Earth grass

I miss the earth grass! It has been alone, silently, silently grow with. It’s all over every corner of the world, stretching their.It is the life!It brings the world of endless joy and happiness. Spring, all things wake life.Warm grass that kind of life began to boil.About to embark on another cycle of his life.It is only a seed, just a bud.To begin already own frustrations and hardships they face life journey brings, it has not been afraid, not even once. Perhaps it is landed in a world of easy growth – soil, perhaps it settled on unknown side of the ridge, the mountains, perhaps it is also difficult fall in Shiyan crevices, it may also be buried in the still silence cold snow.But they grow, and work hard for survival.Open their skies.No matter how difficult, no matter where they are, they’ve been rather quiet quietly growing.Their perseverance and efforts to survive, a moment never stop too. Every summer, regardless of where the grass are a light green.Full of life charm.Such plain different from the flowers are blooming beauty.The same color but has a different beauty.At the moment of life and tenacious thrive.An endless momentum swept the earth.Whether there is no color or embellishment of the place, the presence of people feel full of life. To autumn, the grass for people to devote the last color of its life – dead quiet of greenish yellow.It represents the life of the dying and vulnerable.Interpretation of the last moment of life beauty. Autumn wind caresses it, no swish summer breeze with before, there is only noise on the heart.Although they are also about to or have ended the life of the trip, but did not give up faith.They firmly seize the land they grow.Struggle, persisted. Winter, the real end of life.With snow falling grass, slowly disappeared in the wide embrace of the earth.End also represents a new beginning, a new life grass at this time of the end of the turn gave birth again.Reincarnation constantly hone their silence, no pride, no showing off.Just because there is a firm eternal heart. Every time the driving rain, do not give in, do not be afraid.Alone to face the wind and rain erosion and mocking.Either there is another big suffering can survive.Stick to, adhere to faith. Every time in the sun, enjoy the growth, open up a new world of their own.No no noisy battle, With a heart for happiness and joy, the sun and the earth Thanksgiving.Grow their own, their own powerful. It came four seasons, through wind and rain.It’s only powerful poet, “wild fire in spring.”To describe.Earth grass ah, if I could be a grass, be nice!