Autumn imprint

In the autumn of imprinting, the most memorable is the moonlight.    Lowered night, the moon rose.How many times saw: moonlight pouring such as mercury-like swept over a high mountain, swept over the sparse shadows, swept over the open fields, had also swept over the low fence and cottage, swept over windowsill, and finally quietly swept over my heart.    Autumn moonlight, always giving a feeling of quiet, as if like a timid child that anytime we must look away.Especially the Mid-Autumn Festival that round moon, it is always a rush in the autumn air floating through, go so fast, so quietly leave when you want to see it, only to wait until next year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.    But I do not like the bitter taste wait.Whether it’s monthly child round, whether you, whether you disabled, whether you are light, pale or, I’m just sitting quietly under the moonlight, despite it high in the sky, freedom, in my speckled around a layer of bright silvery.And so I sat in silence in the moonlight, quietly think about those who are closest to me, memories of the past and the vicissitudes they have experienced, those fleeting durable.    Take a long time, thinking too long, melancholy and loneliness, like weeds in general, quietly covered with their own piece of melancholy hearts.However, the moon seems to understand this, it just quietly hanging in the sky, silently looked at me, it makes my heart, but also added a touch of loneliness and sense of loss of a trace of melancholy.Only when the cool autumn wind, Si Si whisk to, and leaves gaps between the tree trunks, mottled little out of the shadow of the moon, bring me some blurred shaking silver, I understand this: the original moon has been around in my side and we have been in this quietly watching me, gentle with me.    Often at this time, I always sat in silence in the moonlight, a long time could not bear to leave, in this tranquil gentle night, perhaps, only the moon is my only companion.Like their own small, decades of political struggle, turmoil also their family, parents are being locked up in the bullpen, and those who want to own a very good junior partner, also like the plague far away from their own, young mind in full of grievances and anger in a person hiding in the faint moonlight, despite the tweeter in the revolutionary slogan, cut through the silent sky.The moon seemed to understand my mind, with its gentle silver, my wounded heart, gently soothe; and in my eyes, suffused with tears glistening in deep autumn, the Phi covered with a quiet moonlight Enron dream.    ..Tonight there is no longer a dream, the moon is still such and such bright.    I’m in the mountains under the moonlight, quietly walking, pedaling a soft leaves, the rustling sound fine to listen to light that issued the foot.I go, the moon is also walking; it leaves a gap in the trees, and I Lingboweibu, sometimes appear in my eyes, and from time to time the grass at my feet slip, it slip past the reservoir dam embankment, and slipped the dense mist of water waves, as if I could reach out and touch it, however, when I really want to touch it, but only in a silver Lin shadow of the water waves, playing with it.At this point, I could not tell already, is this a dream, or in Wonderland?Or those waterfowl Mingfei sound is alarmed, let me wake up suddenly?    It seems, I had a beautiful childhood dream.    .Looking to the rise of the night sky, the moon hanging, jade as a mirror, dreamlike, and as a beautiful poem, and as a gentle warm cotton to singing; but I run to the hearts of all the beautiful rhetoric, in the end or not praise about it; finally, despite an only comfortable warm and sweet, in my mind.    .