Houhai, can remember the dust

I do not know why, for the sea, I was always a soft spot。Every time I go to Beijing, the first place to go is definitely there。Perhaps there are some beautiful beginning, there may be a need to meet the heart, perhaps nothing, just want to see a landscape still, there is also the memory of a peace!。  Stones along the edge of the sea, in the old west by a bar the door there was a very strange stone, surrounded by the projections, only a plane can take two people to do。Tired can go there to take a break, go always going to see every one。If some of the float can be projected onto a screen heart。The early sunset, after the sea of dark blue sky, projected onto the lake Bise dust seems like a naughty elf。Neon bar are also covered all the space, occasional resident of a classical singer always makes my heart Dangqi trace of Ripples。What closed nothing to think about, think the world is their own。  “You say, Qiqi like the color of the sky and if that be nice sunset color”She always asked me a look of surprise。  “Qiqi has its own characteristics, is not necessarily the best sunset colors”For this question I always disdain。  “I love Qiqi, I like the color of sunset”Her look of rebuke。  Well, I'll buy you a sunset-colored these days, I always unashamedly。  “But, but。。。。。Where to sell?”Her look of horror like。  “If not, I'll do a, you know, I might be able to do the”。I was always so comforting without a purpose。  “Ay, Ay, I know you can, and more than good!Oh, I'm waiting。”Her look pleasant smile。  Then her head toward my shoulder, looked at me a look of happiness。  You are what ah send her, her sad eyes of some color。  Oh, nothing, ah, Who is she。I deliberately did not want to mention this topic。  Oh no, I'm curious。I would like to ask her look of confusion。  “Oh, you make me like this”。。。。。I am a little reluctant to。  “I'm not jealous, I will obediently listen to what you say”She responded to my very plain。  Do you really want to know, ah,  “of course,”It does not seem to breath a little whirling。  Send a gourd, and that to me or someone else, I just handed it to her, I said deliberately calm yourself。  “So there is no sincerity ah”She giggles again。  But after I sent her a ring, I do not know why you want to say these words。  Oh。。。。。She seemed unhappy。  Then you hand wear is not she send you oh?Then she asked me one。  I。。。。。。I suddenly choked。  “Nothing, everyone has their own story, I respect your story”Her face without any expression。  “In fact she passed, and I just got used to wearing,”I feel waves of red face。  The princess has a burst of laughter, he looks at you that Shayang, she was another rebuke。  “Oh, you have it, where ah”I do not know so caught up in this tide。  “Do not forget my Qiqi,”Then she burst of wind and ran away。  Until then, I do not have to buy her a real Qiqi。The original word is actually a comforting scene until the end of the play, she is still waiting for a Qiqi。  Double car is very embarrassing embarrassing arrived in Beijing after the sea from Langfang, panic did not go to the bank to withdraw money。So it looks like an embarrassing state stood at the edge of the sea。Because riding a tandem car to go to that lake, only to find empty pockets。So hurry around to find the bank。Look askew panic still mind, antics always attracted the attention of passers-by。Fortunately, finally in a secluded corner to find a cash machine。That feeling is tantamount to Napoleon surprising discovery of the New World。  Car and uncle while bargaining, the final price of one hour 50 yuan leased to us, deposit 300.  “God, the original car ride feel so good”As if before she was kind of embarrassing forgotten。  “That was, that was the time I discovered the magic。”I deliberately raised voice sound。  “Hee hee, smug!”!She's to be a very strange expression rushed in front of me。  “Dear Mom and Dad, daughter particularly happy today, because there are my favorite people to me in front of me Qujia。Carrying her daughter's dream to go to a place far, far away, through the eyes of the landscape are our best witness。I will give him the best thing, then her daughter feel very happy。”She left hand holding a cell phone recorded with excitement, completely ignoring the crowd around。  Suddenly my heart burst of apprehension, a vague throbbing emotion welled。  “So I have money, I'll take you to the bar for a drink, then I'll sing a portrait of your favorite "Little Love Song"。”I look sincere expression。  “Oh, what says。And so you have the money, and I let them give me cocktails, but also the kind of iced。I would also like to listen to, "Mice Love Rice"”She seems to have re-thinking down my fantasy。Snickering behind waves。  Pull hook, Who is this who go back。I easily spent a pattern so I do not know。  “Hee hee, Ay!”She laughed like a peach tree gorgeous。  I took a lot of photos, leaving a lot of memories。Soon photos also give all destroyed。  Later, after all, did not go to bars, just in the last final, I sang a little with the initial emotional love song for her。Finally, in hoarse song。  I do not know every time to go after the sea, is not because it had to pay homage to the feelings。Perhaps catch some of the burst is at the heart of stone not to choke it flooded。  Small note: Times article just recorded at the heart of the scenes, who make life difficult for both sea water。  I will cherish life, Remembrance into it。