A beautiful poem

“There are a lot of life in a particular moment, like a beautiful poem,” winter warm sun shines on the cheeks, the breeze blowing, tree leaves that fall gently, the wheels run over the leaves rustling.Every now and then leaves, quietly listening, your gentle breeze blowing softly.    Beside you and them, and smiled, walking in the forest, riding a car speeding along the road.Just take advantage of the sun; take advantage of the breeze not noise; flowers not yet open to the tea while millet; while still young, you can also go a long long way.In this moment, I am irresistible to be some minor things moving, one person said of fun, another person listening attentively, and added a heart-warming words, my heart has already thrown up waves of ripples, this is kind of friendship deeply touched.It is because of these touched, I met that better myself.    However, until sunset, to the time to leave, good time is always short.In the years of a river always flows away a lot, even we do not know tomorrow and accidents, which will first come, then please cherish today, cherish it now.There is a saying: “Leaving is the scenery, leaving is the life.”Roadside, flying the Indus leaf season, after all, gone to hide in a corner, some deserted, a little bleak, but what relationship, some things, it is sufficient to have a season.The end of a day’s play, return along the road, I laughed language, listening to the quiet roar of passing cars, listen to the quiet voice of the years.Mind over and over again playback of this time together, warm memories with this picture.    Remembered reading this passage “the greatest happiness of life is not a plain path, but there was friends sharing weal and woe in the rough road, the greatest joy in life is not without tears, but there was to wipe your tears confidant”.I secretly playful smile, bless us with the most gorgeous smile bloom, more beautiful tomorrow together to dream.