Do not make your heart crumple March

This time of day is extremely quiet, a person, a few Jian Wu, quiet almost hear his heart beating, this exclusive space to sit down, perhaps one of the best days.Noisy day, madman, how their day will not be so quiet down.Only this time, so quiet comfortable.  Head slightly hurt become much pain, eating a piece of painkillers, improved.Xu is too naughty during the day?Or did not go out in the sun for too long a?Today’s students call-together, meet at noon in a hurry in the afternoon but could get no voids, and I’m a contradiction who get together to go out here thinking about how good, there does not fit the thing at hand, it is unknown the trouble for the issue of its own.Put pen to write, more quiet.Want to come for a long time, a long time is not easy to get together, have turned down many times, to various reasons.I simply do not like party utilitarian, plus “numerous liquor,” and would not “words of flattery”, so think about it when!  Watches and clocks ticking, always put the people’s thoughts pull back.Life, miss too much, holding a cup of warm chocolate milk, and the “Mountain and Flowing Water”, close your eyes, listen to meditation.  Flickering out of the window, far and near, those gentle light, decorated with fireworks in March.In life, there are always some old friends, acquaintances too, had forgotten.Those times, good and bad, beautiful and sad are gone, passing, stop over.  Like this to say: There is an umbrella stays for a long time, the rain stopped also refused to close; there are a bunch of flowers, the smell for a long time, would not throw withered; when the sun goes down, and rises, everything has changed the…US time, the passage of time in its gentle.Perhaps, just like the human tragedy in the memories alive.Jane said frame: a ride across the landscape, you can not go back to my homeland, I take hope in time to cross-strait.  Has been living in the emotional shackles, the Prison, for years has been able to go, opened yellowed diary, it has been mottled with cold and warm memories.I think I can not do anything cool woman, ink woman, or what woman, woman love most is personality, felt too much in terms of a word or whether a look, and make me sensitive to the “three thousand words”.  ”Sitting alone secluded bamboo grove, playing complex shouts.People do not know the deep forest, the moon to shine, “think of this first verse of sad, is indeed touched his exquisite mind, it can be considered a consolation solitude.  Inventory their feelings, but also a pale.Zhongxingpengyue no chase, no harps and with understanding, in fact, in my silent place, desire is the life of elegance.  Sitting in a room, penmanship, I was willing to mind in blue or black ink to smear line by line, only this action again and again, this way, restrain the impetuous heart sinking.  Warm days, the wind blowing, read thoughts, heart Yi Yi.  March just to take advantage of the sun, the breeze not noise.  Take advantage of years of love, not the old time.  While flowers and grass emerald, white cloud.  I just want, pour a finger vicissitudes, marching crushing time, to walk longer distances, to more concentrated warm feeling.