Be nice to yourself and don’t be too tired

According to the regulations of the Evening News, a 59 – year – old migrant worker who worked at a construction site for more than 10 hours a day did not rest for half a month, resulting in sudden illness and death..     I don’t know why this man is making so much money. Maybe he wants to make his family better for his own home, but I think his family would rather live a less affluent life than lose him. Death can’t be a joke. Life is only once and money can never be earned, but our lives are limited. Therefore, people who are better for themselves and don’t get too tired now always value seats too much. They always think about tickets, vacate their houses, can’t put down shelves, tear down their faces and care for their children. Therefore, all sorts of trivial things press themselves down..     Be nice to yourself, who all don’t know what tomorrow is going to face, maybe success, maybe failure, maybe rebirth, maybe death, the impermanence of the world, what you worked so hard for all your life is not necessarily available, is it not good to live a life of mediocrity?? Struggled, enjoyed, cried, laughed, succeeded and failed, there is no regret for having such a colorful life, even if tomorrow is about to face death..     I can’t make everyone like it, others appreciate it or criticize it. Just walk your own way firmly will be enough. In fact, everyone has his own charm and enjoys the existing time well. I have always hoped that I can have a pure heart and understand the human feelings and trivial matters calmly. It is simple and plain, like duckweed in water, it is a different state of mind. The line of sight is pure, the years are white, and quiet inside is transparent. In order to enrich my own connotation with free time, I don’t have to be proficient in everything. I just want to make myself understand something more. I don’t want to do Madame Curie’s nest in a corner and learn to look at something through the surface. I have more experience, more knowledge, and no need to say more when I understand it..     Go your own way and let others say it. Don’t worry too much about other people’s views on yourself. As long as you have a clear conscience, there’s no need to tire yourself out for some irrelevant people. Life is really short and good for you. Don’t be too tired. There are too many things in this world that we can’t dominate. Therefore, when you have a chance, you should eat, drink, play, struggle and enjoy. After all, life is not long and good for you. Life is not long and don’t give it to yourself..