Eyeful of the world to make rivers and lakes

“Spring dry, and the fish is in the double land skim wet phase, to each other, as known in the arena.”Ancient an elderly language.For thousands of years, the world, rivers and lakes, two very common words, the number of people with lofty ideals blessing so, with Dreams, swords interpretation of a section of the feat, carrying regret down, writing a section of the magnificent legend, how many rivers and lakes which were not sentiment, why in the world was nothing but inexplicable enigmatic feel of this sentence, feel rivers and lakes, and the world to bring their shock and bloody.    Xiang Yu regret the world, and finally to the Wujiang Heng Jian, Liu did not forget the rivers and lakes, causing smoke everywhere, although Lee spear, did drive to make ten million soldiers?Wu Zhuima cries, difficult to bring back the souls of heroes!Gu Hao, now worth mentioning, a world, a broken dream of many people, an arena, broken hearts of many people, and begin to corrupt, to bring selfishness to move heaven and earth, because of corruption and dead, with thousands of regret and go their lives, different people, different hearts, different story, the same way, the same scenery, the same outcome!This rivers and lakes, how sad words make a statement?!    The world is large, encompassing melancholy thousands of rivers and lakes, small rivers and lakes, the interpretation of the world is tragic life.Heart of the world, hate the heavens fail his life Chi, swing a sword rivers and lakes, the Red resentment difficult to continue unfinished love.Pillow Ge into the sky, that would not cover the Nanshan put your horse, why flames of war as love carved eyebrows?Embrace the world of brothels, to enjoy the world outside Taoyuan, Lu Huadang boat light of the world, poetry and wine forget the dead, Dankan fame homes greed, was silent at Yao Zheng Fu, the world, rivers and lakes are drifted, Yinfengnongyue jokes..2012.04.14