At least one label, a label most

On the label, in a very long time I do not understand, always I feel good this thing is true, and gradually I learned that everyone really should have a label of their own.Of course, not blown out, which is made out of a real tag.    Moreover, this label can not be less, but also no more, a person can only have a label, major label.    With friends for dinner, he was supposed to do couture, she thought back to do steel.I said, you can not do.He said that now women do really bad, and cited many examples.I know that women do not, but I still keep him.  I said, everyone should have one of their own label, and he insisted three years, we all know.    On this label, maybe we want to still feel under less important.  But one thing for a few years adhere to the people who really matter, this is equal to a banner.    For example, before the war, when we know that anything can fall, even generals down, Marshal down all right, but we must at the flag, and if the flag were down, it was really down, not only to resist the force no, it is not the people.  So, often when we see a person’s banner, is to see her sign, you can see how he is doing.    Downstairs we have a shop, a fast food restaurant, I like to go to his house to eat.  In fact, his family’s food really is not good, not good food, but there is one thing great, but the soup, we went out to eat is soup, but he is pork soup, pork ribs soup true, although rice is not so delicious, but we still eat.  And we say, not at night to drink ribs soup.We know which.    This time, pork ribs soup is a sign of their home, because the other dishes are really too common.  But all right, as long as pork ribs soup trying to be difficult, it will still go.    Perhaps many people will think that if he soup tastes better, then dishes are delicious, food is delicious, that people will not eat more.  Will be will be, we think the next will be the easiest, but when we have enough resources, we can only make a point.Like his ribs soup, he’s the high cost, other stores are afraid to do so, so he can do well.    Friend said, why do steel it, because women do not really.But women will not put.  In fact, the man downstairs, has also been a long time not business, it is his wife came, his wife of Sichuan, came back rice is more, the food variety is complete, but that no soup , we did not see Tom go directly.  Because we originally directed to the soup, the soup is gone, we will be thinking, boss changed.    His soup is gone, so was very commonplace.  Although rice is more than a logo.    In fact, rice is more than can be made into a label, I do take-away home home downstairs, he was doing well, but I also eat a few times, feeling the taste is really not very tasty.But one thing is doing super well, that he is the largest rice.  Here, his label is more than food, a lot more than others, although many people only eat half, but I liked.    His label is with us just say that, like soup labels.One thing is to achieve the ultimate.  Equal to all the energy is concentrated on the care points, he became one of their own label.    But they never have two labels, how to say.  For example, soup to drink, food to be good, then this is absolutely not, can not bear the cost, and does not need.Because what is good is impossible, but everything in general, it is very common small hotel, and we do not love to eat.  Such as rice to more vegetables but also more.That is the same, like this is also no way to form their own competitiveness, to form their own label, and more time to dish, rice is also only a little bit more, even if the cost of laminate, overall less than the others, did not salient points.    So do women friends, but after three years of accumulation.Now he can make a much better year.  Certainly more than the hundreds of thousands of.  But people will always be looking at this mountain, looking at the high mountains, in fact, which are difficult to line his party, he was outside the walls, is beautiful to see out of the wall Apricot, go will find that difficult, need How many years of irrigation and pay, even harder than women.    Friends say, all right, anyway, women will not give up, now stabilized, and other steel products also up.  This way, it is certainly more revenue.  And on the issue of labeling, he said, all right, anyway, no matter that we will buy women, or buy steel are still looking for him.Friend was right, but this label, in fact, not only simple label, not a small logo.    We see a lot of big companies, even if they are done well, but at least in the early stage, are only a point.  Even if their resources enough.  Because everyone loves minded people, each person only to find that most professional people.And when the label met reputation, but also not the same all.Take effect not just happen many times, not just qualitative change, but fission and multiply.    For example, now buy things, a lot of people like to go to Jingdong, I also like to go, why, genuine.  This is a genuine two words, everything else is not important.    Think of WiFi, we will certainly think of wireless network 360.In fact, this little thing, there would have been?Many functions, such positioning can be anti-virus, may 7788 lot.  Behind to do it, let’s look at the boss 360, he said, so no use multi-functional, refining a maximum fine.  He said the biggest hot spot, is the wireless network, so we have been promoting this point.    So I thought of the 360 WiFi also think, in fact, he can also do this very comprehensive, but the one like this will increase the cost, and secondly, their strengths, really has gone, could have been done WiFi also become common.  This way it is easy to be dedicated to something as simple as a Wi-Fi only to beat off.  But all his energy on one point, is not the same.    The network we have seen a lot of people to do business, we often find that many of the advantages of their products, but their advantage is very simple advantage, for example, our good service, fast speed us, our price is reasonable than others.  These are all right, but still no way to form a label of their own.    Label this thing, every business, even a small shop, and even everyone should have a.  But really only one, not two lines, more, it has become common, and it can easily be defeated.    When it comes to romance, we think Qiong Yao, when it comes to martial arts, we will think of Jin Yong, Gu Long thought.  In fact, their writing is so cattle can write?More than the other.  But they will not, they will have to do something with their associated labels.    Label this thing is very true, but it really real.  Not a lot of poor results, the outcome will be a lot more, but the difference will be many many many times.  So, we should also have their own label, can only have a.Then try to do, to maximize tag.  Let us all remember our label, we remember.  I asked: 838,504,315, welcome to add.