A girl with a street stall

The college entrance examination is finally over.   After more than ten years of suffering from the cold window, the curtain finally came to an end in the joys and sorrows of all people.. Some people, like madmen, tore up the books. Some people take their parents’ cameras and bank cards to travel around the world. Some people . Ah, during the longest holiday in life, Xiao Qi could only choose to sell some ornaments that young girls like.. The stall is her own helpless choice.   Summer night, it seems to be a little early, flickering street lights in the trees, the roadside is too hot, the sweat on her head is so big that it glides across her cheeks one by one, and mosquitoes are still many. Xiao Qi is a bit impatient and quietly waiting for business, and she hopes some cool wind will blow in. If there is another rain, even a few drops of light rain, it would be better.!   Xiao Qi did not have a father when he was very young. Listen to Mom, she just went to nursery school that year. Dad went to pick her up after work and had a car accident on the road.. In order not to let her be wronged, the mother who is naturally strong has never dared to remarry. The word’ live together’ may be most appropriate for her home.   I don’t know when, it seems, a little wind came and looked at a few buttonwood leaves falling with the wind. Xiao Qi was excited and sad. I don’t know why, she suddenly remembered her father. At this moment, it would be great if he could be with her.! For more than ten years, Dad’s clear smile and affectionate hug are still clearly printed in his mind and never blurred.   My mother was laid off on the first day of her junior year. She couldn’t help it. She lost her job, but the days were still going on. She rented a stall to sell vegetables in a nearby vegetable market. The government knew their family’s situation and only charged her one-tenth of the stall fee.. Xiao Qi seldom saw her mother. She made breakfast every day before dawn. After waking her up, she hurried to the wholesale department to get food. When she came back from the night study, she was already tired and fell asleep, but there were some hot food in the pan..   Xiao Qi is the most beautiful girl in the school and the best performer. She is also the minister of school sports and the captain of the ” Love Volunteer Team”. Students all love to describe her in the poem ” yet we called and urged a thousand times before she started toward us, still hiding half her face from us behind her guitar” written by Bai Juyi in the regulations on participating in the bibasketry.. Every time I think of such a hazy poem, Xiao Qi is always sweet and beautiful..   Nearly 20 days later, Xiao Qi has already earned more than 1,800 yuan, plus the 3,000 yuan sent by her uncle yesterday, which is still a little short of her tuition and living expenses. Her heart is very pleased and she still has a month to go. In fact, her family still has some savings, at least the money for her to go to college is no problem, but Xiao Qi wants to keep her mother’s hard money. She will go to a university thousands of miles away and her mother will be left alone. If she is ill, if she is in urgent need, she will not have any money to do.?   Children, have a cold drink! See how hot you are! Just thinking, an elegant and dignified middle-aged woman has stood in front of her with an ice cream in her hand, ” eat it and I’ll watch the stand for you for a while.”. You are . ” Xiao Qi does not believe in the present scene,” Auntie, but we do not know each other . ” But I know you, your name is Xiao Qi, the most beautiful and outstanding girl in the city’s No.3 Middle School, isn’t it? ‘ The middle-aged woman smiled happily. ” Son, I’ll buy a few things first and then tell you who I am, okay? The middle-aged woman carefully selected several ornaments, and Xiao Qi looked at them. The total price was THIRTY – FIVE yuan, because of the friendship of the cold drink, Xiao Qi said shyly, ” Auntie, give it to 30.”! But the middle-aged woman insisted on giving her FIFA. After paying the money, the lovely middle-aged woman took her hand, ” Xiao Qi, look at the buttonwood tree across the street.”! Following her fingers, Xiao Qi saw a familiar figure standing under the plane tree opposite her – that was her teacher in charge of high school song for three years, and the teacher with full head and big sweat was waving and smiling at her in the distance. Xiao Qi suddenly understood, ” you are a teacher mother.”? Yeah! Your teacher has been watching you across the street for several days! said, middle-aged women hold Xiao Qi deeply in their arms, ” Xiao Qi, please remember that you are the most beautiful and dazzling flower, your youth, your beauty, your brilliance, and no one can match it.”. Children, don’t be lonely, you won’t be lonely, you see, your teacher has been with you not far away. ‘ Looking at the opposite teacher, looking at the immediate Jenny, Xiao Qi’s tears can no longer help but slide down . Ah, the next day, Xiao Qi set up a stall as usual, thinking about the warm scene last night, Xiao Qi’s heart has been enjoying a good drink … ” Son, have a cold drink! See how hot you are! Just thinking, a kind and noble grandmother also stood in front of her with an ice cream in her hand, ” eat it and I’ll watch the stand for you for a while.”. You are … ” Xiao Qi never believed in the scene before him,” Grandma, you are? But we don’t know each other . Ah, yesterday . Ah, don’t . ” But I know you, your name is Xiao Qi, the most beautiful and outstanding girl in the third middle school of the city, right? Grandma smiled happily, too,’ son, I’ll buy a few things first and then tell you who I am, ok? ‘ grandma and Jenny picked out similar ornaments and also gave her FIFA yuan with the same hardness.   ”’ Grandma, you are .” Xiao Qi is eager to know the answer.   Following Grandma’s finger, Xiao Qi’s eyes fell again under the plane tree opposite him. I saw the retiring old headmaster waving his hand to greet her by the tree and looking at the dancing old headmaster. Xiao Qi’s heart was somehow flustered, ” Children, don’t be lonely, you won’t be alone. You see, your headmaster has been accompanying you nearby, and … ah … and …” Remembering the smiling headmaster across the street, looking at the present kind grandmother, Xiao Qi’s tears could no longer help but fall down her cheeks all the way to her feet, that sweet emotion, let her. That kind of happiness intoxicated, really let Xiao Qi some joy!   On the third day, Xiao Qi still set up the booth early. Her heart swelled and she thought that she had always cared for her mother, uncle, teacher in charge and principal. Xiao Qi’s heart was intoxicated and grateful.. I don’t know why, she is fantasizing and fantasizing … ” Eat a cold drink, son! See how hot you are! Just thinking about it, there are two simple, well-looking middle-aged women standing in front of her with two ice creams in their hands, ” eat it, and we’ll watch the stand for you for a while.”. You are . ” Xiao Qi can hardly believe the present scene,” Auntie, but we don’t know each other … ah … ah … how … ah … how is it possible … ” But we all know you, your name is Xiao Qi, the most beautiful and outstanding girl in our city’s No.3 Middle School, right? ‘ The two aunts laughed happily, ” Children, let’s buy a few things first and then tell you who we are, OK? ‘ As before, the two aunts still bought more than 30 yuan each, but they also paid FIFA yuan hard. After paying the money, Xiao Qi’s eyes suddenly looked under the plane tree across the street – but there was nothing under the tree..   Auntie, you are . ” Xiao Qi knew that the two aunts in front of him must know themselves very well.   Do you know Hao Ping and Huang Jianqiu? Of course, Hao Ping is my deskmate and Huang Jianqiu is sitting in front of me. We are good friends who have nothing to talk about, don’t you … ”!We are their mothers. They always mention you. We also know that they have invited you to visit our house many times, but you are too busy. In addition to studying hard and participating in school and social activities, it’s really a shame for you to help your mother sell vegetables whenever you have time … ” At that point, the aunt was moved and held Xiao Qi in her arms,” Xiao Qi, you are the most beautiful and outstanding girl in No.3 Middle School of the city, do you know? We all love you very much! Don’t be afraid, no matter how difficult you are, we will stand by your side! Looking at the two lovely aunts and remembering the adventures of the past three days, Xiao Qi’s tears are like a flood of floodgates, and he can no longer help it … Ah, the fourth day … Ah, the fifth day … Ah, a month later … Ah, four years later … ( Author’s brief introduction: Huang Hongxuan, male, member of the Chinese Proser Association, member of the Chinese Oriental Writers’ Creation Center, member of the Jiangsu Writers’ Association and national third-level creators, published thousands of works in various publications and websites, won more than a dozen essays in various competitions, and published essays to participate in my ten-year regulations and regulations for deeply sighing novels )