Cherish the real life

Walking in the fields after the rain, some people feel the fresh air after the rain, while others stare at the mud on the road. Looking at the mirror, what some people see is brightening up, and what others see is sadness..   Life is a stage. On this stage, everyone is a director and can direct tragicomedy. To set foot on the stage of life, we must cherish the real life. Especially young people who are hot – blooded, ” advised you not to cherish gold and ornamental designs, and urged you not to wait for the flowers to fold when they are young.”.     On the stage of life, the important task is to learn. Only by studying can one’s heart never fail, never be lonely and never regret it. Astronomical geography, human affairs and so on can all be learned. The choice of subjects, determined to persevere and persistent, will lead to great achievements. The drop of water is enough to wear the stone, and every day’s hard study, even if only reading a good book and learning a little skill, will be the foundation of success tomorrow as long as they persist.. All efforts, all bit by bit of study and hard work, the result extracted will be hit the floor, and will become the ” fruit of success” admired by all..     On the stage of life, learn to dominate yourself. To dominate oneself is not to lose your head in good times or adversity, but to rush toward the goal you have set for yourself.. One of the most important things in one’s life is to define one’s own identity and position, to know what one wants most in one’s heart, to take care of important things within one’s share, and not to waste a great deal of time and energy trying to control things that one does not have or has little to do with one’s own.. If you want to dominate yourself, you must enlarge your heart and let everything in the world. Virtual heart, love the goodness of the world; Calm down and talk about the world. Hidden heart, view the principle of the world; Set your heart and respond to changes in the world.     In this stage of life, one must be confident. To put it bluntly, don’t get stuck with yourself, and believe in yourself. Self – confidence is a good thing. Most people like to be with confident people. Self – confident leaders don’t like only Nuo Nuo’s subordinates, because such subordinates can’t provide different ideas. On the other hand, his favorite leader is a confident leader, because he doesn’t need to be fierce to maintain his authority. Self – confidence can help us live high and realize ourselves. While being confident, don’t think of yourself too wisely. ‘ wood show in windson will destroy it, and it will not be better than people’s.”. Even if a person is clever, he or she should also pay attention to controlling himself or herself, and doing things in a low-key manner is the way to ” preserve our sanity.”.     On this stage of life, do not’ regret and worry’. If you regret blindly, you will feel depressed or unhappy because of some of your words and deeds, and you will lose a lot of valuable time.. The waste of time is the greatest waste, and the intangible waste of time is the waste of life. We should learn to get rid of unhappiness, to choose everything we have, to eliminate our own diseases, to avoid inertia, and especially to get rid of the old self.. The past should be forgotten. Losing the old chains will make you better develop and make your life more realistic and rich.. Accept an imperfect self. Self – contained people can look at themselves realistically and understand and look at others correctly, so that there will be no weaknesses such as arrogance, aloofness, recklessness and rashness that lead to failure..     On the stage of life, be kind to failure. Being kind to failure is the greatest contempt for failure. From a personal point of view, failure itself is not terrible. What is terrible is that there are people who vent their dissatisfaction with failure. Failure is also a fascinating thing if the rage and abuse of these people are removed and the by-products of failure are eliminated.. If you can’t stand the blow of failure, once you fall, it will be forever failure. The glory of life lies not in eternal failure but in repeated setbacks and rises. As long as you stand up, you will have more chances of success than if you fall down.. Be sure to remember, ” suffering is the best university in life.”. It is not leisure but hard work that makes great men. Not in prosperity, but in hardship; Perhaps at any stage of life, if you want to succeed, you must first face and overcome many difficulties.     On this stage of life, ” desire” should not be excessive. Too much desire is the chain of life. What is desire? Desire is passion, passion and storm. When a person is controlled by desire, he will have sex and will do things that he can’t do at ordinary times.. And better control and control of one’s own desires will not become slaves of desire, but masters of desire.. Reality shows that many frustrations in life are due to you not getting what you want. As a matter of fact, we worked so hard to rush about and work so hard that the end result was not only the land where our bodies were buried? Aesop said well, many people want more things, but they have lost what they have now.. This is the best interpretation of the principle of ” more gain than loss”. We must give up the insatiable mentality.Because there is no absolute good or bad thing in the world, only how do you choose to face things. If you look at everything with a ” profit” mentality, sometimes the so-called good you do is also a bad thing.. Because good work cannot be demanding in return.     On the stage of life, smile and be happy. Smile is God’s patent, and smile is a profound body language. Reality tells us that in life, people who smile most are welcome everywhere they go. But why do some friends want to laugh and not laugh? This actually depends on your attitude to life. As an example, you have half a glass of water on your desk. Do you see half a glass of water or half a cup?? Also, some people rejoice in the beautiful nature, while others worry about weeds and pests. Walking in the fields after the rain, some people feel the fresh air after the rain, while others stare at the mud on the road. Looking at the mirror, what some people see is brightening up, and what others see is sadness.. After taking the former residence, people will always be happy and smile.     On the stage of life, accept new things. The stage of life is not a fixed pattern, it is the same as all things, developing and changing all the time.. Therefore, it is necessary to allow changes, actively think about new prospects and other life paths, and explore areas of work that people have not yet developed. Practice has proved that human function is fully capable of accepting new ideas and changes in the growth process, and is more mature in intelligence.     On the stage of life, we should give people’ goodwill’. Everyone hopes to succeed, realize his life value and social value, and be recognized by others and society.. This desire is a normal and beneficial desire for everyone. How to do it? All successful people are good at displaying their talents in a timely and appropriate manner. No matter on what occasion, he always makes a good impression by virtue of his professional knowledge, social knowledge and outstanding performance in speech and behavior in social contacts. Therefore, it is very necessary to publicize one’s own advantages and strengths, show one’s strength, and actively show one’s affection for others. Second, be modest. ” boast” and ” conceit” annoy people. remember that you can’t be ignorant of the fact that they are too small to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big. Again, don’t belittle yourself. Don’t always ask for forgiveness, and don’t worry about being said to be arrogant or self – abased.. Let people believe that you are capable and talented. You are firm and vigorous. In this way, others will support and love you more and praise and support you more..