Autumn pregnant

Today is the third day after the beginning of autumn, at noon, there came a sort of rain, the afternoon was pulling an invisible force, went to the outside area.In fact, not specific to the destination.Walking.    Out of the district, directly across from the right side of the road, with a sharp “beep miles Lang bang” of the ring, the man fell to the ground electric car ride, car basket in some plumbing tools scattered on the road.Is an electric tricycle knocked on.    Man riding electric three face up too red, seems to be drank some wine.”You had a ratio of MA, the blind?”Getting electric car ride man remark, three steps forward and two steps tricycle man grabbed his chest is the punch,” You’re a bad seed children MA, you do not go on the right side, it also dares.” .After tearing a while, and finally not far from the police station there are officers ran up.    ”Where there was resentment, there are scores have rivers and lakes.Person is dead, how you quit?”Forget is from” Ashes of Time “or” Swordsman “the.However, the boss was cut, and younger brother were not in the (not school) Well, I do not want those people to know my true identity in rivers and lakes is no evil party head.Or to the police station to deal with it!Hehe.    Well, then go to a place few people around.    In fact, for these are the kind of sense of indifference.Perhaps recently started a novella, rarely out of sake.Feel like he was abandoned at the time and space in the air here, in front of everything, like transparent glass across the face with his.Clear unparalleled, but it is like being cursed is generally difficult through the past.    Went to the countryside, when a little girl pulled the boy’s small hands bounce came from behind, the little girl stopped and pointed at my left hand side of the vegetable said to the boy: “Look, that’s lettuce, lettuce meaning, that is, is a dish can be a little!”Then the little boy pulled the hand, ‘my mother in front of the ground, let’s go’ ‘da da’ of both men ran swiftly forward.    I turned to look, laugh.In fact, the edge is a plainer vegetable shoots.Visible child is half true, then a lot of time and a half “false”.However, no such understanding or not: innocent heart, though false is also true; evil heart, though true to false; true and false idealism has always been and made.    A few minutes before the line.The left-hand side drains sized size, bubbling flow on the surface of the dough figure reflects the sun.Wind, still slightly warm, uninhibited pecking kissed cheeks, caught off guard.As if quietly told me, “clear autumn girl” will come soon.    Turned and looked to the west, the autumn sun Gao Gao, some dazzling plume of golden light scattered through the trees and flowers still Nong Tsui.Leaned a clump of wild chrysanthemum smell, “ah, is a kind of incense with gas stocks Ling.Indeed, wildflowers than the home fragrance ah.”Thought to this, but also from Ancun:” Why domesticated some flowers too easy to die, but these wild flowers and weeds grow so lush it?”Zhengran moment, caught in ocean reveries.    On the way back, I think, should be like this: TA who is from green bud, hanging hair on the faint drop of dew in the sun shone clear TA glistening smile, while awaiting the wind singing, TA who both to have a situation, such as marshes vague fingertips power.Thus adapted to all the world.