Flowers bloom and the moon is full

Mid – Autumn Festival, near, closer. You listen to this Mid – Autumn Festival flower, she is already in full bloom. You see, this Mid – Autumn Moon, she has also become more and more round . Ah, flowers, the moon is full.    The wind gently, the moon ying ying. When the moon is bright, autumn is attractive. Flowers, she just opened; Moon, she is bright and round. In this fragrant season, why not let us take a look at the moonlight and let this warm moment always flow in our hearts and delight in our brow when this’ blooming, full moon””” shy’ confession is shining with a touching love for the rest of our life??    Blurred deep and remote charm of the moonlight, clear and warm moonlight. Perhaps, the Mid – Autumn Festival she is always so amorous, tantalizing daydream. That at this time, who is it? whose tender gaze is full of smile everywhere? Love is continuous and strong, throwing this beautiful and secluded dream, a deficiency of love, gently to the September branches, making the family that met and loved each other always full of a peaceful atmosphere and praise Kyushu?    Time is soft and quiet. The wind passed without trace and the flowers blossomed with sound. The gentle and clever moon couldn’t help slowing down her pace, deliberately letting the flowers of the Mid – Autumn Festival settle down with the silky feelings in her heart. With the fragrance released to her heart’s content, or is this the most beautiful time we are all together? The autumn’s pace, wandering about in the wind, has frozen the picture at this most beautiful moment..    Love grows in love and extends in the eyes. That in this time of passing water, fragrant flowers and flowing moonlight, the feeling of the mid – autumn festival curled up like water, the purest and sweetest song from the bottom of my heart that I have not seen for a long time, has been drifting around in the month of langrun, and the joy that sprouts from the bottom of my heart can’t wait for us to secretly close our eyes and sniff the tender petals of the mid – autumn festival and touch the sweet heart of the mid – autumn festival, making the heart warm and fragrant, singing and flowing slowly in the time of September.? Or is it that we suddenly look back and surmise and ponder over the moment, ” The year is afraid of the mid – autumn moon and the half”’, gather a piece of autumn sentiment and grasp a piece of understanding that the silent years and the voiced years are increasingly making us more warm, loving and gazing at each other, working hard and tirelessly??    With a wisp of flower fragrance, I keep my heart safe and sound. Wind and rain life, laugh and laugh. Life is too precious. We are always sighing and wasting so much time.. After all, this life is enriched by pursuit, and life is beautiful by detection. You live a positive life and grow every day. If you live a thriving life, then flower of life will become fragrant. So, no matter what we meet, after careful consideration, we might as well try it, because you can’t know what kind of things or people will change your life.. However, at the same time, we should also clearly understand that no one can replace you in this sail of life, whether we travel lightly or falter with heavy steps, and you can always rely on yourself to sail and steer the future direction..    Perhaps, some people will say that it is too late, too late. However, Wang Anshi, a famous poet in ancient China, once said, ” The strength is enough to make people think scornfully and regret for themselves.”. What’s more, for a person who really pursues something, isn’t every moment, every day and every period of life always young and timely? As long as we do it, it will never be too late.    A little more effort will lead to a little more success. Then why not let us lose our impetuosity and increase our self-confidence in the’ blooming flowers and full moon’, hold on to the pulse that beats every day when we cherish each other, keep the warmth of our palms side by side, smile like flowers, scoot up the moon in hand, and make flowers full of clothes?? Why not let us have a happy mood, inject a longing for ourselves, devote ourselves confidently to a new day, take each day seriously and strive to do everything well??    Don’t make yourself the most familiar stranger. Don’t wait for opportunities, but create them. Because every moment of this life is also paving the way for its own tomorrow. Just like flowers bloom not for flowers to fall, but for flowers to bloom. Life is not to live, but to live wonderfully. She has never been relaxed in her life, but we have become strong bit by bit. Why don’t you let this’ bloom, the moon is full’ when this heart was moved by hanyi, all grateful for the beautiful past, longing for the beautiful future, not waiting for tomorrow, not believing forever, but cherishing the beautiful present. After years of accumulation, with a brave heart, let’s hand in hand to pluck the strings of the future and greet the hazy future without fear, enriching the minutes of 2017 that will soon pass away?    Half a proverb heart language condensed into fragrance. Years sing softly and flowers fall silently. When the season comes, there will be a season to leave.. Then why don’t we carve the years into the shapes we like in this quiet time when the’ flowers bloom and the moon is full’?. On a windy day, learn to dance to the wind. When it rains, learn to hold an umbrella. Face yourself, face yourself, let yourself have the confidence to work hard, the courage to work hard, the strength to move forward and the wisdom to climb all the time.. Perhaps, this is nothing else, because this new day is a new beginning, and that day is also a new journey..    Time is warm, time is gentle. Or maybe, not all people can know the meaning of this time, and not all people know how to cherish it. But in memory, there are always moments that can warm our entire past. When I look back, I touch the once – blooming flower, touch the comfort of the full moon, drip the fragrance of the past together, the dependent past, the slight warmth in the time, and whether our hearts will really realize who is willing to shake off the petals of the flower and fall on our arms, so that we can smell the flowers together and push forward on the road of life.?    Light twist time, slow gathering finely.Time is quiet and beautiful, time is gentle, the world of mortals has love, shouldn’t we be full of flowers? Each day of life adds up to form a life. We have not been given the most beautiful Shaohua in the fleeting time. Should we not give life a blossom and write down the most beautiful memories in this fleeting time??    Flowers bloom without words, but we all have a sweet heart. It turns out that she has always been in the most beautiful scenery. It turns out that this Mid – Autumn Festival flower moon has already been in full bloom, looking forward to the round, waiting for the round, this flower opens and the month is full.