Chen Zhihong: has been up, has been going up

Often we would certainly think that we do not know what to do, or we compare tired, you can take a break at.But if we brush circle of friends, we will certainly see.In fact, we really have been in progress, has been growing. Not up, it can only have been at the foot.This sentence, I used to be a very long time mantra, still quite like the feeling. Yesterday, chat with friends, she finally bought a house.Hearing this, I am very happy, I feel happy for her.She’s older than I actually large, but because her husband lazy, play mahjong a day, she was a person to hold up a home. So in a very long time, she said a lot of pressure.But also affected, she worked hard, and be sure to buy a house. But she had the money to buy a house is small, and can not buy too biased, it is a little difficult. But what the world is like this, as long as you are willing to do, hard to have a way.Heard her buy a house, I am very happy.Even more than I bought also happy.In fact, also, for this, I am now not the original share of the momentum. I need to do now is to try to have a little effort every single day, and then have to work hard to write articles. About writing, in fact, am I okay, I often go out drinking, but drinking to come back, whether it is drink and then later, drink more, I came back even without a bath, even if I say, still want to write articles and then go to bed.There is certainly taking a bath. Because I wash all the articles written, because the harvest will certainly be out of chat. Harvest, when you win if you do not write well written, it will be difficult later. And, I keep telling myself, not up, can only have been at the foot.So much effort to at least a little every day. I actually do not like to climb, because I feel that tired.But in real life, whether we love to climb love to climb mountains are always there, and whether we like it or not climb, climb always someone there, what can we go. But If I climb, a metaphor for life, so if we do not climb, you will be forever in the foot. University students, there is a space, I will always be concerned about our class is that the man admitted to graduate school. Watching her progress every day, she had looked like us, and gradually, we went to the front, like mountain climbing, gradually climbed the mountain, hill, her every step, every day than our efforts.See her, we will have the power of. Because whether we have not, others certainly are in progress. As do the online transaction, whether we do or not do, anyway, others are trying to do.Others have been higher than the volume on us, but now we have more than a.So in the end we still do not go to boot it. We can not escape this question, because we are selling for, so hard and then have to convince ourselves. Many people say that this trouble, that does not work, ah.It is very troublesome, then when we did, only more relaxed behind. In fact, there is a circle has been trying to keep moving really quite good.Like the exam, when we are handed in, we certainly will be in a hurry.A hurry, we also want to work hard, a work, really have progressed. And it has been a progressive circle of people, with the people than the outside, a difference that will be bigger and bigger. As we have seen those who graduate, PhD has been in progress. And for them, in fact, quite normal.Only when the exam to test the reading time to read the next.They are that way because of the circle.In fact, many people are in progress, but they themselves are unknowingly. But many people who really have no progress, we must be like this, we will not feel. Sometimes I have often wondered, are open 24 hours a day.But in the end it is the difference would be so big it. In fact, when we put them likened to climbing, then we certainly would know. We climb a little bit every day, then we will harvest a little bit more.But we do not climb every day.So we have been at the foot.But for a long time, it is a vastly different.There are mountain people really are not the same. Even if we want to catch the back, so also can not keep up, because we’re making progress, they are also in progress. So, in the world, a lot of time, because a hard, probably far, far away behind the. Friends have faith, but his faith was what was meant, for example, how much is predestined.You do not need so hard, the body is the most important.So his daily work in general, but also other general. For instance, he eat, vegetables and meat is very scientific research. To be honest, just been in contact with friends, I feel quite justified.People just should take care of yourself. However, a back, a chat with other friends, I think, this friend, is.But at least when I was younger it should not be like this.We’re old, really are trying not to move, then stop thinking that health is possible. In addition to play with a friend, a friend said that this year business is not only earn more than 100 million.I say you earn more than 100 million is not okay. He said yesterday he went out, his friend opened more than 2 million cars are.And he also does not make so much a year.So we should strive to.Every time I hear friends this way, then, our hearts really are moving about, telling myself to work harder point. In fact, I really am grateful for friends like this, because we are making progress, and this community is like this.Above that friend, perhaps he can lead a very happy life, but I think, not so fast Debu to work. People look over them, everyone is climbing effort, everyone wants to be more up. We do not know our life, we can climb the first layers, but we have to climb the. At least at the time of youth, we tried, if not the result, that really no way.In case no result, so really happy.And I also think that this is the essence of the faith.Life is important, but more important to efforts to fight. In fact, many of the world things really are relying on us to fight for the. In our school, we can sit in front of that fight, you can fight the class leader, grow up, we, too, we can fight for a promotion, we can fight for a raise.Even in order to work, sleep less, but also nothing. Jobs, also does not wash every day, and all the dirty dirty mess, they are not free to do these. But really did not affect his career, his career has done so well, even if the other was not even do a good job, you have to be all right.At least he at least what is most important to know what is the source, the source of well, everything else is easy to say. In fact, our daily life, we do business, too.Will encounter many, many things, even if one day we 48 hours, also are endless, such as we think to cook, I would think of their own to buy food. But we can only strive to do our business, whether boys or girls, the cause is the most important. And for our cause, we must think about progress, if progress has not, it will certainly halo. Because everyone is up, everyone was running, maybe they smile more than we do it every day, so his fate is perhaps changed.But before the change, they really are than what we do so. Anyway, we all climb the mountain, we can not always at the foot of.And the mountain life, is never the Peak.Even if we climb higher, but also always have in front of us.So we can only try to get to climb. So, we are hard up slightly.Even if we have done much, but all efforts up a little every day. On the QQ / micro-channel: 838 504 315, welcome to add.