Cool Woman

Standing time of crossing, hand, color time quicksand-like pouring from the fingers, wind from the fingers glide, held in the hand, was a soft time!Fragrant grass, fallen flowers, green branches surplus surface water accumulated late spring pond, vaginal Natsuki complex,.Unwittingly, the Four Seasons reincarnation, but also to the “green Huai Takayanagi swallow new cicada” in early summer.”Purpurin have become dust, the sound of the cuckoo Daylight Saving new”.Quotes suddenly remembered Lu, is so fit the mood!    The breeze was blowing, drizzle, Hawthorn Cuiye Manjuan.Look hibiscus open competition, and who now fight?Dragonfly early stand like language, but also know she is not shallow mud.Drunk in dance, is joy, double water swept Button, cloud water at hand in Manjuan.Thinking million points, Ying Ying about practice, steady and annual meetings, and then for some alone time, book a ray of light ink, pen rhyme flow.Ink rhyme fragrance one thousand turn, do gentle warm tentacles in the month of May!    Comfortable in a simple life, a cup of Qingming, an ancient music, a period of Chan Yu, a self-examination of the heart, casual, casual.Simple, makeup, and the time to sit with their dialogue, quiet Enron, concise heart light!    Time, woman.In silence, with time tea, cooking with wine years.Cup of tea, a pot Moonshine, look at quiet times passing arched brows, a touch of tranquil, leisurely few Wan, poetry-like youth, mildly pleasant!Zen like small text, the text is really beautiful, graceful and agile, light and water-like quiet Dutch!Between the lines flowing intoxicating quiet, so beautiful text, cool woman arouses love.Pure, elegant, overflowing fragrance brushed poetry, bypassing Painting, joy this text, tired heart in between the lines was refreshing dip!    Like all natural, tranquil and poetic shallow stuff.Love and accompanied by text.Strolling the text world, words like really, like plain text, words like ethereal and beautiful.Text of the world like a tranquil haven away from the impetuous, away from the temptations of fame and fortune, not the hustle and bustle, only an elegant and quiet, you can let the mind Ning Jingyi however, breathe freely.!Like meditation, “fireworks unbearable cut” like this to the extreme light fall again.This is only words, you see people full of eyes Yi Ran.A woman has never been good at expressing feelings and thoughts, just like a whisper pile Full of character, a beautiful feeling cold with the text, each walked the landscape, the later years, walked the landscape still spin fluttering, Su Jian mildly elegance in the water, let the secular heart, such as sulfur seep entirely different.    Mortal beings, Buddha’s heart relative, the overall mood and nature accompany it with a woman!By human wisdom, improve their own!Portland ranks valley, though lonely also fragrant, do not fight do not rob, this is an indifferent; when the mind like the blue, all things are possible to see transparent.Equanimity, Susan, such as blue; Mui partial corner, although silence also Aroma, bland, this is an elegant; temperament when like plum, learn fate Rin cold open alone, unique; integrity when such as bamboo, open-minded; mind when water, sodium humble things, like the wind now trace Vientiane, swaying in the wind, in the rain baptism, silent nature, the course of life.No micro, not humble, there is a world mind, Qing Ning natural, sunrise and sunset, sat watching clouds, Huakaihuaxie, the executive one years of quiet good!Numerous disdain, true to yourself, free and easy Ruoyun, presumably, have such a taste of the woman is a delightful woman it cool!    Read some useless books and do some useless things, useless to spend some time, but this is beyond all known to retain a chance to go beyond their own.Life in some very remarkable change is that from this moment, is to —– “herself” To put it most is walking in their own way of life, herself to pleasing women, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-love, since Jane.Ideals and the pursuit of good and elegant, have their own space and the world, pamper yourself, do like to do, the flowers in the garden of the soul, full of fragrant seed bud.Scholars give nourishing, phonology give cheer; painting throughout give quiet, poems give sophistication.Ukiyo heart repair it, repair a heart incense, repair was ten thousand kinds of youth; kinds of style, soft tranquility Wanli, intellectual and open-minded!Life is the most graceful landscapes, the most elegant calm posture!Cool woman, demure and elegant!Women’s cool, bright and clean Chu Chen!    It is a simple pleasure, a sophisticated on age!He opened a door called the years, walk the edge of dream and reality in the Red.Always wanted to be a quiet woman, as said by the time tea, cooking with wine years, guarding their own in the deepest mortal world, to hold the first bud and joy.In a fleeting shadow, Nor Fear years of age a man, the wind set off the flowers, the leisurely look at those vaguely dream.Shizumori in their own world, despite years of wind and rain Explanation and circulation troubles!    Learn to do such and such a cool woman, leisurely years of silk thread, regardless of joy and sorrow, quietly cherish.Painting a life of the past, twist a finger Xinyu, light line light thinking, windy dust Cang.