What man can not be ignored cancer signal cancer susceptible to man

What men susceptible to cancer?Cancer is a terrible disease, then you know what it susceptible to cancer man?Xiao Bian today to talk with you what kinds of cancer, as well as methods of preventing cancer susceptible to man what?What men susceptible to cancer 1, early symptoms of prostate cancer: usually no symptoms。 If you stiff prostate or abnormal digital rectal examination will be able to tell you。 If the PSA (prostate specific antigen) level is high, then there may be suffering from prostate cancer。 2, the early symptoms of lung cancer: usually no symptoms。 But had a lingering cough or hemoptysis cough generally indicates a lung tumor。
If not for the effects of motion, always feel chest pain, but also indicates a lung tumor, pharmacy oncologist at the University of Chicago Medical Center – Ezra Cohen, MD, he said.。 Body of false alarms: pneumonia。 When as chest X-ray, pneumonia and tumors are presented in white on the backsheet。
Pneumonia will ease, but you need to wait 4-6 months of X-rays to verify。 What are susceptible to cancer 3 men, colorectal cancer early symptoms: blood in the stool。
Never ignore it, even if only once blood in the stool。 May be blood in the stool of colorectal cancer early, polyps bleeding, but this is the only early warning signs of colorectal cancer can be found, more than half do not have any early symptoms of colorectal cancer。
Body of false alarms: Five-year-old male following blood in the stool, is likely to be hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, colitis or vascular abnormalities。
Although it is not colorectal cancer, but they still go to the doctor。

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