Day after day day

No, no warm candle, do not force to celebrate, no, no precise answer, do not insist forever, no, there is no clear way out, do not walk blindly, since, still can not awe-inspiring, we will have to continue to busy.- Inscription person, once you’ve decided what to do, you already are the largest choice, for this choice, we are all the way forward, even if the Julan Jingtao will be thrown into the sky sail the sea of long, heavy water even in the mountains later still does not see a way out, day after day we have to date, toward its own direction, for the ideal running.    Ideas determine the future, in the hands of a beautiful, wielded hands of the brush, to outline style of life, even if we would have been hit, experiencing thorns, and only when it is indispensable for life experience.Lose it does not matter, swallow your pride, your sadness buried, passing fails, admit that he is not good enough, ready for the next challenge.    Immoderation is our eternal declaration laugh circumstances serve our wise choice, never give up, is our eternal faith, escape seek temporary ease, slack not before, it is self-deception, powerless, inept performance morale depleted.    When life began to see, so why hide in the corner, Ziku from sorrow to appreciate their own tragedy.When the remaining constantly want to be defeated disappointed, waiting for the sun like a dream, quiet fall into the depths of my ordinary life trivial.If you must fly forward, forget the horizon, we find faith, those same weathered, already does not matter.    When I perhaps this time I no longer Rubi, living day after day in May, I urgently need a little relaxed and cover, this world is so unfair, it was endless laughing, and it was not even not so good cry.Through the years, only to find the world how helpless, there is a feeling that people understand only inning, when have we used to complain about what he did, when lost, but forget what happened.Why do not grasp today, and so on for a long time and hope for a long time today?Win, win in joy, lost, happy to lose!