I was greatly shocked by my uncle’s departure, and I suddenly felt that the 30 years I have passed are so illusory. Both thought and behavior are still in a very childish stage. I naively thought that what I lost could be recovered again..   When I got up in the morning, I couldn’t open my eyes like lead. My husband said I cried too much yesterday.. Yesterday?! Yesterday was the funeral of my little brother. It was the funeral of my poor little brother who was only 48 years old. How could I not be sad?.     My little brother is my grandmother’s son, and he is naturally loved by his family. However, poor families cannot bring him a good life.. Big Brother died of illness before I was born. Big Aunt remarried, leaving three children under the age of 10. Little Brother, who has not yet married, assumed the obligation to support three nephews and nieces.. Although my little brother can learn good craftsmanship, it is still difficult to maintain the family’s life and the tuition fees of three children by working alone.. In order to lighten the burden of my little brother, my two cousins dropped out of junior high school one after another and went to Shanghai to work with my little brother to help my cousin finish his studies.. Cousins and cousins are now at home. Little uncles and little aunts are still working in Shanghai to repay their debts. They haven’t been home for the New Year for more than ten years.. I saw my uncle when I came home this Spring Festival. He was darker and thinner than before, but he was in a good mood.. Listen to my uncle said that after all these years of hard work with my aunt, I not only paid off my debts but also saved some money, ready to turn over the house in my hometown again and do a little business for my only daughter to attend high school and university.. Our family is very happy, my uncle’s bitter days are finally over.     However, just in May this year, I suddenly heard that my uncle was ill and his lower limbs were swollen. In fact, he was already in the late stage of liver cancer, but my aunt concealed the illness from my uncle and us, saying only that there was something wrong with the liver.. At the beginning of July, we went to the hospital to see my uncle, who was originally tall and burly, and he had become dark and thin. Seeing us, my uncle tried to squeeze out a little smile and struggled to get up from the hospital bed, but he still lay down. My heart was sour but I didn’t know what to say, and we left after only a brief sitting.. I didn’t expect this to be my last meeting with my uncle at all. Later, I heard my brother say that it was the first time my uncle smiled in many days, and my heart burst into colic. In the afternoon, my uncle had to be transferred to a better hospital because of the further deterioration of his illness. A few days later, the doctor advised his family to give up treatment, but my aunt refused. She said that she must cure my uncle’s illness. My uncle’s good life has only just begun … Ah, on the afternoon of July 30th, my uncle finally failed to hold on, leaving his aunt, leaving his teenage daughter, leaving several older sisters to leave forever, only three months before he found out his illness.. My uncle’s life is too short. He just took off the burden of life, just started planning his own happiness, and just saw the dawn of happiness … Ah, my uncle’s funeral is something I don’t want to think of anymore, my aunt’s cry of tearing heart apart, my mother and several aunts who have all white hair crying almost syncope, and my poor little cousin … Ah, my uncle’s departure has shocked me greatly, and I suddenly feel that the 30 years I have passed are so illusory.. Both thought and behavior are still in a very childish stage. I naively thought that what I lost could be recovered and restored to its original shape.. Now I finally understand that if I don’t have it, I don’t have it. What I have lost will make him disappear forever.. Treasure what you have now, time, relatives and friends … Ah, uncle has gone, but in my eyes, he is a hero of indomitable spirit, living in my heart forever.!