Brother ( revised ) )

In the 20 years since my brother’s death, I always felt that he was by my side all the time and had never left me to walk through the tunnel with me..   It was a late autumn that I will never forget. Yellow leaves were falling everywhere in the cold autumn wind.. I was reading Chinese pinyin in the classroom of primary school, and my aunt who lives next door to my house suddenly appeared at the door of the classroom. She had a look of panic. She whispered something to the teacher, who stood on the platform and called me out. I walked out of the classroom under the focus of my classmates’ eyes and expected something important to happen from my aunt’s expression..   Aunt saw me and asked my brother what he ate this morning. I replied that I ate steamed bread, peanuts and eggs.. She told me sadly that her brother suffered a sudden abdominal pain in the morning and had been sent to a hospital in the city.. I was so shocked that I left school with her. Neighbors saw me asking about my brother, but I don’t know what happened to him. The old woman who believed in Christianity in the village told me that praying to God would turn the worst into the worst.. I sat with the old woman on the futon with my legs up and looked at the red cross and prayed silently, hoping God would bless my brother’s peace.   After praying, I waited at the village gate for my mother and brother to return. The black asphalt road at the entrance of the village winds like a poisonous snake towards a distance. Tricycles, tractors, cars and ticket cars continued to pass in front of me. When the sun went west, a white ticket car stopped at the village entrance and the mother got off with her brother in her arms.. I immediately met up and saw my mother’s face twitching and she started crying like a log.. I looked at my mother with trepidation and said, ” Mom, what’s wrong with my brother?”? ‘ My mother cried and told me that my brother had gone – gone forever! I looked at my brother and saw him with his eyes closed, his face black and his limbs limp. I felt a chill in his little hand. My brother was taken away by death! In the dim sunset, the mother slowly came home with her brother’s body in her arms. The whole village seemed frozen in the cold ice.   Later, I learned that my mother took her brother back from the morgue in the city hospital and took a ticket bus home. In order not to let drivers and passengers find out that she was carrying a corpse, she fought back sadness and did not cry all the way, like carrying a sleeping child.. She wailed when she got off the bus. The doctor said his brother died of pesticide poisoning. My father speculated that when winter wheat was planted in the field soon after the cold dew, he used pesticide to plant wheat to prevent rats and insects from stealing food.. The medicine bottle was thrown into the corner of the yard. It is likely that my brother came into contact with the medicine bottle.   In the dim light of night, uncle and uncle took his brother’s small coffin and buried him in a disorderly grave.. In this way, my brother disappeared in the world and melted into the deep earth.   In the shadow of sadness, the day still lives quietly. My brother’s peers in the village went to primary school and secondary school, and later got married in their twenties.. One day, the mother remembered her brother again, saying that if he was still alive, he would be in his twenties, and it was time to talk about marriage and marriage.. The mother remembered the innocent and ridiculous words her brother had said. My brother said he would become a pilot when he grew up and take our family to a fun place by plane. Speaking of which, my mother’s face gave me a smile, but tears fell all over the floor like a drizzle.   I will try my best to realize my brother’s unfulfilled dream. I can’t be a pilot, but I can buy a plane ticket for my family to go to a fun place. As soon as I put forward this idea, my father and mother refused on the spot. They said they didn’t want to go anywhere. If you have time, the family will have a reunion dinner together, or watch TV and chat together, which is happier than traveling to the north of the South China Sea..   Over the past 20 years, I have always felt that my younger brother has not left me. He is with me in this world. He and I grew up together, went through the storm together, and fulfilled our responsibilities to the family together.. He will also grow old with me in the future.