A chance to meet, no time to say goodbye

Life is fragile, as fragile, people live attached, because the dedication, only to feel another meaning strong!We always have a sense of eternal life, who believe that they will not die.Old age, death seems just an empty phrase for us, we listened, and did not mind, as if a gust of wind blowing, no sense!    Attended a funeral, my feeling is this.I first felt the fragility of life, like a fish in water, to that shore, it is destined to be stopped swimming, it is a pity.I wonder why it’s not as strong as the grass alive?School track and field grass mercilessly ravaged by humans, but also continue to die, but it also has roots ah!It can also absorb nutrients ah!Pleasant life.We can not easily say die.Good fragile life, only now is their.So at this moment, you should make yourself happy, you should be allowed to live out the meaning of life!    Yesterday the feeling of love has left this world with the angels, all dedicated Perhaps no fixed season, Mo sigh long years; Mo read endless plot, so caught swaying colorful mood, looking at that piece of black flowers stop hurtled my vision, I know that it is waiting for the blockade Street!A chance to meet, no time to say goodbye.I received a phone call when I was going to class.For fear of interference, before class I will handle the organs.I was about to turn off the phone, the phone call came a sister.Told me that her husband’s father passed away, my sister broke down in tears at this time, he said then hung up the phone.After listening to her sister’s phone, my head buzzing, has been questioned, how so Kuaia?A few days ago I went to visit the elderly, and so quickly ended the life of?    A few days ago, my daughter and nephew together to visit the elderly, the elderly saw me see him, eyes have been tears, but could not speak, to see such a scene, I broke down in tears, emotional I am afraid to see such a scene, he should know that his life was limited duration of the bar?A year ago, the old man discovered the extreme physical discomfort, the whole body feels weak and often feel chest tightness, to this end with the elderly brother and sister went to the best hospital in Beijing to do a comprehensive inspection, the unfortunate result of check out, the elderly suffering from esophageal cancer!    When the news of the moment a lightning bolt across the eardrum brother, brother stunned, her husband crying breaketh the sky, her husband can not be reconciled, a year ago, with his father and go around Xunyiwenyao, I want to save his father’s life, Although her husband strenuous twists and turns, or failed to do so!The elderly is a very good person, I often go to see him, although her husband’s father, as I would my own father to look at, otherwise he would have me as his own daughter to be treated the same as!    That day I went to the funeral, the funeral home was filled with wreaths, packed with familiar and I have not had some familiar faces.They are in the funeral procession for the elderly.Hundreds of vehicles a funeral car slowly pulled into the funeral home, followed by a group of mourners.Bursts of sobbing that really touched the sky, shook the ground.Gradually the sky to float the icy snow.Trailing silvery white snow in front of the car after the car.Turned to water, it is God’s tears.God’s tears in farewell the old all the way.Safely to another world!    I do not know when the tears quietly streaming down, I then felt my throat somewhat blocked, stuffy chest.With the crematorium car from getting closer, my heart began badly, like a wronged child-like, Yuning pharynx.I told myself not to cry out loud, there are a lot of people on board, get off when I found myself feeling a little out of control, fighting back or cry out loud!I finally understand that sentence: the sight of coffins, were moved to tears!    Brother carried the lead banner soul, holding his father’s portrait, holding paper money brother, sister bear jar, walking in the front ranks.Hundreds of people followed, mighty.The hearse was ready, put away the coffin fixed.According to local etiquette, to his father face, hair.Master of ceremonies out “from cover!”Brother then broke the tiles.According to local customs, playing streamers fell tile is the eldest son of obligation.Cold, biting cold, froze our hands and feet numb, but it does not seem to feel the cold, chest full of grief for the elderly!    We old people’s body sent to funeral home for cremation, filial sons and relatives and friends once visited the mortal remains of the elderly in the final, bid farewell to the remains of.In advance cremators remains a single moment, their children piercing cry, shake mountains and rivers.Grandson, granddaughter brought up by the grandparents, deep feelings, tried to disrupt chemical fire started promoting grandfather remains of a button!    Suddenly, the old man actually turned into ashes, her husband took out his father’s ashes, the hearse slowly start again, slowly forward, sons and daughters knees from time to time, to let go of the hearse slowly, more slowly, afraid of my father in heaven by bumpy road.To the cemetery, the crowd gently lift the coffin down into the grave, adjusted horizontally, beginning with the eldest son, the former family, relatives and friends in order to follow up, around the tomb week spread to the grave soil.Watching the crimson coffin slowly buried in the crowd wielded the soil, the old man had never rest in labor and sweat dripping off patch of fields.My tears once again surging out, is this really you farewell?    Her husband’s father had believed in Buddhism, good turn deserves another.A dozen Buddhist Chung by Turn Undead, the elderly souls sent to heaven, sent Elysium.Children, daughter, grandchildren devoutly kneeling burning paper, burn incense and pray for the elderly.Incense smoke-filled, burning parchment rotation vacated, sincerely wish the elderly, on the road all the way to heaven!    Funeral, is a summary of life, life is withering.Funeral, people feel that the distinction is pain, Muran feel that life is short, blinking back a few decades bleak mood.More experienced, thought it wood, and saw through life, seen through the life!Really can not imagine, really afraid to face, do we go through this tremendous torment, but no way to avoid?Helplessly from the dead did not regenerative surgery, really is a pain pains!    Think carefully, as long as there is new life born, the funeral will continue.Life is fresh, not frozen; be bold, not static.Life is transient, but also is the stage, God is really not fair, why just give us a mere few decades, rather than as a hundred years, a thousand years.Today, he is it not the day after tomorrow you?    Just a matter of time, in either order, and today’s rich, what a generous, delicacies, delicious, high-protein, high-nutrition, but still could not escape the fate of death after all!I am not a pessimist, but too mature, too far ahead, standing on the ground looking ahead a few years, will see the end, the fact is the case, no one can argue!The funeral will be carried out one by one, even one life will be a freshman, waves pushed forward waves before the waves die on the beach!    Wreath burning, crying continues.People no longer see the funeral car away.As if the old body has entered the gates of heaven.People in one go away from my side, I stood alone on the land of snow flying.Sad tears dripping capsules.Tears across my cheek, as the frozen snow on the ground together, forming a small crystal icicle.That is my sincere condolences to the deceased’s elderly.