Every yuanxiao dragon lantern dance

The dragon dance activities during the Lantern Festival on the 15th of the first month of each year become the most wonderful programs. Most ceremonies begin after dinner. At this time, often the night is not covered up, men, women, children and old flock to the area, surrounded by three layers inside and three layers outside..   Just after the annual Spring Festival, it was approaching the fifteenth day of the first lunar month in an instant. This reminds me of the lively scene of the Chinese New Year when I was a child. Yuanxiao is the second day after the first day of the new year, and it also reminds me of my good memories of childhood. In my childhood, I also watched the dragon lantern at this time.. At that time, in the town, the shop door was covered with a’ Dangdang Chiu’ gong, which children were practicing dragon lanterns and gongs and preparing to receive the dragon. Sometimes it blows up the bamboo tube of the’ blare capital’, and the sound of the new year’s trumpet makes the earth return to spring at once.. Every village and household will hold a celebration to add a few minutes of celebration to the already lively scene. At this time of the play is absolutely must belong to the dragon dance lamp. The new year’s trumpet rang. The earth immediately returned to spring. The sun is red, the peach symbol is red, and the woman’s face is red. This is the general happy image of the New Year.. From time to time in your ear, through the crackling of firecrackers, the cheers of children, and the congratulations from relatives and friends to you on ” New Year’s Eve”, you have heard a kind of unspeakable pleasure flowing from the beginning to the heels.. In the countryside, the village girl in her colourful new clothes walked past a soil full of golden rape flowers, turned the corner of the field full of variegated pea flowers, and went to her grandmother’s house to worship the New Year..     On the evening of the eighth day of the new year, the Dragon King Temple erected a ceiling lamp, and two rows of red lights in the shape of water caltrops were hung beside the ceiling lamp post to attract people from far and near to worship and pray for the Dragon King to release a brighter and longer dragon lamp this New Year.. On the fifteenth night, the people in the temple were crowded without ventilation, exulting and screaming, waiting for the dragon to emerge.. Suddenly from behind the throne of the dragon king, he climbed out of a large, glowing dragon. It has a pair of jinliang antennae on its head, bigger than the horns. A pair of eye-catching feet are long, their mouths are open, their tongues are set, and there are green dragon whiskers under their chin. Its body has about ten sections, each section is like a big’ wastebasket’, which is covered with scales. Its tail is flat, like the tail fin of a carp. When the dragon body moved out of the main hall, the sound of gongs and drums and fireworks played noisily. In front of it were a pair of silver ingots and lanterns, the lantern – bearers were the head of the temple, followed by all kinds of lanterns: carp, turtles, lotus flowers, and drum-shaped lanterns. The lantern – bearers were all angel-like children.. Behind them there is a silver ingot, which is red and can rotate up and down, and the leader is tightly chasing the silver ingot.. The tail of the dragon was followed by a large group of people who were driving the dragon. These people were so crowded that their feet did not have to touch the ground, and others would naturally push him away.. Shopkeepers in the neighborhood heard the sound of dragon lights and gongs: ” Dangdang, Qian Qian, when traveling, when traveling, money is traveling.”! ‘ Hurriedly burning incense, incense before there is a red paper wrapped in green money, to the dragon king as a congratulatory instrument. Hailong came and kowtowed to the shrine to pay New Year’s greetings and returned to his master to make a fortune.. The master changed a bundle of paper money, and the dragon moved to his home again. A memorial arch is set up in each street, painted with a picture and a painting to persuade goodness. The lights inside are very bright. When the tap comes here, head down and go through it. Sometimes after a teahouse, a’ eave lamp’ is hung high in front of the door, and the brightness of the lamp indicates the business of selling tea this year, so it is even more brilliant. On both sides of the shop door were a pair of walking lanterns, which turned into carp and turned into dragons. How many spring riddles are still stuck under the lamp, which will be solved by the spectators. Each riddle will be rewarded with a bag of sweets. There is also a makeup singer who is singing and answering a clown, and the rest of the people all agree with him.. The clown sings, ” Lotus makes Haitang.”. Everybody, let’s say, ” The sea is getting deep in winter.”. ‘ Then the singer sang: ” In the first month of the month, the flowers were lit and everyone looked together.”? ‘ Everyone said again, ” It’s winter in the sea.”. ‘ Looking far ahead, there was a blaze of fire and fireworks exploded in bursts. This is not a dragon, but a treasure lamp for Lord Wang to send his son: a pair of young boys carried the treasure lamp into the royal family’s main room in artillery cheers, and it will be less than next year when Madam Wang will add your son.! The dragon charmer danced more vigorously, took off his clothes, and the master first put a few strings of fireworks and lit the flower barrel. At first, when the fire was full, the dragon charmers were full of heroic figures. They were not afraid of the cold, not afraid of the fire. What are these flower pots. A dozen of them were released in a row and said to the host, ” Congratulations on getting rich.”! ‘ approached a look, and a colored dragon. This is a little dragon played by two people. The whole body is covered with fine silk and satin, and the gold glows brightly in the light.. Two dragons nodded relative to each other, followed by a treasure snatch. The colored dragons were small and exquisite, rolling on the ground for a while and soaring into the air for a while. But the dragon was unhurriedly entangled in the dragon with its tail, and turned to the past to let the dragon snatch the treasure and slip away without catching it..     Playing all over the neighborhood, Hailong played to the countryside, and more people were present at this time, because the countryside was empty and could accommodate more people.. From a distance, it looks like a living dragon, with thousands of lanterns and torches in front and behind. First of all, he walked through a hut. The owner of the house was a fisherman. He respectfully bowed his head to Hailong and wished the Dragon King would send him more big fish this year.. Everyone answered the dragon, and they all chorused ” Congratulations on Getting Rich.”. The dragon entered the main hall, congratulated the god, knocked his head three times and put his tail a few times before he lifted himself out. On the ground dam, I went round and round several times and rolled several times, showing a very lively appearance. Firecrackers kept ringing all over it. The host especially respected them for their big market ” Nianba”. Everyone thanked the host, danced the dragon lantern and played at his house. I don’t know how many times this flower fire will touch tonight.?     At present, the dragon lantern is usually five or six meters long and is held by seven or eight strong men, especially the leader must be held by a man who is young, capable and prestigious.. Holding a dignified leader and a strong team, walking through the village is extremely terrible.! The master of dragon lantern dance was chosen ahead of time and rehearsed early, with the most basic wandering movements, as well as the difficult movements of turning back, swinging tail, knocking head and hovering.. The dragon dance lamp is not only hard work, but also requires skill and cooperation. It is a wonderful dance.!The dragon lantern usually starts from the ancestral hall in the village, burning incense and telling ancestors, firecrackers singing together, gongs and drums playing, crowds of onlookers everywhere, firecrackers popping up one after another, children in high spirits, adults packed up the hall early in the morning and waited for the dragon lantern to come. in the hall, the dragon lantern pays attention to letting ancestors also pray with the dragon lantern for the prosperity of the family.. So the adults always prepare firecrackers to wait for them, and strongly invite dragon lantern to stay at home for a while.. Home – brewed rice wine and festive cigarettes and candies all make the red-hot year even stronger! Of course, dragon lantern can’t stay in every family. After all, time is limited and there are still many families to go! So, a group of people surrounded the majestic dragon lantern and set out towards the next family and towards a better life.!     In recent years, after entering the twelfth month, the farming work in the field has been finished. At this time, the village’s greatest interest is to renovate the painted dragon head, decorate the dragon body and tie up the dragon lantern, and then the master of the dragon lantern dance will practice on the wo ping every day.. The sound of gongs and drums not only enriched the atmosphere of the New Year day by day, but also immersed the small village in a picture of rich customs and feelings..     Today, the custom is still the same, almost every village and town needs dragon dance lights. To say the longest dragon lantern, there are five or six hundred pieces of the longest dragon lantern in the town, with thousands of people participating. Dragon dance lamp is very exquisite, especially the dance leader. The dragon head dances well and the dragon lives. In that step, there are dances, trends, moves, opportunities, moves, halts, steals and jumps, as well as dancing methods such as flashing, playing, folding, wearing, handing in and spinning. It is very difficult and requires a deep skill. Therefore, most of the people who move the dance leader are sturdy men in their 40s and 50s, who have many years of experience in dancing dragons and moving lamps, and can dance with ease and gain both sides.. Looking from a distance, the lamplit faucet flickered up and down, left and right, hovering over the sky, stretching out and bending down, loosing like a living dragon, fluttering about like a cloud, giving people a kind of artistic enjoyment, and watching it all amazes them..     The dragon dance is really magnificent. Dragon dance lights are not only for festive and lively purposes, but also for the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month.. Dragon dance is a very rich celebration. The gongs and drums are beating and the yangko is twisting. On the day of Lantern Festival, the city square became a sea of joy. Tens of thousands of citizens spontaneously flocked here to attend the Lantern Festival celebrations in the square composed of several large plates. The atmosphere of the festival was vividly portrayed in the crowd’s singing and laughing..     In front of the big screen in the city square, a wonderful performance attracted many people to stand and watch. , deducing the’ peaceful scenery, green water, green mountains and new everything; In the well-off season, there are plenty of clothes and food and thousands of pleasures’ meaning. From time to time, the crowd who stopped to watch issued cheers. Having witnessed all these festive and lively festival scenes, one cannot help admiring silently the rapid economic development in his hometown and the rapid progress of people’s living standards in recent years..     After more than 30 years of construction since the reform and opening up, the family-style massive economy has gradually moved to an intensive and large-scale track. After China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, it has kept pace with the times and joined the international community.. At the same time, the government also attaches great importance to the cultural life of the citizens, and has built city squares in various districts to become a good place for citizens to have leisure and entertainment.. There are always waist drum teams, yangko teams, middle-aged and old discos organized by the masses in the square, as well as skating, kite flying and mountain climbing that children like.. These squares have created a good cultural and entertainment atmosphere for the hometown, fully reflecting the comfortable and comfortable mood of the hometown people. I believe that under the correct guidance of the party and the government, the future of my hometown will be better! We are sure to reach the goal of realizing a well-off society in an all-round way as soon as possible!     Therefore, the dragon dance during the Lantern Festival on the 15th of the first month of each year becomes the most wonderful program.. Most ceremonies begin after dinner. At this time, often the night is not covered up, men, women, children and old flock to the area, surrounded by three layers inside and three layers outside.. In a burst of loud and shaking firecrackers, suona gongs and drums blew and fought. after a burst of excitement, they saw a golden dragon leaping into the sky, hovering, winding, moving, rolling freely, stretching and bending gracefully. in this dark night, the lights sparkled and glistened like clouds and rain, making people seem to see lightning, feel thunder, and even feel that the rain flower really floats in the sky..     However, the climax of dragon lantern dance is not only performed locally, they are more likely to go to the village shops, draw a lucky greeting for winter jasmine, and draw a lively and happy lantern festival.. It is often the dragon lantern dance from your village that comes to my village, and the dragon lantern dance from my village goes to the town, so the drums and drums are blowing all the way, the suona is singing together, firecrackers are blowing, and the smoke of kung fu soon permeates the sky.. At this moment, every family’s door opens, ” dragon” dances head-on-head and tail-off from door to door, bringing happiness and peace to every family.. At this moment, the heads of household laughed loudly and set off firecrackers hard. Rich families will also hand over a red envelope or pour a few glasses of wine … Ah, so the dragon dancers will become even more excited. They will not only dance wildly but also shout loudly.. As a result, the dragon lights, cheers, make the whole Lantern Festival very lively.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe ]