A little confused

Although there is no official start of vacation, but it was close, the family has spent a few days off, and the law of life lost past, become lazy, and had wanted to do a lot of things, but nothing unexamined day , an inattentive, the East trip west trip, a day later, as if bustling pedestrian street, do not know where the starting point, do not know where in the end?There is always a lot of things to make their contradictions, such as hemp-like wrapped in their own network, always seems to have a lot of things out so that they are temporarily unable to sort out, and if sometimes caught in the fog in general, I do not know what the opposite would be the case?They need their own decisions, their own efforts and the need to pay.Confidence is not a man afraid of hardship, but everything is not just willing to endure hardship it failed to do, and always have the skills and methods, there must be a pre-rational judgments, that which I have it?Perhaps there?Perhaps it is not?Sometimes often think, no matter who live in this world, there is always something to worry about, there will always be, one can say that my life carefree, there is no point bothering it?No, I am afraid that the gods would not be so!Forewarned is forearmed, without prejudging the waste, friends had told myself that only careful planning, then everything will fall into place, that’s not unreasonable, so I learned to calm down, slowly sort out all the clues, points the priorities listed in the 1234 which do first, what to do after, I believe that will be a matter of course!Also sincerely feel that there is a true friend, and you talk about the truth, when it came to questions, help you out of ideas, nice!