Angel Love

REVIEW walked you, afraid to disturb your heart and leave you like this forever lost afraid, I contradictory thoughts Who knows, only on that Mo grass is still green, grow my endless thoughts and sadness.This is a touch of melancholy Oh, how can hope to wind drift, like after a fleeting time, so Enron fade!  At the moment, I dance alone, as Fengyun lonely soul, in the Mekong water, listening to the applause of their own.  It does not require the audience, who do not need to look back, I dance only for the soul of breathing and movement, with the mountains and plains of the flowers, singing and wind.  This vast and lonely sea, my heart is looking for long dream it, why pale as ever?Clear lakes Oh, you wash my dust and din, I’d sooner with a simple, pure entered the dreams.  When my feet step into the light to your own Mo, sad memories are all away, except white clouds, green grass, clear eyes are on you, appease me slightly sad soul.  Over the years, I have been wandering away from home, maybe just to find your shadow.Oh my heart’s dream has been woven over and over again for so long, so long, at the moment, I am a dream come right?  What a beautiful dream Oh word, but at the moment, just gracefully balmy breath, is your breath and turned blue as.  In the silence of the valley, orchids general atmosphere, but only you can have, in addition to you, how can the others plunder your gentle elegance?  Dream has begun, do not want to back down, I’m a firm pace, with all the earthly vicissitudes of life and loneliness in the singing alone.This song is silent, no audience, no music also, for the sky with the earth company, and perhaps this is part of my own home.    Hometown Oh, you’ve been staring silently in my heart, until condensate carved pale hint of sadness, wind drift.  Dancing angel wings, to echo the call of the sky into the earth all my heart to go until the ink fineness, elegant flower.  I spent what women in general?This empty universe, how many lonely souls scattered, eager to soothe your, uh, but I only so many years you always far away from the so close, I fear accidentally lost this wonderful dream.  Wake up, where are you, what in the distant snow-capped mountains?Or boosting in the clear lake, my tired body, in fact, how eager to return to your warm embrace Oh!  Into You, afraid to disturb your heart and leave you like this forever lost afraid, I contradictory thoughts Who knows, only on that Mo grass is still green, grow my endless thoughts and sadness.  This is a touch of melancholy Oh, how can hope to wind drift, like after a fleeting time, so Enron fade!  Separated for years, finally met this beautiful solitude, like the lush grasslands of the spring, into a full dance.Even waiting for so long, so long, but still sweet as ever, plus better.  I imagine he is a beautiful swan, doing it for the life of fragrant bloom at the moment.This flowery rings and youth, will be fixed on the side of this magical land, and I light dance lightly together into a butterfly.  Painful break the cocoon, no one knows, but only I know.Like that year, my humble heart, crying alone in the twilight of dusk cover low.The original in the eyes of others, I was an ugly duckling, no cheers, no encouragement, only behind the alley elongated figure, loneliness and the line with me.  I walk alone on the stage of their own, in fact, this is not the stage, because I never find a place of their own.  Music sounded, beside the woman blossomed dance, only me, hiding in the corner, secretly sad.  It has always been a lonely person’s story, others do not go in, they do not want to go out, so the night and the stars twinkle with.  But my heart has a little voice ah, how I wish I can calmly dancing wings, even if this pair of wings is so weak, so lonely places.  The moment you arrive, I suddenly woke up, here’s what I had been looking for paradise.  Expectations of a dream finally realized, even if it is my own stage, so I’d rather intoxicated.  No longer breathing heavily, lightly like a beautiful swan, everything about the original fairy tale is true, ugly duckling can become a white, elegant swan.  Encounter such a dream, I have been when it was a dream, the desire for so many years, now finally realized, I fear they fell, out of his own.  Tears slipped gently, out extraneous in their heart, and years, and has nothing fleeting, but only at the moment belongs to the most real moment.  My eyes closed, listening to the call from afar, the whisper of wind, the call of the mountains, serene lakes in the good old days, from diverse, decorate my dream is so bright, so beautiful.  I do not want to easily move the pace, for fear disturb this natural among the most elegant gazing.  This beautiful swan Oh, please do so between rippling water it, do not leave.    Please put my mind be taken away, I dance no cheers, but you need to listen to the quiet.My wings carries a beautiful dream, quietly set foot on the shore you.  In the quiet lake ever Oh, my heart is home, under your gaze, felt the moments of silence.You’re like a dream decorate the sky, exudes brilliance of precious stones in general, your naive, your grace, is my love, my life is a lingering sadness pale.  Beautiful angel, please leave me dancing with transparent wings of it, no one bothered valley, those fragrant lily, only the wind knows her beauty, her tenderness and care silenced.  I wish I could dance with the wind, with nature, beyond the earth into spring Ding Dong the most pure Che, long endless stream, and you go hand in hand, stubbornly persists.  Enjoy a “shell blue” in the teacher’s photography after “Swan Lake” and feel a lot of elements other than the picture, write these fine words, hope to make more friends to enjoy this set of elegant and pure works![Editor: Can children]