Cook tea and listen to snow Zen life

The setting sun leans alone on the west tower, and the remote mountain faces the curtain hook. Do you think the flute player will still be sad tonight??   – phoenix tree heart rain alone in the western hills, listening to the water flow in the jade pool, laughing at right and wrong, and all grievances go with the wind.   – A wisp of clouds, smoke, jade pool, fairyland, enlightenment and meditation, Chi Pan lying on the stone horizontal pipe, fishing for peace of mind, raising a glass and inviting the moon to drink together.   – Wutong Xinyu – Ran Huiwu, life needs to blend in a bit of Zen. The Buddhist said: ” The reason why people suffer is to pursue the wrong things.”! It’s not so much that others annoy you, it’s more that you don’t have enough self – cultivation! ‘ Reading these Buddhist sayings, I have a lot of feelings in my heart!     The enlightenment was somewhat Zen, and the meditation was somewhat Zen. I felt a lot calmer.. In the world of thousands, all sentient beings, how noisy and somewhat multifarious, after experiencing changes in temperature and temperature, get a detachment that returns to nature and nature..     In the sound of wooden fish, I only wish to be a passer-by in the world of mortals.. Life is like a journey, the heart is a post station, time passes by, the days are plain, the past is easy to forget, the mountains depend on each other, talk with white clouds, be ordinary people in ordinary streets, and leave a indifferent heart to savor life in the bustling town..     If you open a flower in your heart, the world will be full of flowers. If your heart is broken, the world will be in a state of disrepair.. This world is actually created by our own heart, happiness and unhappiness. Let’s choose for ourselves!     Perhaps once unhappy, because want too much, because see oneself too heavy, let go of oneself, let go of everything, be happy as you please, will suddenly realize the peace of mind. At this moment, feel with your heart the joy of being with the wind, with the clouds, with the sunshine, and with the air.!