During the day

During the day, I opened my eyes and led the dawn into my house, which was shrouded in light and no longer needed the rigid light made by lights..     A handful of clean springs were scooped up and laid gently on the face, putting the tired dream of last night gently into the spring like releasing a small fish.     Open the pigeon cage, gently touch my white pigeons from head to foot, then dye them into daytime colors in the morning light, and let them fly in the direction of the sun..     So my four seasons of the day are colorful.     Spring, spring sleep is not known. Birds everywhere wake me up and stand in front of my fence. I was surprised to find that spring is yellow and the grass just above the ground is yellow and green. I followed me from under my steps to the front of my fence to enjoy this fresh and green day.. I tread carefully on the fallen flowers everywhere. I firmly believe that it is the bird’s voice that brings the flowers down, and the bird standing on the tree is the fruit of spring.. I chanted Wang Guowei’s poem: ” If you don’t look at it when you open it, how can you suddenly fall?”. The drizzle pond, the setting sun courtyard, and the heavy doors are deeply closed, and are waiting to live in different places.. The light unlined upper garment was swept away by the wind. People are only close, human sorrows and sorrows are as fragmentary and scattered as they are”, while enjoying the catkins flying like snow, thoughts are also like a dream. Sometimes, in the evening, I lit a candle and stood in front of the begonia flower, calling with deep feeling: ” Don’t fall asleep, I’m with you.”! Even late at night, I refused to leave, expressing my feeling of cherishing the spring to my teary eyes … Ah, in the face of the hot summer sunshine, my feet are stuck in the mud, growing large lotus leaves and opening beautiful lotus flowers, realizing the truth of calm and natural cooling and the philosophy of leaving the mud but not imbrued.. Later, when I returned to autumn, my feet were still warm because of the summer sunshine.     The fruits of autumn are ripe. Some people say that the dream of spring flowers and nights has come true during the day. I say that the sun in summer is ripe.. Persimmon red, maple leaf red, orange red, all in the daytime, particularly conspicuous. I collected the autumn frost in the morning as moonlight in the night, where I knew the moonlight would melt.!     Autumn is winter when it is old, and yan zhen will be heartbroken during the day. Winter is the end-result of autumn, white is its background color, snowflakes are his incarnation, as white and warm as pear flowers. I fought with my daughter during the snowy day, making snowmen, and foolishly wanted to collect snowflakes from all over the sky as moonlight. Who expected the moonlight to fly?!