeting as water, dust slowly covered in the past, when the beautiful thing of the past, old people no longer Shenpan fine cup of tea, life will slow to a tasteless product。A period of years in shallow, deep in your heart, if occasionally they begin, please remember, no longer sad。    Went all the way, all the scenery have switched back to square one, in the absence of your kingdom, I continue to write their own stories, standing bar, and looked, all as ever, still smile Enron。    Pen on October 9, 2013