dull pain

In the afternoon of the year, the weather was extremely cold. The north wind blowing, the sun also afraid of the cold, pale face listlessly hanging in the air. Early retired teacher Wang humming a ditty while holding a teacup, and looking at the big vintage hanging under the eaves in the courtyard.. The bacon, sausage, salted chicken and salted duck were lined up waiting for Lao Wang’s inspection..   In previous years, Lao Wang did not need to prepare these things because he and his wife, like two old migratory birds, went to spend the Spring Festival with their two sons in the south in winter to avoid the cold in the north.. When the spring flowers bloom in the coming year, I will return to my hometown in northern Jiangsu and enjoy the warmth of my hometown. More importantly, there is also a eldest daughter in my hometown.   When migratory birds fly south this year, Lao Wang and his wife don’t want to follow them. Because he went to his son in the south for the Spring Festival last year, Lao Wang suffered a serious illness and underwent gastrectomy. Holding the old idea that leaves fall in the final analysis, Lao Wang went home with his wife to recuperate despite the two sons’ hard retention.. This year’s winter in my hometown was particularly cold. Although my two sons called my parents again and again to urge them to go to the south, Lao Wang did not want to go on a long journey and was ready to spend the Spring Festival with his daughter in his hometown.. Therefore, these new year’s goods were prepared early.   Lao Wang was drinking tea while counting salted chicken and salted duck in front of him. All of a sudden, a tumult of gongs and drums resounded through the ears. He hurriedly took the cup to see what had happened. Lao Wang is highly respected in the village. The villagers will think of him if they have any difficulties.. What kind of wind and grass blows in the village can’t escape his alert ears and eyes.   Lao Wang walked all the way to find the drums and gongs and saw a line of town leaders carrying bags and gifts to the old man Li Laozi’s house. Lao Wang gang wanted to go in and see what was happening. a’ representative organization condolences to the old party member’ made him quickly collect one foot of the gate, and his heart also suffered a dull ache.. He immediately turned around and dragged his heavy steps home sullenly..   ‘ Alas . ” Lao Wang sat on the sofa with a sullen wooden face and sighed deeply.. Buried in the bottom of my heart for more than 30 years, the dull pain once again pervaded the whole body, a heavy loss and unwilling to soak in the long sigh, like the past couldn’t help coming to mind.   Lao Wang lost his father at a young age and had two younger sisters under him. The mother dragged up the older child with all sorts of hardships. As the eldest son, he lived up to expectations, became the headmaster of the village primary school and joined the communist party of China with honor.. In the year of his establishment, a boy and a girl both went to primary school. While his family and work were well under way, his daughter-in-law was pregnant again unexpectedly. Although Lao Wang wanted to leave the child, family planning was already in full swing at the time.. In violation of the state policy, we are faced with the punishment of expulsion from the Party and dismissal from work.. Want to know party membership is as important to Lao Wang as life. He joined the party at the age of eighteen and strictly required himself to high standards everywhere. A few years ago, the family was too poor to open the pot, and the party dues were paid on time without any money..   Lao Wang patiently did his mother’s and daughter-in-law’s ideological work, and reported to the leaders voluntarily, ready to let the daughter-in-law go to the hospital for surgery to take the children.. Soon, the town leader accompanied Lao Wang and his wife to the city hospital with the other two super-living women in the village who were very difficult to catch.. In the city, the other two women with large stomachs escaped while going to the bathroom, leaving only Lao Wang’s daughter – in – law. Unexpectedly, the doctor said after the examination that the child was already very old and there was a risk of surgery. At that time, the medical technology was backward, making Lao Wang’s third son shouldn’t have died. However, Lao Wang was expelled from the Party and dismissed the principal, only keeping his job.   Lao Wang, who is helpless to leave the party organization, has a heart-to-heart pain.. But the small three son’s body, but also don’t let a person worry. A few days after her daughter-in-law came back from the hospital, her third son was born. Because of premature birth, three children are weak and sickly. Lao Wang took his children everywhere to seek medical advice and medicine, and he was very worried.. The third son did not develop normally until he was two or three years old. Although the child is thin, he is clever and lovable, offering some comfort to the depressed Lao Wang.. After going to school, the youngest son showed more clever rebellion. Because of his educational problems, Lao Wang took great pains, but he failed to get into the ideal school as smoothly as the eldest brother and second child did.. In the eyes of Lao Wang, who hates iron but does not produce steel, Saner is a natural alternative.Fortunately, Saner is not an ordinary person. He went out early to make a journey. He broke out into a world and started a family and career in Fuzhou..   A sudden and urgent ringing of the phone woke Lao Wang from the memory of the past. The phone was from Xiao San’s son.. Saner said that because of the company’s business, he could not go back to New Year’s Day years ago and was preparing to drive home with his wife and children to see his parents on the second day of the New Year.. Fujian people believe in God and Buddha more. Yue’s parents suggested stopping at Jiuhua Mountain on the way, burning incense and worshiping Buddha, praying for the health of the family and happiness of the family..   The good news immediately pulled Lao Wang out of his gloomy bad mood just now. He immediately called his wife to discuss what new year’s goods he needed to prepare? My granddaughter is only over two years old and has never returned to her hometown. In – laws are authentic southerners. How can they neglect to get here all the way to see themselves??   After some discussion, Lao Wang took to the streets excitedly on his electric car in spite of the cold.. First of all, I have to go to the bank to change some new money to give my granddaughter a red envelope, then buy some fresh fish and shrimps from my hometown and raise them for my in-laws to taste..   On the second day of the year, Xiao San called every other time to report his trip to his father. When the granddaughter heard that she was going back to her hometown to visit her grandparents, she asked her father curiously, ” What is her hometown?”? Where is my hometown? My father told her, ” My hometown is in Jiangsu, where my father lived when he was a child. There are grandparents there.”. ‘ The little granddaughter was so excited that she kept shouting in the car: ” Go to Jiangsu to see her grandparents.”. ‘ The car was flying fast all the way, and when it arrived in Anhui, it suddenly snowed heavily. All over the sky snow, covered with snow, in a short time, the outside of the car became a silver and white world. The car was filled with joy and sorrow. Southerners had never seen snow. The third son’s wife, children and parents, regardless of the cold, cheerfully rolled their windows and enjoyed the picturesque snow scene. They wanted to get off the car immediately and turn themselves into people in the picture.. The driver’s three sons grew up in the north since childhood. They are common to heavy snow and have no intention of watching the scenery outside the car at all.. In anxious to return, he is worried that Xueda Expressway will be closed and he will not be able to return to his hometown in the middle of the road..   Unexpectedly, prompt the road ahead to be closed. The third son had to take the provincial road instead of the snow and wind. It’s time to stop and delay while eating and call back from time to time to report the situation on the road so that parents can rest assured. Lao Wang told Saner that the sun was shining in his hometown and there was no shadow of snowflakes.. I’ve seen the weather forecast earlier. It’s not too cold these days. Guests from the south will not be frozen..   At about 9: 00 p.m., Saner called: ” It doesn’t snow when the bus arrives in Jiangsu Province. It’s too late to come back today and stay in Wuxi for a night.”. Because of the snow, I couldn’t go to Jiuhua Mountain to burn incense. Tomorrow morning, I will go to Lingxi Temple to burn incense and pray. I can get home at noon.. ‘ The next day at noon, busy with a big lunch, Lao Wang took prepared firecrackers to the village parking lot to wait. According to the customs in the countryside, the distinguished guests were greeted with firecrackers. The daughter – in – law, granddaughter and in-law who came home for the first time were the most honored guests in the distance..   Looking forward to wearing, the car finally entered the village. In the crackling firecrackers, three sons and one family were welcomed. Lao Wang happily picked up her granddaughter and her old face overflowed with happiness.   During the meal, the family gathered round the table and enjoyed themselves.. The little granddaughter raised her glass and gave grandpa a toast with milk and milk: ” Grandpa in Jiangsu, cheers.”! ‘ young children’s voice drew everyone’s laughter. My granddaughter, who has always called grandpa grandpa, unexpectedly called Lao Wang grandpa in Jiangsu in an ingenious way to show the difference with grandpa in Fujian.   At first glance, Lao Wang did not smile properly at this unique address, and all the wrinkles on his face spread like a Buddha hanging on the wall.. He couldn’t wait to take out the big red envelope he had already prepared and give it to his lovely granddaughter.   During the dinner, the aunt talked about the little niece who looked the same as his third brother when he was a child, but the third brother was thin at that time.. My father was really very good at being a junior, and he was expelled from the party and removed the principal because he was overqualified.. When Sandi heard this, he sincerely said, ” Only when you raise your son can you know your parents’ kindness.”! Therefore, we should know how to repay kindness. Parents are treasure in children’s hearts. Grandpa in Jiangsu is a super old baby! ‘ words made everyone laugh.   Happy laughter, Lao Wang’s eyes slowly wet. Lao Wang was delighted to see the three sons who had a successful career and a happy family.. The hidden pain buried in the bottom of my heart for more than 30 years was finally released from the deep affection, and then vanished.