Heart of cinnabar, the dream of painting

Heart of cinnabar, the dream of painting Tang seven girl once in your life then there was a knowing that this life may not realize but still got mad dream to want to achieve, you will no longer fit。A person, or a thought, is a dream。    And thereafter, the other all aspire to have become the scenery flying sand, only that it has become a heart of your hands cinnabar care dream of painting, how can you call down?When a person sitting alone, often a fantasy picture, the sun sets, you hit a white silk dress, such as ink breeze raise your hair, smile against the wind on the horizon。Hongxia sky, life, such as peach, persevering that distant call of the heart and all powerless to struggle。    Ear wind, dreamy fairy tale, for eyebrow look at, is the sunset Lihen day, who make every graceful life and poetry and painting。    Leaning against the wind you standing in shallow rivers and lakes did not see the mountains, all her family quietly mind refers to the collection。Despite that it kept silent in the heart of silence, she began to germinate in the summer, bursting out with his best flirtatious but thorny roses。Red as blood, white like snow, so white or become an integral part of the landscape in your life, you become a red heart to do so also lingering cinnabar。Heart of cinnabar, is the heart of tears。    You say people are willing to carry a hand, to accompany him to drink and the world。Just last only a person of your own smell scent the air four seasons, spring and summer drunk, drunk youth, you are drunk most of his heavy heart。Hands of all his dreams, hang it on the sunset gently fans the same colors, floating movement, after gradually disappearing into the hazy mountains in your unique dream。    Old roots after the home mountain, according to the cold plate crooked life, you came from a piece of fish touched the creek, no trace has been PASSING。Today, waiting for summer elegance whom, only that tree a tree Sophora japonica Empress Dowager, precipitated your greatest regret that a dream。I heard, Ash is the story of the tree, driving the most spiritual flowers。You put all the truth, drove into that tree a tree in full bloom in Huaihua, no one knows。    You want to do-this life, this life that he was outside the horizon can only frustration is that you can not touch the dream, day of the year wandering how much Deserted。    You dream piece of fireworks often appear trail ten pavilion, whether there will be the prime of his hand Fuqin for you, you love wandering heart, there is always a lot of fluttering Huhu distant dream。Your dream hair like ink snowy plain skirt, hold your hand that he Ganaiganhen。    Oh, the summer。    Yela but you start looking forward to the season, you want that dream into scenes Fallen flowers once again in the most decisive way to fly in front of you。You always believe the leaves green dream of witnessing the first time, unable to extricate themselves in chasing the dream, the glamorous shine with beautiful posture, and then to fly from colorful leaves, flowers from wilting flowers to Yela, as vigorous, soul-stirring。He was branded the years in your heart dream, from the initial fear of the world do not know the end of silence quietly, did not realize it quietly buried in the bottom of my heart。    Love the quiet beauty, even if you are just a plain youthful Wang Chuan, destined to miss the two-phase even if there is no matter how solid indestructible obsession is also the time where it came to nothing in the。Reality is so shallow, dream to achieve, beyond the bounds of comparable。You closed eyes, softly sigh, let that remain a distant dream chest, slightly pain。    You see, this silent wasted years, such as cutting the time, only that helpless and you sigh。Chest distant dream ethereal picturesque landscape and reality apart, all thoughts with you long stand with the wind, the wind slowly dry。Jisi Amidst the percussion, he eventually became a regret this life, locked in two brow。Now, heart of cinnabar, destined vain obsession。    You ultimately failed traveled long and arduous journey, world wide, have you with his dream waltz walking through。