Grandma is asleep

On a hot summer day, I quietly returned to my hometown, guangshan prison mountain, to see my mother. In my spare time, my mother took out an article from the exquisite Xiao Mu box and showed it to me. My mother said this was the’ embroidery sewing box’ my grandmother left her. From my mother’s dim eyes and her face covered with deep vertical lines under her silver hair, I feel that her mother is much older than before. In her incessant chatter and repeated calm words, she always tells the story of grandma’s past. I know that her mother misses her mother and my grandma..   When my mother thinks about grandma, she always smiles like grandma, a 75 – year – old mother! I know you’re really old. How can your thoughts not touch the emotion I miss grandma! Granny has been away from us for twenty-one years, but sometimes I close my eyes and see Granny alive as if she were alive. I saw her kind eyes and a kind smile like a girl piled up with wrinkles, and her outstretched like holding my hands. Everything seemed to appear in front of my eyes as if it were true, but when I opened my eyes, I found that everything was empty, only my eyes full of tears. Dream of grandma coming towards me with a smile.   In my memory, grandma will always face everyone with a smile. I think she has a calm and broad mind and can accommodate anything.! Grandma’s gentle smile deeply remembered me! When I was a child, my mother took me to a grandma’s house called Feng Jiawan in Dingyuan Township, luoshan county, more than 20 miles away from my home for a few days.. After arriving at grandma’s house, grandma couldn’t wait to pull me into her arms, touch my hair, kiss my face and look east. Looking to the west, my mother made me a new dress with a large placket, and my mother said she learned to make such a dress from grandma. Grandma asked me this and that, that kind of love still has some kind feeling, which makes me moved by warmth. In those days when supplies were extremely scarce, grandma always juggled to make some good things to eat for us. the fragrance of granny’s lasagna is still fresh in my memory. I remember granny sprinkled some scallions and mustard on the thin flour leaf, rolled it up after brushing sesame oil, and sprinkled a layer of cooking oil on the roll. as a result, the fragrance of the village filled before it was boiled down will bring many small partners. when it is ripe, every child of granny will have a portion, and the children will take the cake.”! ‘ This sentence is still treasured in my heart. Grandma’s smile is so great!   Granny was born in a merchant family. Her father, also my grandfather, was a famous merchant at that time and there were many shops in the family.. I have seen a picture of grandma in her youth, tall and tall, wearing a long dress, very beautiful and very gentle, and this image is difficult to unify with the kind old man with wrinkles I saw later.. In fact, grandma was a real family member at that time. Later, I married my grandfather from the scholarly family and started a sweet life. But the good life did not last long, and China started the war, first the War of Resistance Against Japan, then the War of Liberation. In the turbulent times, grandma’s family suffered many vicissitudes. First, Japanese troops smashed her shop in blood shed, then bandits’ mustache’ kidnapped grandma’s only brother and killed her. From then on, my grandfather was too afraid of grandma’s failure to meet her again and negotiated to let grandma return to grandpa’s house as soon as possible.. These are stories like those in the novel! How did it happen at grandma’s home in real life? In fact, this is true, because these things were later told us by the uncle who was a national cadre.. Now I think of my kind grandmother! You have experienced such a miserable experience! But I have never heard a word you mentioned. I buried my sadness and missing deeply in my heart, and let us live happily all the time, grandma and my good grandma! Your smile is beautiful! Good, true! Sweet! I remember that whenever we were going back from grandma’s house, grandma sent us a journey after journey, and that kind of love is still so deep – rooted. grandma stood on the hill waving to me, looking at the scene that we could not see all the way, ” then come again, come again, tear the heart and crack the lungs and call softly in my ear all the time.”. Grandma, your thin figure is getting higher and higher in my heart!   In those poor years, how I longed for the early arrival of the May 16th lunar month ( we have the custom of having a big Dragon Boat Festival here on May 15th )! Because this day of every year is the time for grandma to give us these children the Dragon Boat Festival gift! In the hope of childhood, this day is always late. Then I heard how friendly grandma’s whispering voice was from far away, strolling with tired feet, pushing the door gently and approaching gently, grandma really came. The two big baskets of rice dumplings, peaches, lasagna, red eggs, salted duck eggs, sachets and five-color lines are filled with joy and happiness over the farmhouse yard, lingering on our children’s eager little lips and floating in the dancing children’s songs.. Dragon Boat Festival Zongxiang haunts nursery rhymes from year to year, and we grow taller after the Dragon Boat Festival gifts carefully made by Grandma.. Granny looked back slowly, but she had a long laugh. Every time I think of this, how can I stop crying! Grandma touched my head with a smile, but I couldn’t hold her hand. Grandma in my dream is so kind!   Some time ago, I went to see my aunt at her brother’s house in Wuhan, and her aunt said grandma was very peaceful in heaven. She said grandma told her in a dream!When my aunt and I were walking on the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, we stopped to stay when it comes to grandma. We clenched our hands and looked at the vast Yangtze River running water. Tears quietly flowed down the corner of our eyes, but no one spoke. The silent blessing is to call grandma to rest in peace.!   Grandma slept in the farmhouse yard in grandma’s hometown. She had already slept with you in the fragrance of eggs and lasagna. Did grandma’s warm wind blowing from the south give you the fragrance of Shan Ye flowers? That was your favorite flower. You once said to me in a leisurely manner whether grandma, who was standing on duty to send me to sing the story under the old song Big Willow, was waiting for someone to tell her that grandma’s dream-seeking journey would always remember that now she is beating like the tide against the sky I miss you. Grandma, please look forward to the stars tonight.! ‘ Grandma’s asleep.”! ( Dai Qi Quan Wen ) June 2011 in Xinyang