Bitter hometown flavor

When a person is in a foreign land, he will think of his hometown. Sometimes, if you miss it for a long time, you will be especially kind to familiar people, things and the past..     It is true that I am used to living here, but some familiar things in my hometown have become blurred. In my hometown’s beautiful scenery essay, I may be a grass in the countryside, a crop in the field, and a leaf in a tree beside the road.. Appear insignificant. However, this does not weaken my deep and mellow homesickness for it at all.     Sometimes, when walking on the road in a foreign land, I looked up at the blue sky and looked at the drifting clouds from time to time.. The in the mind couldn’t help thinking that the sky in my hometown is the same? Clouds will also float? Still overcast?     Yes, I grew up in the smell of soil, and when I left my hometown built of soil, the mellow smell of soil deeply melted into my veins and infiltrated my soul.. Let me have an inexpressible feeling for that native land. With the passage of time and the replacement of years, this feeling becomes more and more strong.     This summer, I once again set foot on the road of returning to my hometown … Ah, when the bus shuttles along the winding road, when I see the busy figure of farmers and villagers in the field through the window, my memories will bring me back to the bitter days of my boyhood … Ah.     When I was a child, I felt helpless in my hometown. What precipitates the brain is also endless farm work. Even if other memories disappear from my memory, those engraved in the depths of my memory with bitter taste will never disappear.     In my memory, the most tiring job is to send dung to the ground, saying that dung is nothing more than the laudatory name dung, but is actually the urine sprinkled by the ox and horse donkeys in the circle and covered with a layer of soil. That real ox and horse dung has been shoveled out to dry and fill the heatable adobe sleeping platform.. These soils, called dung by their hometown people, have a large composition, but they regard it as the best fertilizer.     Before sowing every year, the dung in the circle will be carried out with a back pocket early, poured on the open space in front of the door, and then smashed into sharp piles with wooden planing heads. If the dung is not smashed from the dung, it needs to be smashed again..     After the dung work is finished, the next step is to send dung to the ground. There is an old saying in my hometown that farming is not worth dung, and it is equal to fooling around, so whoever comes from my hometown will recognize this principle. Therefore, every year’s dung is necessary and must be sent to the mountainous area of the gully ridge, or else it will be looked down upon by others, so I will discuss the family’s ups and downs in private..     Most of the land in their hometown is in the mountains, far away, with mules or donkeys carrying sacks woven with hemp to send dung to the ground, while in the mountains near or on a bad road, they carry two boxes of dung to the ground with a carrying pole, of course, carrying them with bamboo sticks.. In doing so, people are extremely tired and do not say anything, and the efficiency is extremely low. Not only can’t the road in the field go, but the road in the village is also bumpy. Let a person in the consumption of physical strength at the same time, also don’t know how many pairs of shoes to wear and how many pieces of clothes to wear out. Shoulder pain, leg soreness and sequelae of pain will last for several days in school.     Adults are busy preparing land for the field, and our children can’t be idle. Every day after school, they pull up the rope in the dung basket, awkwardly and laboriously lift up the pile of dung in front of the house with their shoulders, wobbling to move their feet to the sown fields, making a trip to and fro.. After that feeling, two words can be summed up: how tired! Tired!     Now, I think that the reason why I carried it on a shoulder pole and carried it on a back stick was simply because the economy was backward, the labor productivity was low, the land was far and steep, there was no way out, and there was no more suitable means of transportation.. Of course, it is also because people have not repaired the road in order to fill their stomachs..     When I came to Yinchuan to study in 1984, I found that the rural roads here are very easy to walk. If dung is sent, it can be basically solved by putting mules or cows on a rack cart, without carrying a shoulder pole or carrying a back stick..     Send dung tiring, autumn harvest is no better than there. Cut wheat, plucked pea stalks, flax. Also most people carry, which one is not physical work? Which one doesn’t bother people? Back wheat is not waist pain, is leg pain, wheat cutting, pea pulling, pulling back pain, hand is terrible pain. Families with strong labor force in the team are in much better condition. At least they don’t have to work hard for a 13 – or 14 – year – old like me, so they can go to school with peace of mind.. When some families with close ties to village cadres can also borrow the livestock in the team to help, which saves waist soreness and shoulder pain, and also reduces a lot of crop losses.. So, in the past, it was much easier to have mules or donkeys in the countryside to send dung to the ground and carry something back, which was much more efficient than carrying people..     Later, I don’t know who used the experience of farmers in villages and towns in the north for reference to send dung and collect food in a rack truck, which is much easier for people to pick than shoulder – to – shoulder, and the efficiency is needless to say.. , of course, there are also places that can’t be delivered by the rack truck, such as the mountainous area where the ditch, the ridge and the ridge can’t be reached..     When it comes to using a rack truck, my brother and I suffered a lot from pulling wheat and sending dung, and we couldn’t remember the next truck ourselves … ah.     I only remember one time when I was able to pull wheat from the mountain, my brother asked me to help him carry it by the handlebar so as not to cause the car to run too fast due to the inertia of the body, but the result was still out of control. As a result, all the people and cars rolled down the ditch, my brother complained that I didn’t handle the good car and fell two slap from under the body, and I sat in the ditch crying with injustice.. Brother endured the pain to untie the rope, take down the bundles of wheat, and then ordered me to reshipment with him, pulling a trip of wheat for an hour and a half, and we had three or four hours of ordeal. Even I looked at my love for the wheat. Fortunately, someone saw help pulling it back that time, otherwise I don’t know how much more time it will take.. I did not say that my hand and leg were scratched, but my brother was not only hurt on his hand and leg, but also scratched by the handlebars and left scars. It took a long time to fade away..     In addition to the autumn harvest, there is one more thing for our children to do, that is, sweep leaves and simmer the kang for warmth. Although these tasks are much easier than sending dung, pulling peas and pulling flax, they are also arduous tasks that need to get up early. They are often woken up by adults at dawn, reluctantly wearing them, rubbing their sleepy eyes, carrying thin bamboo sticks on their backs and facing the chilly wind, and taking brooms are reluctant to come into the woods not far from home..     The mountain village in the morning was quiet and cold, and occasionally there were a few crows and dog barks, and the whole forest was strangely quiet. occasionally, the wind blew, and the trees kept swaying, constantly falling and rustling, giving a glimmer of life to the cold village..In the accompaniment of the leaves, he put down the bamboo sticks, picked up the broom, and started gathering the golden elves in pieces, then gathered them into piles of golden fortresses, and loaded them into some ugly bamboo sticks..     The heaven and earth in the woods do not belong to me either. Although the neighbor’s children arrived one step late, they were generally smart with their parents. He had already encircled a large forest when he came one step late.. I was not only careless about myself, but also annoyed by some of his overbearing practices.. A look at the other leaf sweepers in the village circled the woods and had to look elsewhere..     I have a point of view about sweeping leaves. When the leaves were swept away, the whole area was really swept away, and the leaves were only half a basket case, and the whole small forest was swept away with only a few baskets, and the leaves were used as a simmering kang to keep warm. In the hole of the kang, it took only a few minutes for the leaves of the half basket case to burn up, leaving only a pile of ash. To say, the heat is half an hour’s heat and the heat is cold over the whole kang. If there is no other firewood to maintain, the kang will not be able to sleep.. It’s not much different from cold kang.     So people need other things to maintain the temperature of the kang besides sweeping leaves to simmer the kang.. Look at the woods sweeping through the leaves, the grass in the woods is becoming less and less due to the destruction of the grass by brooms … ah, when I went back to my hometown to visit relatives a few years ago, I saw that the woods that once left my childhood footprints were bare, even the trees that were used to avoid the cold and full of fun in the summer were gone, all transformed into farmland, and houses were built in some places.. I don’t know if people in the village can’t sweep the leaves now, if they want to sweep, then they have to go farther away, or they can’t sweep at all ..     . Ah, in addition to sweeping leaves to simmer the kang for warmth, children in rural areas also buckle sweaters in winter and December. The’ sweaters’ here are not sweaters worn on the body, but grass grown in barren hills and mountains, which rural people mainly use to simmer the kang..     Rural people know that kang will not generate heat if it doesn’t fill in a day. Therefore, the local people have a saying that ” hunger is unbearable, and night sin is unbearable.”.     There are not many leaves left on the simmering kang, and when the dung shoveled out of her cow’s pen and donkey’s pen is used up, her mother is in a hurry and told my brothers to sweep some sweaters before Sunday, or the whole family will be frozen, especially your grandmother’s kang will not be idle and let her suffer..     My mother did not dare to disobey her orders and asked the village’s children as old as me to go to the barren hills to sweep’ sweaters’ while the school did not attend classes on Saturday and Sunday..     At that time, the winter was surprisingly cold, and the biting cold wind growled like a devil, boring people.. Although wearing thick cotton-padded clothes and trousers, wearing a thick cotton cap, and wearing sister knitted sweater gloves and up-hill sweaters, somehow the hands are still frozen like steamed buns, which will disappear at home in a surprising way. Before long, they will fester like tomatoes.. It has become an indelible scar in my heart. Up to now, there are still scars left in my hands as a teenager.. As soon as I saw these scars on my hand, I thought of the day when I buckled my sweater..     Say it’s sweeping, actually it won’t sweep much, but it still has to be shoveled with a rake made of wood. This target is better than that shovel.. A wooden handle, a piece of wood about 70 cm long and about 89 cm in diameter, chisels an eye on the wood to wear a wooden rake, saws a slit as long as the wood on the side of the wood to insert a knife-like blade, which locals call’ chisel’ and removes chisel, which is the target of simmering kang, and installs chisel, which is the target of sweater sweeping. With it, it is very popular in the local area. With it, more firewood on the mountain will also be clipped to only soil.. But in the spring of next year, the spring equinox blows, and after a spring rain, the hills are still covered with greenery..     Time is fleeting, the years are in a hurry, the history of picking dirt, carrying grain, sweeping leaves and buckling sweaters is gone forever, roads in rural areas extend in all directions, how high the mountains are and how far the roads can be unblocked, dung can be sent, and tractors can solve the problem. The dirt sent at a time can be enough for us to carry and carry a shoulder pole for a week.. Harvesting is also a semi-mechanized operation. It is no longer a sickle cutting operation, but a human pulling operation.. Too far away, difficult mountain areas are planted with trees. I think people in my hometown no longer worry about sending dung and harvesting. As for sweeping leaves and buttoning sweaters, they have been replaced by coal stoves.. I’m afraid that the bamboo slips and sweaters used to be used to sweep leaves and buckle sweaters have become relics left in people’s memory and have lost their original value..     Then again, in the face of the busy farm work and the tiredness of not wanting to get up while sleeping, I was helpless, dazed and disconsolate, thinking, who let me live in the countryside?? I wonder when I will be able to escape this endless ordeal.     Mother is a kind woman, facing the anxiety of no one working at home. Looking at the behavior of the eldest brother, who was unable to help his younger brother and sister to work as a farmer’s helper because he went to school, the mother just sighed helplessly..     People in the village don’t understand because no one of our family works to earn a job share. They read jokes from our family and even encouraged eldest brother to persuade our parents to give up their studies and go home to work. They also made mothers endure great pressure for their brothers and sisters to go to school.. Mother also reminded us from time to time that anyone who didn’t want to study would come back early to work in agriculture, so as not to let people speak sarcastically behind their backs..     In the face of this situation at that time, some family members similar to mine chose to let their children go home to work in agriculture, and few of them had five or six children to go to school together. In this regard, I would like to thank my parents. Without them, we would not have everything we have today if we had completed our studies one after another..     Now, thinking about the farm work engraved in memory is tiring, boring and bitter from the point of view of the time.. However, from another point of view, it may not be a bad thing. It at least tempered my will and strengthened my courage to overcome difficulties and walk out of the poor mountain village.. In retrospect, it may not be a kind of alternative life sharpening.     . Ah, the trivia of the past, carrying the memory of my childhood, affects my homesickness and makes me have an unforgettable impression on my hometown..     Those bitter memories that accompanied me through my childhood also haunted and reverberated in my mind all the time. It turned out to be so clear that it suddenly seemed like yesterday and could not fade away for a long time..