Do your best

I rarely write such inspirational topics. Is my life really so unfortunate or have I added too many complaints for the sake of peace??     I have just started my job and live in complaints almost every day. It’s not good to complain about the leadership. Complain about low wages.     Why do I always try to measure everything by how much I want?     If I don’t have the heart to let myself eat a little loss? What about my boss? Is he willing to let himself suffer?     Even if the boss has many unreasonable demands, he often does wrong things. However, as his staff, should they still act according to their own principles?     As long as I do my best, I am not afraid of the boss not giving me such treatment. But what many people think is that if I do the job well, I still can’t get the treatment I deserve?     The successful person’s approach is to ignore the latter’s considerations directly. I did it first.     However, many people did not start to implement it and found an excuse for themselves to’ not work hard’.     I am one of many people.     A lot of truth, the in the mind all know, just understand and will never be the same thing.     If one day I try to do everything to the fullest.     If on that day, my boss still had many unreasonable demands and still did things that were not personal. So, I also have no complaints to complain about.     Because, I have learned the most precious thing.     The boss’s loss of me can only be his loss.     This is a realm.     Never before has there been such a strong desire to improve oneself and change oneself.     There is a small goal in my heart that first came into being.