As the year progresses, so do you

Four seasons change, once the wind and rain, the ground remains red, the autumn wind has sent off the flaming summer in one night, but has not yet appreciated the romance of summer, following the direction of a fallen leaf, stepping into the chilly autumn castle and guarding the autumn city, where there are wet flowers, clearly marked dead leaves, and my stories of time passing by..     The autumn wind is clear, the autumn moon is bright, and in the year of keeping time alone, the lettering on the heart, a stroke by stroke, a piece of paper by ink, and a song by word, are pieced together with a flat and even heart language.. Writing emotional words, listening to sad voiceless sounds, walking through the four seasons round after round. Time is gone, and the heart of the original watch still stops in the city, afraid to ask whether it is happy or sad.. Also dare not say it’s fate, it’s robbery. Let’s just say that the reason for this is to laugh, and the reason for this is to never tire of it..     The lost season will return, but the spring of life will not return. The years are still green, but the personnel are all gone. Some stories of vicissitudes of life have been imbued with the plain notes of the years, painting one defect after another, with cool eyes.. There are some reasons for this: fiber meets stranger, the world of mortals ferry is separated, the return period is not life, a piece of paper is white, how to write and draw a complete picture? Hold a cool hand and drink a cup of thinking, while my smiling face is just waiting for your return from Qian Shan..     At the beginning of the day, it was cool, and the heart was cool. Standing at the ferry in autumn, I picked up a fallen leaf and thought about the green appearance. Now the spirit of a leaf can see the whole autumn without regret and return to the embrace of the earth, waiting for the rebirth of the next cycle and the date in spring.. And do I have to wait until the next round to fulfill my promise?? For a lonely period of time, I used words to settle the wounds I had been bruised by years, and kept a heart to listen to the sun and always heard warm sounds.     The moon is flowing like a current, passing through the clear veins, flicking through the fleeting time, singing the world of mortals, returning a flower to the sun in summer, planting a clear lotus in your heart, reading a heart sutra with a clean meditation, and keeping quiet in the city you pass by.. Look at all the separation a little less, a little less, the world is fickle, it has experienced setbacks, it will meet again after years, recall the past, lament today and evening, the time has changed the appearance, but if you see it first.