All sentient life can be respected

When I was young, I was bitten by a bitch. Therefore, my parents would never raise cats and dogs again. They feared that their children would be bitten again and avoided them.     My grandmother’s family has never been shy about raising cats and dogs. Her family once owned a white dog. The white dog has a mild temperament and is unusually human. He was a stray bitch. I don’t know where he came from. My grandmother, who was kind, adopted him when she saw that he was poor.. Perhaps it was because it had suffered from vagrancy, and it never picked food. The food it can eat is usually only vegetarian, such as sweet potatoes and rice. Bone is a rare thing. It can’t eat a few pieces in a year..     It has a stunt that can catch whatever food is thrown at it like a flying saucer.. Sister – in – law and cousin like to throw the sweet potato skin to them when they eat sweet potatoes.. It can easily catch every time. If someone wants to test it and throw out the sweet potato peel, it will be difficult to beat it. As long as it is not deliberately making things difficult for it, it can generally catch the sweet potato peel when it doesn’t pay attention to it at all..     One day, the white dog gave birth to a litter of puppies, a total of four. Unfortunately, a few days later, one of the puppies died. That day, Grandma picked up the dead puppy and came to the pond. She threw it hard and threw it into the pond.. When grandma turned to want to go home, she found herself standing behind her, the bitch was looking mournfully. At this point, my grandmother was also worried, and she also felt helpless to the lost puppy.. Unfortunately, people and dogs can’t communicate with each other in words. Otherwise, Grandma will surely comfort bitches with words such as mourning and changing.. If Grandma loses something, she quietly goes home.     When Grandma walked away, the bitch jumped into the pond and swam quickly to the dog’s body.. He picked up the dog and swam back to the shore of the pond. He dragged the dog ashore and carried it home.     Grandma came home and found out that the bitch had brought the dog back. Her heart immediately surges, her face darkens and she scolds the bitch several times. But grandma didn’t immediately hit the bitch and snatch the dog’s body from her mouth.. She sat tight to see what the bitch wanted to do with her dog.     A little while later, what surprised grandma happened: she saw the bitch take the dog to the bamboo grove in the yard, put it down, and then dug a hole with her front paws.. Before long, a pit of suitable depth was dug, and the bitch took the dog beside the pit into the pit and buried it with mud.. Seeing that the dog was buried, the bitch turned away without giving up..     But grandma felt that this was a courtyard and should not be a place where puppies were buried.. Soon, she dug up the puppy and prepared to take it further away and throw it away.. Unexpectedly, the bitch followed closely. Grandma said, with a sigh!     She said to the bitch, ” Alas! I understand the pain in your heart! ‘ Grandma’s sufferings in her heart seemed to have been aroused, as if she also remembered her infant who had died long ago.. Grandma had to go back home, pick up a hoe, carry the dog to the pond, dig a deep pit and formally bury the dog.. The bitch turned around several times before leaving disgruntled..     Among the abusive words, the most frequently heard one is that pigs and dogs are inferior to each other. Dogs are always dogs, but sometimes people are not. In some cases, dogs are more affectionate than people.