Beijing Olympic memory loss of sight of life is also wonderful (XX)

[Editor’s note: If the heart, dream on!Blind also has the world of light, blind life can still be very exciting!    Although the Beijing Olympics over the past four years, to date, the exciting scene is still fresh.London Olympics around the corner, before and after the Beijing Olympics and bits and pieces come to mind, excited, pen letter to write, to keep historical memory.    - Inscription in the wider world, I think it is most unfortunate blind.They have eyes but did not see bright, colorful and strange things can not be seen in the world.They live in the endless darkness, this pain is unimaginable.Some people say that “God is hungry blind sparrow” and “God of the most fair, it gives you shut the door, but to open two windows,” makes you blind fate, God makes you auditory, tactile sensitive.But the old society dark, the blind worse.Hao Yan old lady my village, and his good deeds Hirsch, at the age of 60 after a long malignant sore neck.Sores healed, but sore attack blind her eyes, making her living in a bottomless abyss.Some people say: “This is her past life of sin, is God’s punishment for her.”She ashamed to see people, afraid to go out, only one day to recite verses three times atonement, to spend the remaining years in the long darkness.    Liberated, dawn, blind people gained a new life.Former go from village to village telling people blind rare, and mostly blind people begging on the streets to become self-reliant workers.My village there was a blind girl, after a hard workout, she learned how to dry a wide variety of farm work in the dark, but also go-between sewing clothes.As the government’s emphasis on the cause of the disabled, the blind now engaged in productive labor in all walks of life, some experts also become a production technology.Blind and sound like people are masters of the country, they create wealth and enjoy life.    Watch the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, so I have a new understanding of the blind: the loss of life is also wonderful bright.In the past, “A blind C” is world famous folk erhu virtuoso, he created the “Traditional” famous today, people still never tired.Now more new faces, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Paralympic Games, the blind singer Yang Haitao sang the song “Horizon” extremely rich, thrilling; Jinyuan Hui beautiful blind pianist played “Fantasia impromptu” melodic and tuneful and inspiring.Even the blind Chinese girl on parade led by guide dogs are also compelling, adding luster to the parade.    In the Paralympics, judo, swimming blind, blind long jump high jump are watching the highlights, always it shows a crippled US.Blind race refreshing, athletes and staff run lead coordinating action in the dark, tacit understanding, all of them running like a champ, people forget that they are blind athlete.    Bird’s Nest stadium quietest places to the number of blind football stadium.Blind soccer sounds very fresh, the sports arena five match, goalkeeper, ushers, coaches are normal people, football is hard and heavy, dark inner wall of the bell.Blind athletes based on the position staff, coaches voice and sound judgment balls balls, accurate and quickly passing, dribbling, shooting, blind people running around on the court, shouting: “China refueling, self-improvement, as glory for the country “, all lively, impressed.Blind is unfortunate, but by their own efforts, life is also full of joy.One blind man when he said: “We have lost the light, does not mean we have lost the way forward.Ordinary people can do, we can do the blind.”They honor, fight for the dignity, to realize the value of life, so that ‘transcendence, integration and sharing’, we want to applaud their spirit of self-improvement, they lost the light of life is also wonderful.