Call soul of turbulent river whimper

– When the write-once Neixiang county towns for two senior teachers Tianyu Fen alive, she and millions of people, like gardeners, ordinary and extraordinary, but after her death, the mountain town of teachers, students and the masses to the year “Ten Li Street sent the Prime Minister,” the emotion, spontaneously to see her off.Reporters walked into her leadership worked together in school and life, colleagues, students and their loved ones, a surge flood of impulse, long time can not self-suppression, so Baozhan pen and ink, with text symbols erected a monument for her life.—- crowd preface a street two lines, crepe, white, deep dirge.April 30, 1999 early morning, on a street in the southwest of Henan Neixiang city, it is particularly solemn, and not the same as usual.Meandering flow of the turbulent river like also silence around it stopped, quietly waiting for a tragic moment.    When the hearse slowly passing from west to east, the crowd could not help eagerly attention, instant sobs sudden,.People with the hearse forward, could not restrain a flood of emotions, grief soon turned into sobs rose spectacularly turbulent river flood roar, and sometimes drowned out all the noise and bustle of the city in nature.    Chung more people, the more the longer the continuous flow of people, groups of students holding white flowers cried, chasing a ride a ride double, the last white flowers gently on the disappearing hearse.    People in the past witnessed a scene that they are asking the “big man” died.When he learned that an ordinary female teachers, shocked!Such spontaneous grand farewell scene, awe-inspiring.So know do not know, do not know each other to know each other, have been given the highest attention ceremony.    The coffin is lying in Neixiang county towns for two senior teachers comrade Tianyu Fen.She died of breast cancer, treatment failed, unfortunately died young, only 45 years old.    ”I want to heal, I want to teach.”In the last moments of life, she played a most happy CLS.    1997 Annual Festival of Lights, Neixiang city, and to the country as steeped in sorrow to mourn the death of Comrade Deng Xiaoping in.On the 18th morning, living near the west off Second Construction Company of Yang Xiwu home, his wife Tianyu Fen intend toilet after getting up, arrive early at school to students in the graduating class private tuition.When her left arm and the right to wear a sweater, inadvertently bumped on the right side of the breast skin, a fifth coin size “lumps” assigned nerve ends touched.She first surprised, feeling the hurt does not itch meat, I do not know when it got this.Huanguo husband, after the Greek military look, could not say what disease to.He advised his wife to the hospital to check the morning.After the noon recess, Wu Xi to accompany his wife came to the county hospital.Doctors initially identified as breast cancer, but can not determine the benign or malignant, it is recommended to look at the city hospital review.    One that went to Nanyang, Tianyu Fen too much of teaching time, and her husband to discuss: “Do not go, it hurt not itch meat, is certainly healthy, it would injections in the county hospital, the medication will eliminate down.”The hospital diagnosis is unknown, always worried about her husband, he just put his wife to coax the car, saying only delay a noon came back, the result was diagnosed with cancer in Nanyang Central Hospital.Experts Wu Xi secretly told: “Your wife’s breast cancer has come late, had to be hospitalized surgery.”A bad luck, Yang Xiwu this famous tough guy, burst into tears, the moment a chaotic brain blank, as if he and his wife Dangqi life boat on a quiet lake, suddenly sprang a crocodile, Zhang Feng bloody mouth, even people with boat together swallow.At this moment, he hugged his wife wanted to cry, but he endured, and the disease can not let his wife know, lied to her in hospital surgery, be sure to keep his wife’s life.    Nanyang back from his laughing all the way, like nothing understatement to his wife, said: “The doctor said it was a benign, move an operation like, we go back and get ready, come back.”Back home, his wife Yang Xiwu told the truth to the Chengguan town for two leaders and colleagues Yu-fen is located.That night, after hearing the news of teachers and students with nutrition, flowers, all of a sudden Tianyu Fen bedroom packed.They strongly pressing against bad luck from heaven, saying with a smile, as usual, he advised her to rest assured medical treatment.Teachers and students never see facial expressions and speech, Tianyu Fen premonition that she has a bad disease from her husband in order to combat conceal the disease.And so the dead of night, she called over to ask Wu Xi.When she confirmed his guess, Tianyu Fen strong and said to her husband: “I want to heal, I want to teach, I do not believe my life is so short.”In this way, she went to the students on the course for four days, under the pressure of school leaders and their loved ones, she left for surgery.Before leaving, he taught five students in all three classes, said: “Tian teacher, cure disease, we are waiting for you in class.”” The most precious is life, life of each person only once.Human life should be spent..”” I want a limited life into unlimited serving the people go.”Lying in bed after surgery, Tianyu Fen Lei Feng to Paul and the words of the oath written in a notebook, she had a premonition of this disease are slim chance of cure.Nanyang came back from the hospital, she immediately ran to the school bike to school.In her request, postoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the whole local county hospital.Each course of treatment, she worried one day but not the student, not the school, like the lost soul.From the medical room came out, she go out into the school run, seize the time to delay classes fill up.    Under the ravages the disease, Tianyu Fen Rubao had bushy hair fell off a root, pale, skin atrophy, often vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite.Face tortured by the disease, she did not fear, withdrawal, contrary to force yourself to eat, with a doctor injections, water, doing physical exercise every day.All this is is a multi survive for days, give students a few days lesson.    In the tenacious struggle with death situation, she still concernedly music, art, moral six classes.In heavy teaching work, she enjoyed a beautiful, beautiful song and students with joy, cultivate character, the pursuit of beauty left to students; depicting taught to students of fine arts painting inspired their love life; each section moral class, put it wonderful, the students in her education, has set a lofty ideal childhood, raised the sails to make progress.    Good daughter, good mother, good teacher, good partners Some scholars said: “The teacher is not difficult to do, but a good teacher is not easy.”Indeed, Tianyu Fen is whether a man, or a teacher, are familiar with her forever etched in people’s minds with a ‘good’ word.    Tianyu Fen good heart, honor their parents, in-laws, wife, mother, everyone praised the good daughter, good wife, good wife and mother.Chinese New Year, her first thought is that both sides of the elderly food and clothing, went back to her husband and daughter to buy gifts on the elderly side look, pick them up into the city theater, the park utmost filial piety so that they enjoy their grandchildren.One year late summer-law had appendicitis, she took the old man to the city, looking for the best doctor in a busy work space, the medicine or the elderly, laundry, eat-side end drink, but also with the car pushed to the elderly Riverside Scenic relax.Daughter Willow in her education, from childhood thrift, hard to learn good moral character, early February this year, five are Tianyu Fen last birthday.That day, her daughter Willow to save 50 dollars for several years, all out to buy flowers for mom, cake.Tianyu Fen looked taller sensible daughter, a hold over, crying and laughing happily.    Tianyu Fen warm and cheerful, generous others.Colleagues who work together with Tianyu Fen are intimately called her a “fun” name.She can sing and dance and teach colleagues and students.She still “live” prescription, Toutengnaore the school who, she said a unilateral enthusiasm to the people, eat a quasi-Ling.1997 mid-summer, in preparation for the acceptance of compulsory education in the province concernedly school librarian Tianyu Fen just removal of the uterus, ovaries, the body is still very weak, but she wanted to, she do not, it will increase the burden on other teachers, thus risking heat, endured the pain and finished the job vapid comrades live.    Tianyu Fen love for example, worked hard to watering the flowers of the motherland.Wang Hongli money to buy a bag, a mat she.Gang sprained foot, pick her bike one day with two noon.No mother Zhangcong Min, she is working overtime to sew clothes Four Seasons.Every summer, Tianyu Fen home run from the “homebound”.No matter who want to come, do not accept a sub remedial costs, some of the students do not want to go home to eat, the package also live.Su Yanan was a math deviation, good fun student in her education and well-watered, Yanan made rapid progress, and with excellent grades in junior high school.During hospitalization Nanyang, Nanyang has to go to school with his father heard of Yanan teacher was very ill, whenever you buy flowers came to the bedside and affectionate teacher talk, chat.    Who inch of grass, reported in the apartments Tianyu Fen taught for 25 years, the society has trained a batch of talents, graduates go to work from some colleges.He graduated from North China Institute of hydropower Tie Gun, Tian teacher heard the bad news, the phone broke down in tears, recalled the fields around his tutoring math teacher situation remembers.    In persist in teaching day, two students in essay writing, as long as the subject is a person, they are from the heart with the most sincere feelings to write “I am most familiar with the field teachers”, “I most admired teacher Tian” “I’ll never forget the field teachers” ..    During Tianyu Fen treatment, teachers and students to her spontaneous donations totaled more than 7200 yuan, some students put snacks, buy toys and gift money are saved, sent to the teacher bedside.Teachers love students, student respect for teachers, teachers and students to write one after another of life and death, love songs, live forever.    Tianyu Fen died after the news came out, people familiar with her and grief for the loss of a good man sad.After two years had taught her Nanyang senior lecturer in the Second Division Guoqi Shun Yu-Fen is written eulogy, tears and a few sign off repressed feelings, in order to continue writing.Memorial service, the condensation of a strong emotional condolence thousand words so that the presence of men and women, adults and children broke down in tears, Ganchangcunduan.    Tianyu Fen burial coffin to be sent back home, hometown folks like to go out for a long time did not return, like daughter.They stood the village, intersection, mourning the method most rural people love most simple cut, holding paper money, firecrackers, silently waiting.Why do not the good of peace?Why do good people Bitter short?If God is for good people in the world favor, early let them into heaven, then this is probably the best footnote for a good man like Tianyu Fen.    When Tianyu Fen dying, repeatedly asked her husband: “School is my home, you want to bring her daughter Huijia look..”About the death of a person, the heart is still less than give up her love, tired body of elementary school, which is Tianyu Fen where the ordinary noble character.    Only live in the hearts of the living, he was really alive.A forever remain in the hearts of the people who most of his life style.Tianyu Fen is such a person.