Bitter + hard work = life

Jinse’s time flies, flowers bloom and flowers fall, and years pass by in a hurry, just like a schoolmate’s youth, when you can learn best, you choose to love, when you can bear hardships most, you choose to be comfortable, naturally young, but when you are young, there is no time for youth.. If you miss the most rare hardship experience in your life, your understanding and perception of life will be shallow.     What is suffering? When you complain that you are already working hard, please look at those workers who are overstretched but still unable to feed themselves. The whole information in the office can be considered as hardship? Knocking on the keyboard in an air-conditioned office building is hard work? Seriously read a book, learn to study, calculate hardship? If you draw a very shallow bottom line of suffering for life, please do not attempt to cross the deep limit of happiness.     When you see, those fluent foreign languages that follow foreigners show that you think it’s good for foreign companies to go in and out of high-end office buildings, say things that people don’t understand, and take enviable salaries. When you see men and women in and out of high-end office buildings, you think men are handsome and women are beautiful, driving good cars, walking around shopping and signing millions of contracts. When you see a subtle advertisement full of praise, you feel that doing marketing well can grasp the pulse of the market and indulge your creativity. When you see a friend who does real estate and goes to various high-end places with rich people every day and sends out all kinds of extravagant microblogs, you think real estate is good for making money. When you see a fast-moving person traveling all over the world and staying in five-star hotels in various places, you feel like a fast-moving scenery. You fell madly in love with that state of elation, but you never thought that you wanted to call it a dream state day and night, which is not as simple as what you saw..     What he ate was that he had already started sleeping for only three hours a day, looking up yesterday from the data N years ago and doing meticulous and incomparable analysis bit by bit. What he suffered was to win over a customer, squeeze on a sleeper bus, risk being robbed and crashed, knock on the mail, and look around in amazement. What he ate was to constantly break in with various leaders, ask questions and think for a more reasonable and systematic management method. What he ate was to sign a big order, to be alone in another country, to watch the reunion in other people’s world, and to decorate his lovesickness dream. What he ate was to teach himself hundreds of thousands of words of material within three days for a listing project, so that he could become an expert as a layman within three days.. He also fell down in the mud many times and even let others step on his own body. He succeeded in gaining an incomparable glory because he is a man who knows how to bear hardships and can afford the heavy charm. The figure of his hard work, his talent at any time, and his everything can withstand the scrutiny of the years..     Dear friends, if God treats you kindly and gives you a superior life, please do not restrain your morale. If God tries every means to set obstacles for you, please don’t erase your confidence in yourself and your courage to fight forward.. When you want to give up, be sure to think about those cattle who sleep later than you, get up earlier than you, run harder than you, and have higher talent than you. They have already run to the distance you can only look at in the morning light..     After you have experienced the wind and rain, you may be scarred, but when the first ray of sunshine after the rain is projected on your pale and gaunt face, you should be ecstatic, not because of the warmth of the sunshine, but because of the hardships of your heart, the pains of your bones and muscles, and the hunger of your skin, you resolutely stand on the way forward and be tough and progressive..