The Four Seasons Song of Wild Road Patrol

[ Guide ]: Walking on the path, changing at will every day, realizing the magic of nature, fearing the mystery of the land, smelling the sounds of nature, watching the growth process, a legal principle of reincarnation of heaven and earth is fascinating. People work on the land and ask for it from place to place. This is the selfless work of heaven and earth. It is nature that nurtures human beings and cares for them.. I am a natural quiet person. Less crowded places, away from noisy places, away from busy places, and almost no movie theaters, shopping is a nightmare. Although living in a small town for dozens of years, the ” big place” is still very strange, of course, the place where people eat and drink and the supermarket are still familiar with it.. For several years, as long as time, body and weather permit, I will ride a bike or drive to a place four or five kilometers away from the city and enjoy walking in the fields outside and on the loess road full of earthy fragrance..     This path, either flat or curved, or high or low, or wide or narrow, or mud or sand, or pit or depression, or slope or ridge, surrounds the field, has no direction, crosses the ditch and crosses the beam, looks up at the ups and downs, looks up at the mountains and overlooks the city wall.. This path, sticking to the earth, kissing the four seasons, touching creatures, autumn yellow in Chun Lv and winter snow in xia yang, writes praises of life, perceives the rebirth of life, and expresses selflessness and dedication depicting the mother of the earth..     In the season when Yingfei grass grows, grass takes the lead in sprouting. The weakest, lowest and most tenacious sheep beard grass is the arch broken land to win the first place. Slightly inferior, spicy horseradish, bud coat, old woman, grey vegetables, bowl flowers, shapeng, thorn buds and horse milk horns . ah dumb silently unearthed gradually, a bit of new green and delicate to drop, far from being stained with green myopia, you can only see the color of life when you lean down.. You can see that there is still snow in the potholes on the ridge of the path. The first spring rain of the year started the next day in trance, and the land is full of peculiar fragrance. The grass is more charming and the insect Niu Niu climbs out of the land unconsciously.. New green is better than day by day, the wind is soft as day by day, the snow melts in patches of dark brown in the fields, the bud bursts and hangs in the branches blushes every day, the willow is soft, yang maomao comes out, and the elm money is green.. I can’t remember that day, there were more villagers planting melon seeds in the fields, and there was the figure of cattle in the fields at first.. After a few days of work, tricycles, bicycles, motorcycles, donkey carts, carriages, wheelbarrows, electric vehicles, and cars parked in a wider area, people showed their abilities and scattered in the fields connected by the roads, pouncing on the land of Narcissus, and a year’s cultivation began..     The fields were fresh and bright after the rain, and the newly awakened fields were gradually green. Peach blossoms were red, apricot flowers were white, grass began to sway, and the fields were full of vitality. ” Planting a grain of millet in spring and Qiu Lai’s grain and fragrance,” the large-scale sowing began.. Grapes have been put on the shelves, have climbed and blossomed, peaches and apricots have produced green fruits the size of beans, the latest date flowers, the fine yellow flowers hidden in the green leaves have shed plumes of fragrance, the corn in the field has already reached its height, and the magpie nest in the tree has been overshadowed by the leaves, although the earth is still exposed to yellow spots..     The side of the path was covered with grass, plantain seeds were covered beside the frog print, and thistle grass also began to spread crazy tendrils, Achnatherum splendens was covered with ridge lines, dogtail grass was covered with spikes of hair, dry reeds were clustered, wormwood was spread, sprouts were covered with stubble after stubble of small yellow flowers, Salicornia green became dark green, and dry yang maomao could also be seen in furrows and ridges, and the impatient apricot began to yellow.. After a few rain, the crops saw their eyes grow longer, they could not see the land, and they were all green.. The jagged green fields, the high and low trees and crops, the strong taste of the fields, the intoxicating sound at jointing, and the fallen branches. The path was covered up and extended to the depths of the earth’s fields. I know that the load on the path is getting heavier day by day. Only the morning dew of the grass on the side of the road gleams brightly, rubbing gently on the trousers of the harasser, leaving him the mark of waking up wet in the morning..     The sun is blazing, the earth is transpiration, the breeding season is pregnant with hope, and the harvest of hope comes from the scorching heat of lush trees..     From the gaps in the leaves of the crops, look up at the bright red column of Chaoyang and see the orange sky sprinkled with tassels in the afterglow under the evening.. Sunrise and sunset, the earth lives, changes day and night, changes in the field, planting melon and beans, all things come to a prosperous and dense season. Grass grows by itself, trees need pruning, crops need hoeing, nature and growth, wind and rain, paths and fields, consciously or unconsciously, actively and passively blend into nature’s embrace. There are a few bald patches in the field, probably because the owner doesn’t care about the plot of these plots. There are so many people working hard in the field that they may depend on the harvest in the field.. The little magpies on the branches are learning to fly with their parents. The noisy sparrows are hopping on their legs and landing for food. The woodpeckers are busy in the fruit trees. People and nature are getting along harmoniously and each is walking its own way..     Apricots are picked, peaches are ripe, grapes are purple, ears are bent, corn is cracked, sorghum is red, sunflower is drooping and grass is yellow. Spike – producing, seed – bearing, fruit – producing, stick – producing and branch – producing are all busy with their own affairs, a kind of beauty, a kind of devotion, a kind of completion, and a prologue is slowly opened.     Walking on the path, changing at will every day, realizing the magic of nature, fearing the secrets of the land, smelling the sounds of nature, watching the growth process, a legal principle of reincarnation of heaven and earth is fascinating. People work on the land and ask for it from place to place. This is the selfless work of heaven and earth. It is nature that nurtures human beings and cares for them.. A hare darted out of the grass and ran like an arrow on the path. Suddenly it felt that the path was also its territory. The grasshopper, which was hiding its wings among thorns, the grasshopper, which suddenly disappeared from the grass, and the cicada, which was hiding in the tree and heard no trace, were all the owners of the field of the land..     People in the autumn harvest happily walked along the path, and the busy and crowded scene reappeared during the spring harvest. A familiar face greets the old man who can be seen almost every day. While looking at the harvest, the condensed eyes seem to scan the toil of spring seeds and summer hoes.. He sat near the newly cut valley heap, sipping a cigarette sweetly, sucking up a piece of spiced beef and a few small drinks, rewarding himself with the taste of alcohol and tobacco and tasting the hardships of a year.. The old man’s wife came and brought out some good food and drink from the little Laner. He ( she ) started a game picnic in the wind of the field. This city is so warm and beautiful that it can’t be seen.. My eyes became moist, and the experience of going to the countryside accumulated my knowledge of this kind of feelings. My heart silently blessed them. After all, most of the people who ate ” food in the soil” were still ordinary people..     Soon the ground was cleared, the earth was exposed again, and the path was widened a little by trampling.. The wind has risen, the floating dust has shifted, the wind is strong, the leaves have fallen, the branches of the trees have reappeared, the yellow and yellow stubble of the grass stands firm, the magpie nest in the trees is black and black, the zizyphus jujube tree is full of red zizyphus jujube, and some grass is still opening small flowers, trying to finish the final reproduction. It was cold, and the rare green leaves were frozen and blackened overnight. One day, the earth was covered with a layer of white frost, and then, suddenly, a layer of white gauze and a layer of white flocs were covered with the colors around it..     This path has circled this land, this land has raised a living creature, and I hope that it will be pleasant to the wind and rain, and the people will be happy.. Fields, countryside, cities, parks, flower beds, grasslands, noise and silence, man-made and nature, are connected in series by a path.   This path leads to Yuan Ye. The distance at the end is clearly connected to high speed, airport and the world..[ Responsible Editor: Tian Shaoyu[ Original ]