1 early summer color spring flowers pull their punches 2 to 3 elegant beauty you dream Xiao early summer

1 flower pull their punches “pull their punches flowers, birds from time to time Naruto”.This is the latest I think a good sentence, the phrase used to describe the birds of the season May flowers prosperous scene really is very appropriate. When May comes, Indus flowers, fragrance everywhere, woody flower fragrance and so Pungent, every day the sun bright and early Qing Breit, both beautiful time together, this is the season in May, the world bloom birdsong people fresh, spectacular infinite world, as one who was a pleasant enough. I heard recently able to see a lot of open flowers, woody flower, baby’s breath, orchids, all kinds of flavor, variety of colors, really a May flowers prosperous human eye. This season, such as flowers, can make people play that song called “Early Spring” poem, and I want to change that word looks like, “Spring, Xiao Meng, sleepless, Yan return, Orioles chaos, Iraqis independent, May is the most beautiful season of flowers reward.”As a multi-talented, I began to help but miss the cool, want to write lyrics for her, even as she wrote the above words it, when full flower fragrance of the season, how good-looking cool?She is also a big face gorgeously dressed, tall and slim, if I look at her bright eyes, I will not miss her, ha ha. 2 Spring and Xiao Meng also, like you and I that year this May evening, the breeze swaying, leaves whirling, is a good time to rest, at this moment the world who sleep who did not sleep, dream of that year Chunxiao Lane, who dreamed of you, you and her, came that year, with you watching the flowers bloom, like you and I that year, this is actually a good season to sleep, but there are stories of people do not want to sleep, when the spring flowers do early summer now, you and I that year parting stories but also someone to say it? Cool did not come, hey. 3 US dancing early summer early summer you so beautiful, so I wanted to write some of the words used to commemorate dazzling. Today everyone open calendar, will see a beautiful word “beginning of summer”, see the word, you know the time has come for a year in the summer, the mood is more clear up, which in turn is a beautiful day, is a good season, what a beautiful memory of this early summer and summer will produce it? Everyone has its own beauty and wonderful, bless you. When summer came when the first impression is that the summer will be very hot, but the early summer it will be very cool, and very beautiful. So I want to write compelling text and the warm early summer, because they are the same elegant beauty. Walking in early summer weather in May, the roadside grass green, crushing the head of the sun, Greenwood birds, fish swimming in clear water, everything is too good. These are beautiful views of nature’s gifts, in fact, I really like the gifts of nature, even in the dark clouds, thunder and lightning storms, of course, I prefer the weather in May early summer, extremely perfect. In this weather, she would go out jogging warm, breathing rain in May, unfolded her graceful figure. When this season she has to wear a white dress, it will continue to open this season is reminiscent of gardenia, lilac, magnolia,.. They are open in the early summer, scented, beautiful anomaly, she should look at those flowers, floral, her appearance is not elegant, and she is not who is dancing dancing? Thought of this, really want to say to her sentence, dear gardenia girls, remember, happy mood, happy summer! Early summer of summer, the sun on your face become so, your posture so graceful, so that thoughts change slowly, let me see your face secretly, secretly yearning. – wrote to the cool early summer in May