Father is ill

[ Original Text ]I prepared onions, ginger, pricklyash, pepper, spiced powder and other seasonings before cleaning catfish. After the fish are washed, they will boil the pan, which will surely submerge the fish head with a lot of oil..   It was the eleventh month of the lunar calendar. Father said he was angry with his younger brother for this illness.. そ そ Xiong Qiqu said he did not accept it.   My brother worked in Shatang Stone Powder Factory for a year. A girl who worked in a foreign village during the working hours is well on her way. Both families also agreed to the marriage. My father also spent thousands of dollars for the girl’s family. Who knows, when my brother came to work in Gaoshan Foundry, he had a crush on another girl and wanted to regret his marriage. Once you regret your marriage, the money you spent on your wife will not come back. You are also embarrassed to ask for it. You took the initiative and you only suffered this loss. This is the local rule. My family was originally poor, although it has been better in recent years, but my father earned a penny from the blood dripping sweat on the back of the loess, which was not easy to come by.. According to my brother’s words, the thousands of dollars accumulated over the past few years are like throwing them into the water. After all, can my father not be angry?   Besides, the girl did not want to quit her marriage anyway, crying to her mother that her younger brother had occupied her. If she had dumped her, she would not dare to see anyone but the Li family in Shatang.. It’s not easy for a rural boy to find a daughter – in – law. People don’t think my family is poor and come here. Where did you get this?? What’s more, there are some girls, each of whom has one. A look at them will show that they are a rural child who can bear hardships.. Since you don’t want it, why did you take her? Don’t you want to take over somebody else? Isn’t that bad for somebody else?   The girl came to my house crying for three days and two heads, but her brother was hiding in the mountain foundry and did not go home. My father was so angry that the factory even pursed up and scolded him that he insisted on pulling his brother home and wanted to play a regulation on participating in forced marriage.. The younger brother was so anxious that he said to his father, ” If anyone wants me to marry that woman, I will die and show him.”. Father can’t, had to go back. When he left, he pointed to his younger brother and said, ” Don’t go home in the future. I have the right to be a wimp without you.”!   The children grow up, by not the parents. Marriage is a matter for both men and women, and it is also a matter of wishful thinking. No one can interfere with it. Some things are like this. The more you say no, the more he wants to do it. Such as a book, the more you say bad, the more people go to see it. You tried your best to publicize it, but no one cared about it. This may be the so-called person’s’ rebellious mentality’.   I once advised my father not to interfere too much in his brother’s marriage. For children’s marriage, parents can only give a reference opinion, not arrange it. After all, it is the children who lead their own lives and are not allowed to choose the right object. It is the children who suffer for themselves.. You can’t spend your life with your children!   I don’t know why. My father seldom intervened in our marriage in the past, but I didn’t know if I had to control my brother this time..   In fact, it’s wrong to complain about father’s bossiness, and father also has father’s reason. People are what you talk about. Since they are good things to talk about, they can’t be changed at will.. I don’t call this arranged marriage. I want you to be a man, to talk and talk, to spit and to pit. You must strictly abide by your own promise to the woman.. As an old saying goes, you can’t have your spine pointed behind you.   The younger brother does not buy his father’s account, but his father is certainly quite stuffy..   I don’t know whether I should sympathize with my father or forgive my brother.   However, no matter how his brother argued, his father did lie down after his brother repented. My father has always been strong and healthy. He has not had any other diseases except cough at ordinary times. He has a cold and a cold. His father does not take medicine, does not take injections, does not see a doctor, does not rest at home, and still insists on working in the field. His father cannot catch cold and a cold.. The old father’s illness is different from the past. He not only coughed badly, but also suffered from chest tightness and was often breathless.. My stomach is full and swollen, and my appetite is fickle. Sometimes you can eat a lot at a meal, sometimes you can’t eat for several days in a row. Sputum is also abundant, thick and bloodshot.   My mother urged my father to go to the hospital quickly, and my father said nothing.If you go there, you’ll have to spend money. No matter how much money you have, you won’t count as money when you go to the hospital.. Those doctors are too dark, no matter what your illness, you will have to peel off the skin when you go in. It’s just that skinning can be good for your illness. It’s often skinning, gnawing at your bones, or making you ill – because it’s a quack doctor.. This also does not say, good carry of the people to the hospital also to fiddling with the disease. Can you stand this, this, this, the left door, the right door, the door into the door, the door into the door, upstairs and downstairs, downstairs and upstairs, plus seeing the cold faces of doctors? ( ix ) Father gingiva lock condyle π ou Г does not live in the old store. They look after each other’s homes, do their own work, and have little contact between father and son unless something happens. My father did not let my mother talk about illness to my brother, so although several brothers were close to my father, I did not know my father was ill this time..   After I learned from my brother that my father was ill, I was very worried and worried. I decided to let my father come to Gaoshan Township Health Center for inspection..   When I was a girl at home, my father didn’t like me very much because of my stubbornness.. In particular, he saw me not focusing on farm work and household chores, but reading books. What’s the ” cold reception” ( correspondence ) and ” hot reception”? What’s more bothering me?. However, after marrying off, my father was uncharacteristic and hurt me very much. What he said to me was also obedient.. I think the reason why my father changed so much is that after all I am his own flesh and blood and have many children at home, he can’t help it.. Once the children go out, especially the daughter marries out, it is like a piece of meat cut off from her body, and of course she loves dearly. Second, he saw me as a man who did not lose the face of the Li family and was walking steadily. Also, he may see me married in the town. My husband’s family is rich and powerful, and naturally looks higher than other brothers and sisters. Moreover, he may also make up for the past bad for me.   No matter why my father hurts me or does not hurt me, I don’t care. I have to honor him, because I am his daughter and he is my father.. This is a love between father and daughter that can’t be torn apart, cut off continuously and has no substitute for it..   I asked my brother to send my father to the mountain health center at eight o’clock Monday morning..   At seven o’clock that morning, I came to the gate of the hospital to wait. At that time, although the wind was not strong, it was like a knife stabbing at the clothing list.. The cold star in the sky slowly disappeared, and the sun just half exposed lazily, but pulled a dark cloud to cover it, fearing that its light and heat would be used in vain in the world.. Dew is heavy. Standing under the tree, I accidentally touched the white dew on the leaves. After that drop of white dew flowed into my neck, the ice gave me goose bumps all over..   Far away, far away, I saw my father riding a Jin Lu brand coaster made in Qingdao on a big shelf, wearing a boundless morning mist and heading straight to the hospital.. ウ shallow bottom has been unloaded from cudicin for ten years. The car is stupid. The so-called ” solo flight” means that the car can only push forward, not backward, or backward.. There is only one brake on the car’s head, which is not normally used. The brakes are all on the feet.. The seat cushion of the car is made of thick leather and very hard. The back seat has been worn out by his father, and the nails on the exposed cushion have also been polished smoothly.. The brand name of this kind of car was ” National Defense” in the fifties and ” Jin Lu” in the sixties. It was no longer produced in the seventies, and no one among the young people wanted to ride it.. But his father had a special liking for it. He said, riding this kind of car can save energy on climbing up the hill. It is convenient to carry heavy things behind. Sometimes, I think my father is like this old single coaster.   Father was wearing a blue-gray short cotton coat, which was half new. Wearing a grey-black felt-cloth hat, the hat was old but not broken, but the back of the hat was black and greasy. Foot pedal big head military shoes, shoes have eighty percent new, that’s five elder brother sent from the army. Father received these military shoes and was happy for many days. Even in winter and December, when the snow covered the ground, my father could not bear to wear it and put it on the box at the head of the bed every day.. He didn’t take it out until he went out to see his friends, but when he came back, he brushed the ash on his shoes and mud on his soles with a brush, and then put it on the bedside box, almost not on the supply table.. Because of this, although the shoes have been worn for several years, they still look like new ones.   In fact, the family’s economic conditions have improved over the past few years. Several brothers can earn money, and from time to time they give their father’s mother a few small change flowers, and several sisters also send some money to honor their parents at the holidays. The mother’s body is strong and she can feed pigs and chickens at home, and she can also sell money a year. However, the father still saves money and breaks eight flowers at a penny..   My father saw me standing at the door of the hospital, frozen my head in a scarf, rubbing my hands and stamping my feet, laughing heartily and blaming me, saying, What did you do so early when it was so cold? What did you do when the body was frozen? Did anyone bring the child??   He was so sick and concerned about his children that I felt sour after listening to him and wanted to cry..   Father’s cough is much worse than before. Every time I cough, my face is flushed with anger and sometimes blue and blue. Spit out sputum is very thick, very thick. I found that every time my father spits, he always uses an old exercise book – the exercise book is used by children, wraps up the sputum and carefully plugs it into the hospital trash can.. I wonder at my father’s move. Because villagers never pay attention to spitting, they spit wherever they go, even if they go to the city to stroll the streets, department stores and theaters, they spit at will, never asking whether you have spittoons or not, and whether you please or not.. Father, what’s the matter?He should bear the burden of hearing people say that the sputum spit by sick people contains a large number of germs and will be transmitted to others through air. Therefore, the spit is wrapped up and discarded after this attack. My father also taught me that you should also pay attention to spitting in the future, especially not rubbing with the soles of your shoes. The more you rub, the worse you get.. Originally phlegm was gathered together, you rub and rub it away, spreading faster in the air.   Father’s face has lost its color, waxen yellow and sallow, and his vigorous eyes are deeply sunken into the eyes, appearing cloudy, lifeless and exhausted. The strong figure like an ox has become thin and rickets. Dry chapped lips spit light heat in the cold morning. He leans his bike against the door of the hospital without locking it or locking it. I’m afraid no one will steal his bike except for rags.. Stealing back can’t ride, keep out of the way, selling scrap iron is not worth a few dollars, what do you want to steal it for!   Father kept coughing with his hands in his cuffs. I am not a doctor, but I can also guess that he must have a lung problem. I took my father through a long corridor to the inner department..   The doctor in charge of the internal department is Tang, a native, and I am familiar with it. The other doctor is my colleague’s sister, who also dealt with me and met my child when he saw the doctor.. Because they are both acquaintances, both doctors are very enthusiastic. Dr. Tang looked, asked, cut and diagnosed, very carefully and patiently, then said to me, to be prudent, let me take my father to see through, and had better make a film. But from the moment the two doctors looked at each other, I could guess that my father’s illness might not be serious. Although their words are simple, I can understand the severity of the illness from the simple words.   In order to check the condition, I took my father to the fluoroscopy room again. What a coincidence, the attending doctor in charge of perspective is my colleague’s lover, surnamed Song. Unfortunately, he has a rest today. I had to go to his house to find it. Dr. Song has been doing fluoroscopy work for more than 30 years, and he is quite skilled. If there are any difficult diseases, he should check them out.. Today, I can only rest assured if I let him check it out.   Dr. Song is sleeping in a hot bed and hasn’t had breakfast yet. After listening to my explanation of purpose, I said nothing. Climb up, grasp the hair with the hand, even comb the head; A dry wipe on the face with a damp cold towel is a washed face. Then walk with me to the hospital while wearing cotton-padded clothes. I am really grateful to Dr. Song for his frankness and enthusiasm. I am also really worried that Dr. Song will find out what serious illness his father is suffering from..   In the perspective room, following dr song’s advice, father unbuttoned his coat. Although father’s cotton coat is not broken, none of the four or five shirts inside is good. The thick shirt collar was covered with a thick layer of black and black brain oil because it had not been cleaned for a long time, and the father’s neck became black for this reason, like oil flocs used to wipe the feathers.. I was very sad to see this shabby shirt. If my father had a sweater, how nice it would be. No matter how hard it is this Spring Festival, I will knit a new sweater for my father..   I carefully helped my father unbutton his underwear. I’m afraid he’ll catch cold. You know, it’s too cold. There’s no minus ten degrees and there’s minus six or seven degrees.. My father, who has always been strong, is very docile and obedient at the moment. He will stand wherever he is told to stand.. I asked him to stand in front of the X – ray machine and accompany him to my father’s side. It was dark in the room because the mail industry of そ Gan was in Portugal.. As if my father had fallen into a bottomless black hole, I could not see everything around me and could only see a little red light on the X – ray machine. The red light is more like a lamp of hope for life!   According to the doctor’s instructions, father suddenly took deep breaths and shallow breaths. Dr. song’ click, click’ moved the machine. he told me while checking that there was nothing wrong with his stomach. Then check the chest and lungs. For a long time, dr song didn’t say a word. My heart was in my throat. Although I do not believe in God and believe in ghosts, I still pray secretly. May God bless my father and be safe and sound.. The locust frightened dr song to call me and let me go to the front of the x – ray machine. I slowly moved forward in the dark. At the end of the day, he dragged me to his side and looked at the perspective almost face to face with me.. The father’s lungs clearly have a shadow the size of an egg.. Dr song said that the shadow was the focus. However, the light perspective still cannot explain the situation, and the diagnosis can only be made after the film has been taken.. Of course, your father is perforated tuberculosis and pleurisy, and has accumulated water. This is settled.  The film was also made by Dr. Song, who was very responsible and even registered for our province.. I couldn’t see the film that day, but I couldn’t get it until the next day.. Then he prescribed two bottles of salt water and a few small bottles of medicine for his father.   Father looked at several doctors in the hospital and was very satisfied with me. He praised me several times and said I was popular..   In order to wait for the film and find out what happened to my father, I asked him to stay after hanging salt water and didn’t let him go home. My father is very happy. This is the first time he has promised to spend the night in my house..   When I walked out of the hospital, the sun was already hanging in the sky, and the wind was still cold and cold ……ウ: I borrowed a few eggs from my neighbor’s house and couldn’t afford to buy meat without money. Lei Wenguo was in class and I didn’t call him or call him useless. Anyway, he had no money unless he went to his mother to ask for it..   Since I got married, my father has only eaten at my house once. He came a lot of times. Every time he came, he either sent pancakes or salt beans and pickles. He would not have sent some peanuts or sesame oil. It was not enough to leave him to eat. Every time he said he had eaten, he put down his things and sat down and left. He said he would just look at me.. I know my father is reluctant to let me spend money. He knows I am poor. Once, I forced him to stay because he had just received his salary. I want to play wine and buy vegetables. My father said nothing to me. He said, if you want to buy vegetables, I’ll go now. If you want me to eat here, you can eat whatever you have at home. Poor, there was only a handful of beans in the family at that time, which was given by Lei Wenguo’s mother.. I fried a plate of green beans, and my father ate happily, boasting that my cooking skill was good and boasting that my tears rolled into his stomach..   This time, I made egg cakes for my father. I remember once, I heard my father say that he likes to eat egg cakes and let his mother make them for him. My mother said no, but she didn’t do them.. I won’t either. I’m just wearing a sedan chair and pricking my ears.. I went to the scene in the street to see how people did it and went home to do it myself. I mixed scallion oil and salt with noodles, spread them into round cakes, fried them in a pan, wrapped them in eggs, fried them yellow on both sides, and handed them to my father, who ate them very sweet and very happy..   Although the water hung up, father’s cough, asthma and vomiting still did not abate. Every time I see my father’s face flushed with suppress and the veins standing out on his neck stem suddenly, I feel uncomfortable, as if it was not my father’s illness but my own. I really regret not studying medicine. If I were a good doctor, wouldn’t I be able to watch my father’s illness? After listening to people say’ Contac’ is the most effective treatment for cough, but this medicine is too expensive. You have to buy it again. I borrowed ten dollars from my colleagues and rode to Maling Medical Corporation to buy a box of ” Kangtec”. Although it was not early at that time, the northwest wind was blowing hard, fierce and cold. I had to walk back and forth more than a hundred miles with a knife-like wind. Even so, I didn’t feel tired or afraid.. In order to make his father’s illness better as soon as possible, his daughter is willing to suffer again and again.. As a matter of fact, several pharmacies in Gaoshan Town also have’ Contac’ to sell. I even dare not buy fake medicines. There are too many fake medicines now.. It is absolutely impossible to delay father’s illness when money is spent without pity. In fact, there are two editions, 20 tablets each. After my father took two pills, my cough eased a little. I am very happy and plan to wait until my father finishes this box before buying it. Although, I know this medicine can’t cure father’s disease, it’s good to be more comfortable as long as it can reduce father’s pain a little..   In the evening, I arranged my father to live in Westinghouse, just a wall away from me, and I could hear a little movement from him.. The father looked haggard, weak and tired after suffering from bdelloid pains. He wanted to go to bed after taking the medicine.. When I washed my face, I touched his hand, which was cold and cold. When washing his feet, although the water is very hot, it is difficult to heat his cold feet. After all, people are old and their internal heat is not strong. At home at ordinary times, his mother always treats his feet for him. Today, he sleeps alone on such a cold night, and I can’t let him freeze any more.   I held the two thickest and largest quilts in my family to my father. In fact, the two quilts were still my father’s fear that I would buy them for me.. I put the quilt on a bed and a bed cover, fearing that my father would still be cold, and I found some salt water bottles to put hot hot water on my father’s feet, waist and chest to make his feet, hands and stomach warm.. In order to prevent hot water from scalding my father, I wrapped every salt bottle tightly and tightly with towels and old clothes. Every hour or two, I have to get up and change the hot water in the bottle for my father. Father won’t let me change. He said, if you look after the children and look after me again, you will have to go to work the next day. It’s too hard to bring down your health.. I still insist on changing. Every time I change the hot water in the bottle, I will touch his hand, his feet, although the hot water is not broken, his hands and feet are still cold and cold despite the thick quilt.. The party’s Yueshu dike ε Shu Bao coughed a little better, but his father still had to cough, still had to catch his breath, and still had a lot of phlegm.. I took a stack of toilet paper and put it on my father’s bed. I told him not to get up and threw it on the ground so that I could clean it the next day..To be honest, my father pulled at my heart every time he coughed. My poor father, you have worked so hard all your life for the sake of your children and your family. You have never enjoyed a day’s happiness. Now that your children are all older, you should have enjoyed the happiness of life and spent your old age in peace, but you fell into the purgatory of disease and looked at your miserable appearance. As a daughter, I can do nothing to help you. Why don’t I feel sad and miserable??   At first light, I got up quickly. When I went to school to ask for leave, I heard a teacher say that drinking fish head soup can greatly supplement my lungs. Fortunately, there was still some money left in yesterday’s loan. I ran to the fish market and bought a lively catfish. The catfish has a pale black back and a white abdomen, which is really black and white. The head is flat, the mouth is wide and the eyes are very small, and the upper and lower jaws have 4 silver whiskers, which are very long and very long.. I heard that an official ate a dish worth several hundred yuan at the banquet and asked the chef why it was so expensive? The chef said that the dish was made by catfish. You can imagine how many catfish this dish had to kill.   I will prepare onions, ginger, pepper, pepper, spice powder and other seasonings before cleaning catfish. After the fish are washed, they will boil the pan, which will surely submerge the fish head with a lot of oil.. After the oil was heated, I fished out the catfish washed in the water and put it on the chopping board. After turning over and twisting a few times, the catfish lay motionless on the chopping board, with only those small eyes staring at me roundly.. I raised my kitchen knife and said hello to the catfish in my heart. I’m sorry, I have to borrow your life to nourish my father’s body.. Hand up and knife down, fish head leave the body, catfish haven’t understand what’s going on, head into the pan. Oil pan crackled immediately, oil stars splashed all over, white smoke billowed. I tossed and turned the fish head in the pan and fried it. When the fish head turned yellow, I put Zhenjiang vinegar in it again.. Because vinegar can lift fresh crisp bones, it must be put early. Soon after the vinegar was put in, I poured all the condiments such as onion and pepper into the pan, added water, boiled on the electric stove first, and then simmered on the coal stove.. I don’t know how long it took to stew or how many times it was cooked. Anyway, the fish head soup was stewed white, tender, thick and fragrant like milk.. At this time, I cut the fish into pieces and put them into the fish head soup. After the meat is fragrant in the pan, add coriander and monosodium glutamate.. I took a spoonful of it and tasted it. It tasted good, but it was salty. I was afraid my father would be thirsty after drinking it and added some sugar. A delicious fish head soup was cooked. It was just eight o’clock at this time.. Father also got up. After washing up, I filled a large bowl of fish head soup and brought it to him. As soon as he tasted it, he said happily, It’s fresh and delicious. The fish skull is crisp. I’m afraid you’ll cook it a lot of time. I didn’t think Xiao Ya could cook such a good fish soup.. The fish head was sucked clean and the fish ate a lot. He drank profusely and perspired profusely..   Seeing my father drink so sweet, I have to be really happy in my heart that I can’t say how happy I am.. For the first time in more than 20 years, I made fish head soup for my father. Unexpectedly, this was the last time.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]