A man hiding from the cat

He went back and forth between Hefei and Lu ‘an three times in a week. He seemed to be verifying a word. Lu ‘an is much closer to Hefei than Lu ‘an is to Guangzhou or Lu ‘an is to Chengdu. Look, he can both get out early and return late.. Oh. Joke.   I dare not push the door and push it in, just like I don’t know if I really want to open it myself.. Finally, the door opened and the director came out. I had to face what had already started. He was led in, ” This is our new teacher.”. ”. ” Hello, everyone, I’m sorry, I came so late.” This sentence just fell from my mouth and I sat down in the chair around the corner.. In this way, even if we know each other, although I didn’t look up at them, they must know me if I want to sit down. From then on, I will work with such a group of people. From then on, I will face a group of young people and a mood for love. From then on, I will take a bunch of freshman dolls and watch them daily growing, making progress. Perhaps it is like watching the illusion of my lost youth, playing back the once drifting away in fantasy and constant daydreaming.. And I ………   When I was a child, I had a game called hide-and-seek and often played with the children of the left and right neighbors. The rule of the game is that one person will come to find the rest in each round. The seeker must really cover his eyes so that the Tibetan can run around to find the hiding place. Those who hide within the specified time should hide as well as possible and try their best not to be found by those who find them. When the time comes, the person looking for starts the process of searching. If it is found, the person looking for wins or loses. When playing games, both sides often discuss a hidden area. The scope of the game and the time of the game are mutually agreed and abided by, and there is no part to play on.. And was found is found, did not find is not found, there is no subjective imagination and spilt heels.   However, when playing alone?   Nonsense, there is no one playing hide-and-seek cat. Isn’t that sick?   When a person plays, he or she finds himself or herself, lying that he or she did not find him or her, and when a person plays, he or she can say who wins and who loses with pleasure because he or she is divided into two corners.. When a person plays, others will say you are schizophrenic, but I always think that we are no stranger to a person’s hide-and-seek game.   I admit that I am divided, I have two I fight each other and keep fighting. After a while she hid, after a while she hid again. In front of every choice, the hidden one always loses. Who knows if she is real or phantom.   Hefei, inexplicably, always thought of fat man now. After he was hit on the shoulder by a fat man’s fat ass on the train that day, he was even more disgusted with the word ” fat man”.   Ah, the training plan has been sent to my mailbox, ah, the work has been issued, ah y should be well prepared.   Who also cares who won and who lost when I was playing hide-and-seek on that day in Na Yue??